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Chapter 1116: Surround Ye Jian

He didn’t have any objections regarding what the major general said. After listening to him quietly, he added, “These trainings are all necessary. I completed them when I was in my second year. Of course, I can’t say that the military school didn’t arrange my schedule properly. It was because I ran to the airbase to play for more than a month after my university entrance examination ended.”

“Now, Ye Jian is coincidentally in time for the navy frogmen training. The military has high hopes for her so you can let her train with the navy to let her have some understanding of it. Every year, she will partic.i.p.ate in the Special Forces sea, air, and land training. She will be spending four years in the military school so there’s one more year for her to revise everything.”

There were still four years. It was enough time for Little Fox to become an outstanding Special Forces soldier. He will always wait until that day arrives.

The major general took his words to heart. “You’re right. We do need to push her training forward. The inferno training that the military arranged for her needs to be changed.”

He walked to the computer and looked at the little red dot progressing on the screen. The major general squinted as he looked at the red dot. He asked Xia Jinyuan, “We only arranged for a seven-men team to ambush her for her ‘escape from death’ training. Why don’t we add more people? We can test her and use her training report as an example to pa.s.s to the navy.”

“Major general, this arrangement is a little sudden, right?” Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows. He sounded as though he didn’t agree with the major general but there was an interesting gaze in his eyes. One small team wasn’t enough so they should add another small team. That would be fourteen people.

That was interesting. It was a 1 vs 14 training. If Little Fox was able to escape from them successfully, the debate on whether she was able to partic.i.p.ate in the personal ability test for entering the Xueyu unit would stop.

He smiled and continued, “If you really want to do it, you have to pick your men carefully. Uncle Chen’s training consists of ambushes right at the start. I cooperated with her a few times. Her reaction is very fast.”

“In the past, she knew that she was going to get ambushed but this time, we gave her no clues of it at the start. Even Old Chen doesn’t know about this. This kind of ambush is interesting. However…” The major general remembered the capabilities of the ace solder and paused for a moment. Then, he said, “You reminded me. Ye Jian was groomed by an ace soldier so her abilities can’t be weak… Yes, I do have to pick carefully.”

Xia Jinyuan really wanted the major general to do more things so that the navy would allow Ye Jian to join the frogmen training. Hence, he picked up the receiver and placed it in front of the major general. “You can make the arrangements. I have no objections. Of course, if you have any orders, I will make arrangements immediately.”

What he meant was: I can lead your men to ambush Ye Jian instantly!

“Shoo, shoo. Go back to your camp tomorrow. The military will take care of Ye Jian’s matter. Don’t interfere with it.” The major general took the phone from him and called the military district of the southern province.

Her ability would be seen through rounds and rounds of a.s.sessment.

This time, without any food or water, if Ye Jian was still able to escape from her chasers, there was no need to a.s.sess her personal abilities anymore.

“Send another seven men team to Mount Dalang to search for a female soldier. If you can’t find her within three days, come back.” The major general gave an order to the military district of the southern province right in front of Xia Jinyuan.

This was the first a.s.sessment of Ye Jian’s ability by the military. It started without her knowing. Chen didn’t know it either. Also, her chasers increased from seven to fourteen. She was already at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

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