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Chapter 910: The Ye Jian That Gained Respect From A Boss

So this was the reason why he brought Little Fox and him here. Miss Xia Yiwei, it looks like your plan is bearing fruit. This man who dominated the underworld was starting to bury his paths of retreat.

Looking at the smile on his face, Ye Jian felt more at ease.

This meant that before Hou Zi brought them here, he was already prepared to destroy everything. This determination made her feel at ease.

No wonder Xia Jinyuan said that if something huge happens one day, this would be the first place Hou Zi needed to get rid of. He was telling Hou Zi that he needed to destroy this place!

Hou Zi was a resolute person. If it needed to be destroyed, he would really destroy it.

However, Ye Jian felt that Hou Zi seemed to be doing something really important. he was starting to destroy pieces of evidence that directly linked him to his crimes. This warehouse where he hid his weapons was the first piece of evidence he wanted to get rid of.

As for the reason, it was his personal affair. Ye Jian never had any interest in other people's personal affairs so she would never be able to guess why Hou Zi needed to destroy this place.

She had three Colt M2000 with her so she needed three magazines. Ye Jian scanned the three rows of magazines. Under Hou Zi's gaze, she picked up three magazines one after another and threw them to Xia Jinyuan. “Colt M2000 magazines. It can hold 15 bullets.”

Her speed was amazing. Hou Zi, who had been watching her all these while, noticed that when she was scanning the rows of magazines, she didn't even need to search around. She just picked them up directly. She was even more familiar with the positions of the magazines than him.

Respect, he really respected her!

Xia Jinyuan caught the three magazines that were thrown at him. He immediately equipped them on the guns without needing any careful inspection. The moment he caught the magazines, he would equip them on the guns. His expression revealed the total trust he had for Ye Jian.

This trust caused Hou Zi's gaze to turn darker and deeper. He could faintly see Xia Jinyuan's att.i.tude towards love from his actions. There was no concealment and no fear. They would advance and retreat together.

The trust between them was like a lock. It locked their actions and words together. No outsiders were able to interrupt them.

“Brother Zi, you have good taste. These two are M9 magazines and these two are the Desert Eagle magazines. There are seven handguns in total. It's enough.” The guns that Ye Jian chose were all elites among the guns. The Desert Eagle was the king among the handguns.

If this place was going to get destroyed… She should take the good guns out and let Xia Jinyuan put them to good use.

Hou Zi didn't care anymore. He was only in charge of bringing the couple over. As for the rest of the things, this couple was more familiar than him. They picked all the good magazines among the rows of magazines. Within three minutes, she found all the good ones… Why did he still need to care?

“There are no daggers here. We will get some later for self-defense. Just pick a few handguns. The rest of the guns are inconvenient to carry and people will notice them.”

Xia Jinyuan didn't speak much throughout the entire process. Ye Jian was the one who did everything.

Even when the gun had been dismantled, she was able to a.s.semble it again among a pile of messy gun accessories. She was so fast that when she a.s.sembled the gun from the stock till the end, she didn't need to check whether the components in her hands were accurate or not. This was because she was able to identify the correct gun components within the pile.

Hou Zi felt inferior in front of her ‘photocopier' ability.

What Hou Zi saw was just the tip of the iceberg of Ye Jian. But, this tip was enough to astound him.

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