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Chapter 1942: The Crisis in Tianya's Manor VII

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The two's power surged from the two swords, sending all the people around them flying several meters away.


Nan Fang looked at Tianya, smirking.

“There's no use to be angry because she is already dead, and no one can save her anymore. Hahaha!”

He deliberately provoked Tianya with these words. The cold smile bloomed across his face.

Nan Luo stood behind Hui Yan. She pursed her lips, and her gaze was filled with regret.

She was a little sad, but not because of Feng Ruqing's death. She thought that when Feng Ruqing died, she would no longer have a love rival.


Nan Xian had also gone in with her.

If Feng Ruqing lost her life, perhaps Nan Xan, too, would be killed by these people.


Nan Luo tugged at Hui Yan's sleeve, her eyes filled with wariness.

Hui Yan looked back at Nan Luo, and he touched her head gently. “You'er, don't worry. The Nan family must pay the price for hurting you.”

The person he wanted to deal with more than Tianya was Nan Fang…

There was no other reason besides the fact that Nan Fang had hurt his precious daughter!


Nan Fang pushed Tianya hard, sending Tianya a few steps back.

He finally saw Nan Luo standing next to Hui Yan. He smirked

Hui Yan quickly pushed Nan Luo behind him, blocking Nan Fang's gaze.

“Nan Fang, how dare you touch my daughter. From now on, my Nine Gate has nothing to do with the Nan family. You and I are enemies forever!”

‘Enemies forever?'

Nan Fang frowned and glanced at Nan Luo coldly.

She bit her lip; her face was pale, panicked.

Nan Fang had found out that she had betrayed him again.

However, there was nothing she could do.

Hui Yan was really nice to her, and she enjoyed the warmth in Nine Gate, the feeling that she had never enjoyed before.

If Nan Fang disappeared forever, no one would s.n.a.t.c.h away her happiness, and no one would reveal her ident.i.ty!

“You have betrayed me again!”

Nan Fang's eyes were fierce, staring at Nan Luo coldly.

He did not expect Nan Luo to be so bold as to betray him again!

It seemed that he had underestimated his daughter!

Nan Luo's eyes were filled with panic. She clutched Hui Yan's lapel and whispered, “Father, I am afraid…”

“Nan Fang!” Hui Yan raged. “If you want something from Nine Gate, you can come to me. What are you bullying my daughter for?”

Nan Fang sneered. “Do you know who your good daughter is?”


Hui Yan was stunned, then said angrily, “Don't you try to trick us. I won't believe in you no matter what, and I know my daughter well.”


Nan Fang laughed wildly. He then looked at Hui Yan with eyes filled with pity. “Then, I'll tell you… This girl…”

“Shut up!”

Nan Luo's face changed dramatically. She stepped up from behind Hui Yan, clenching her fists tightly. “At first, you took me away and wanted to use the method you use to deal with the spirit beast to confuse me. You wanted me to submit to you and help you get Nine Gate. But I refused, and you thought that I'd betrayed you. Now you're angry with me, and you want to destroy my relations.h.i.+p with my father. Ridiculous!”

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