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Chapter 2081: The Past Life 6

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

His head moved for the last time, and then, nothing.

The young master of Xuan Ming Clan had lost his life just like that.

Shen Qingluan silently walked to the Ninth Emperor's side with a longing look upon her face.

Everyone else's eyes were filled with horror, and they looked at the Ninth Emperor with more fear.

The people of Xuan Ming Clan finally reacted and surrounded the Ninth Emperor in the middle.

Their young master had been killed before them. If they went back to Xuan Ming Clan, their master would not let them go. Now, they could only fight with the Ninth Emperor, even if they knew there was no chance of winning.

The Ninth Emperor glanced at the people of Xuan Ming Clan coldly. She did not even need to make a move because a powerful force had suddenly risen from the ground, hitting all the people of Xuan Ming Clan. Their body exploded violently, and blood spilled all over the ground.

Her gaze was still domineering and fierce as if she was the ruler of this world, and it made people tremble hard like in h.e.l.l.

The Ninth Emperor walked toward Zhang Tianwen. Her gaze was cold while her body set off a powerful storm.

Feeling such strong force, Zhang Tianwen subconsciously gulped, and his body trembled. “Actually… We are not here for a stroll. We heard that there's a strange object hidden here, so we…”

The Ninth Emperor stopped and frowned.

‘A strange object?

‘Well, it seems that I will get something from this trip.'

“Ah Luan, follow me,” she said and smiled faintly.

Shen Qingluan followed her obediently, docile and dutiful.

She did not even glance at the people of Xuan Ming Clan lying on the ground. Her eyes were fixed upon the Ninth Emperor.

“Where is that strange object?” she asked as she glanced at Zhang Tianwen coldly.

Zhang Tianwen's face turned pale; his legs were trembling. He wanted to get away from the Ninth Emperor but did not dare to move.

“I… I am not sure.”


The Nine Emperor raised an eyebrow. “Then, lead the way. I want to see what kind of strange object is out of the ground and attract so many people, too. I'm surprised that I still do not know about this.”

Those people were already frightened. Who knew that they were so frightened that they almost collapsed when they heard the Ninth Emperor's last sentence.

It was hard to believe that the Ninth Emperor knew that they had deliberately hidden the news to keep her from knowing about the strange object.

The more people knew about this matter, the lower their chances of winning.

Each of them hoped that they could find it.

However, if the Nine Emperor already knew about it, they were afraid that even after they put their best effort into getting the treasure, it would not be theirs.

Yet, everyone was already here, and they did not look like they would retreat.

Even if there was no chance of winning, maybe they could still pick up some things that the Ninth Emperor did not want.

The Ninth Emperor walked ahead with Shen Qingluan, and the people behind them subconsciously sighed with relief when they saw that the Ninth Emperor was not paying attention to them.

“I heard that the eldest grandson of the Nan family is also here.”

“Tsk, the Nan family is really pitiful. The whole family has been killed, leaving only Nan Changfeng alone. When Nan Changfeng was young, he was hidden somewhere, giving him the chance to escape the disaster. After more than ten years later, he came back to avenge the Nan family.”

“Unfortunately, what is the point of taking revenge? The Nan family is no longer there, leaving him alone in the world.”

‘Nan Changfeng?'

The Ninth Emperor paused for a moment. She did accidentally think that this name sounded good. She did not think much about the other.

She shook her head, and her eyes were filled with some regret.

‘The whole family has been killed. It's such big revenge…

‘Sigh, poor Nan Changfeng.


Soon, the noise in the desert once again went quiet.

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