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Chapter 2257: Win For Life

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Madam Li did not say anything else. Instead, she raised her hand to cover her forehead and closed her eyes tiredly. She had a neurological headache that could not be suppressed by medicine. Recuperation was the best treatment.

But with so many things happening now, how could she rest?!

“Alright, you should rest more and think less. I’ll get Li Yuan to accompany you to the sanatorium in Hai Province to recuperate for a month.” Staff Officer Du had always respected his wife. He did not feel good seeing her headache.

The nanny knocked on the door and entered with a hot towel in her hand. Staff Officer Du dismissed the nanny and waited on Madam Li himself.

As the hot towel was applied to her forehead, Madam Li gave a low groan of pleasure. She pressed the back of her hand against the hot towel and replied weakly, “I’ll get Shuman to look for Old Xia more, then. You can only rely on yourself in the army. I’ll help you if I can.”


“The Xia family is really the nemesis of our Du family. Kaiwei wasn’t restrained by Old Xia’s son but was suppressed by Xia Anbang’s son! As for our eldest daughter, she was also suppressed by Xia Anbang’s daughter. Just thinking about it makes me angry!”

Madam Li, who had a strong personality, was a little angry when she thought about how her children were being suppressed.

The only thing that made her feel better was that she wasn’t being suppressed by Xiao Shuman’s son. Otherwise, she would be so angry that her lifespan would be shortened.

Staff Officer Du was helpless when it came to his children. But what could he do? After all, the Du family’s foundation was a little shallow. How could he compare to the Xia family?

Among Old Master Xia’s five sons and one daughter, there was Xia Anbang, the second child. He was once the minister of Public Security and had died in the line of duty. The eldest son was Xia Anguo, the third son was Xia Xinhui, the fourth son was Xia Jiaze, and the daughter was Xia Sujun. They were all powerful figures who could shake the ground when they walked out.

The Du family… was no match for the Xia family.

Staff Officer Du, who knew very well what was going on, did not dare to say it out loud. Otherwise, he would anger his wife, who was resting at home. However, with his wife’s temper, he could not change the topic. He had to continue the conversation.

After deliberating for a while, Staff Officer Du smiled and comforted Madam Li. “That’s not what you said in the past. You told me every day that as long as our eldest son, Kaiwei, is more promising than Old Xia’s son, it would be fine. Now that Kaiwei is already the regiment commander while Old Xia’s son is still a major, you’ve already won.”

“If I want to win, I have to win for the rest of my life!”

The moment Madam Li slowly opened her eyes, a strange cold glint flashed across her eyes. Didn’t those people often secretly say that Xiao Shuman was luckier than her?

Heh, she would let them see who was the lucky one!

Was it a blessing for a divorced woman to have her only son refuse to acknowledge her? It was bad luck!

“You’re already a grandmother, but you’re still so stubborn.” Staff Officer Du felt helpless. He didn’t know why his wife had to go against Xia’s ex-wife, Xiao Shuman. They had been friends for decades, and they were on good terms.

Xiao Shuman had traveled far away. Once she had any difficulties and needed his wife’s help, his wife, who could not go to her aid abroad, would do her best to help her without hesitation.

Their relations.h.i.+p was good. However, every time Xiao Shuman was mentioned, his wife’s expression would be a little gloomy. He really didn’t understand why.

“Xiao Shuman is alone now. Why are you still competing with her? You relax. I’ll keep an eye on Old Xia’s son. Don’t worry.”

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