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2727 I Trust My Intuition

“It’s 3:10 am now. Did they say when they’ll go and look for Azure Bird?” Commander Xia’s voice was sharp. “Tell them that they must find Azure Bird!”

“I’ve already given the order. Once the rain stops and the sun rises, I’ll ask them to look for Azure Bird immediately.” Major General Yang nodded heavily. As the only female soldier in the Xueyu unit, they had to pay some special attention to Azure Bird. If something happened to her, not only would it be a loss to the country, but it would also hurt everyone’s hearts.

In the mountains at the border of Tibet and Sichuan, Xia Jinyuan spread out the waterproof military map. It was a map with topography. He opened the coordinates and quickly found the location where he and Ye Jian split up.

“This is the place where Azure Bird and I split up. The error is less than two meters. From here, it’s the place we expected to reach. It’s less than 400 meters away from our current campsite. The mountain collapsed in this area…” His slender finger, which was wet from the rain, pointed at a certain spot on the map and then pointed at another more detailed terrain map. This area is four kilometers away from the place where I split up with Azure Bird. Hence, Azure Bird wouldn’t have gone over at all.”

She would know that it was dangerous, so she wouldn’t have gone there.


Then, Xia Jinyuan pointed to another area. “The location of Azure Bird is quite accurate. It’s eight kilometers from the place where we split up to the place where we trained before. This place is also dense with forests and is far away from the place where the mountain collapsed. Hence, let’s search this area.”

He spoke resolutely as if he could already see Ye Jian waiting for him at the place where they trained together.

The water ghosts of the Storm Commando team looked at each other with uncertainty in their eyes.

“Why are you so sure? From the place where you separated from Azure Bird to this place…” Li Jinnian pointed at the terrain map. His fingers, which were also white from the rain and even wrinkled, stopped at a certain spot. “It’s closer here. It’s also far away from the collapse of the mountain.”

Demon King Li voiced the doubts in the hearts of all the water ghosts.

Xia Jinyuan looked up and stared at Li Jinnian. “Because she’s Azure Bird and I’m her captain. Even if this place is very close, Azure Bird wouldn’t have chosen it.”

“She’d walk the path that we had walked together and wait for me at a place that I can find easily. Hence, no matter how close this place is, it’s not her choice.”

This answer… If it wasn’t for the fact that Azure Bird hadn’t returned, every single bachelor present would be ‘hurt’.

“I believe in our captain’s judgment. We’ve gone on a few missions with Azure Bird. Between the two of them, even if one is in the east and one is in the west, they’ll eventually meet regardless.”

“I believe in our captain too, Demon King. Azure Bird must be there. We can’t delay any longer! We have to leave when the sky gets brighter.”

The comrades from the Xueyu unit spoke up for their captain.

Xia Jinyuan raised his hand and stopped his comrades who wanted to speak. “Demon King, I trust my instincts. She must be waiting for me here.”

His little fox was very smart, very stubborn, and very cautious. She knew very well that she would lose contact with them. She also knew that he would use his life to protect her. All in all… he was very sure that his little fox was in this area!

“Okay.” Li Jinnian, who had been looking at him for a long time, nodded. There was no reason not to believe a man who had known and accompanied his sister for seven years. This man even waited for her to grow up.

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