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Published at 22nd of May 2020 10:37:02 AM
Chapter 212

Chapter 212 – Reverse

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That’s right, she was helping Wei Hanzi stall for more time . Not for herself .

She had the Inheritance s.p.a.ce and could hide into it at any time, but others could not .

Gu Lingzhi sighed, if only she could bring others into the Inheritance s.p.a.ce .  What if Brother Qi really believed her and thought it was too troublesome to hunt her down and went for Wei Hanzi instead? Uncertainty flashed in her eyes .

Brother Qi had actually been startled by Gu Lingzhi . If Gu Lingzhi had a lot of Jade Pendants on her and could hold out until Wei Hanzi finished off his other men, then his mission to kill Gu Lingzhi and capture the Black Thorn alive would have failed .

Although he had yet to exchange blows with Wei Hanzi, from what he heard from his subordinates, Wei Hanzi’s cultivation was on par with his .  If he fought with her one on one, he might be able to a victory, but it would be impossible to capture her alive . What more with Gu Lingzhi, who was a Peak Level Martial Pract.i.tioner and possessed so many Jade Pendants?

In a battle of life and death, every second was precious . In the time where he made the decision to continue attacking Gu Lingzhi first, another two of his subordinates were killed by Wei Hanzi . Their anguish cries filled the quiet night as Brother Qi had a sudden realization .

Seeing the guilty look on Gu Lingzhi’s face, he growled, “You lied to me!” If Gu Lingzhi really had so many Jade Pendants on her, then how did they only barely manage to escape Su Nian?

Clarifying his thoughts, Brother Qi once again started attacking Gu Lingzhi . He growled sarcastically, “No wonder you are called a snake . You stole the man that your sister admired and even made use of your friend that is protecting you . You are really admirable . ”

He said this not only to mock Gu Lingzhi, but to also tear apart the relations.h.i.+p between her and Wei Hanzi . According to him, no one would continue helping and protecting someone that betrays them . Even if Wei Hanzi did not leave immediately, she would also hesitate .

But he was wrong . Not only did Wei Hanzi not get angry, she even sounded happy as she said, “It is my fortune to be used by Lingzhi!”

This caused the few people attacking her to suddenly slow .  Did they hear her wrongly? Why was she so happy to be used?

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Before they could come to terms with what they heard, the one with the lowest cultivation amongst them was killed by Wei Hanzi . His eyes remained wide open as he collapsed to the ground .

Failing to achieve what he wanted, Brother Qi’s face darkened as he cursed, “Miserable wretch!” He then increased the speed at which he was attacking Gu Lingzhi .

Fifteen minutes had gone by since Gu Lingzhi came out of the tree and four masked men had already been killed . Only Brother Qi and three Peak Level Martial Teachers remained . Between Brother Qi and Wei Hanzi, whoever was quicker to kill their opponents would win .

Clang, clang, clang!

The sharp clas.h.i.+ng sounds were especially piercing in the barren surroundings . The continuous flares of spiritual energy lit up the area making it seem like daytime .

Under Brother Qi’s frenzied attacks, the three Jade Pendants in front of Gu Lingzhi completely shattered .

When the last Jade Pendant was smashed by Brother Qi, Gu Lingzhi immediately created a water wall in front of her as well as linked herself to her Inheritance s.p.a.ce . Wei Hanzi had only one man left to take down, he was resisting as much he could . Without her dragging Wei Hanzi down, with Wei Hanzi’s abilities, she could definitely escape .

“You think you can stop me with a simple water wall?” Brother Qi sneered as he broke through the water wall with a single punch intending to hit Gu Lingzhi as well . Never would he thought that before his punch could land on Gu Lingzhi, the water wall in front of him would turn to white mist . With the sudden change of his surroundings, Brother Qi was momentarily startled . Gu Lingzhi took the chance to escape into her Inheritance s.p.a.ce .

“Lingzhi!” Wei Hanzi cried out thinking that Gu Lingzhi had been hit . She ignored the man she was fighting with and dashed forwards to take a look . However, the fact that the man could survive until now meant that he was somewhat capable . He immediately held onto Wei Hanzi, preventing her from leaving their fight .

However, Brother Qi’s punch met with nothing, but air and he exclaimed astonished, “Eh? Where is she?”

With his Martial Lord enhanced eyesight, he very quickly adjusted to seeing through the white mist and could see clearly in it . To his surprise, the captive which he was so sure he had gotten ahold of had suddenly disappeared…

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“I see you, hurry up and get out!” Brother Qi faked and shouted . He was attempting to draw out Gu Lingzhi, who he suspected was using some Spiritual Weapon to hide . Despite numerous calls, Gu Lingzhi was nowhere to be found . On the other hand, the man fighting Wei Hanzi was not able to hold out any longer .

“Sly b.i.t.c.h! Don’t let me catch you!” Brother Qi threatened after wildly attacking his surroundings but failing to find any trace of Gu Lingzhi . He then turned back to help his subordinate .

Seeing Brother Qi turn back to help him, the young man was so touched he was about to cry . Only heaven knew how difficult it was for him, a Peak Level Martial Teacher to hold back an expert Martial Lord . If not for his high-level ancestral movement technique, making it difficult for Wei Hanzi to locate him, he would have died along with his brothers long ago .

Everyone treasured their lives dearly, but there were rules in the group, and they had no choice but to listen to orders . Should they not follow orders, their punishment would be worse than death itself . If not, none of them would blindly and stupidly continue to attack knowing how strong their enemy was .

Now that Brother Qi was helping him, he could escape death .

He was not the only one that was happy to see Brother Qi . Wei Hanzi was similarly elated .

Glancing at the direction of the white mist and confirming that Gu Lingzhi’s body was not in it, Wei Hanzi let out a breath of relief . Although she did not know how Gu Lingzhi had disappeared, all was good as long as Brother Qi continued to attack her .

She could not let Brother Qi turn back to attack Gu Lingzhi!

With this in mind, her entire demeanor changed as Brother Qi came up to her . There was a strong murderous aura surrounding her . She was going to bring Brother Qi down with her .

Brother Qi naturally saw the change in Wei Hanzi and spat, “Lunatic!”

He was unable to understand . Initially he was still afraid that Wei Hanzi would take the chance to escape, now it seems like he could work together with his remaining man to slowly torment Wei Hanzi to death .

As he was secretly delighted, Gu Lingzhi who was in the Inheritance s.p.a.ce was extremely anxious and she could not keep still .  Was there something wrong with Hanzi’s brain? Why isn’t she taking the chance to run for her life!

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Although she scolded like this, she did not blink as she looked at the three of them fight each other . She was trying to find a chance to secretly kill off the subordinate man .

After she ascended to the Martial Pract.i.tioner rank, not only did the s.p.a.ce in the Inheritance s.p.a.ce become bigger, it was also much easier for her to enter and leave the Inheritance s.p.a.ce .

In the past, wherever she entered the Inheritance s.p.a.ce would be wherever she exited it . But now, she could choose anywhere she wanted to exit from as long as it was within a certain radius from where she entered .

Five hundred meters was not much to a Martial Artist, and they can easily cover that distance within a few seconds if they were fast . However, in a life and death situation, every second counted . The radius of five hundred meters allowed her quite a bit of flexibility .

Alas, after waiting for almost fifteen minutes, Gu Lingzhi found an optimal time to attack them sneakily .

The subordinate’s actions had slowed slightly after keeping up with such a fast pace for so long . He was about to help Brother Qi distract Wei Hanzi once more when he suddenly stumbled .

It was time for Gu Lingzhi to take action . A sword carrying both fire and water spiritual energy appeared in the air, aimed directly at the man .

The man shouted and wanted to dodge to the side . However, a twine had appeared out of nowhere and bound his feet to the ground, causing him to falter . In the next second, the sound of metal piercing into bone filled the air .

The man’s mouth gaped open as he lost consciousness .

Brother Qi looked at the scene in front of him in surprise . Before he fought Wei Hanzi, he had intentionally left a bit of his mind to continue monitoring the surroundings for Gu Lingzhi . How did she appear in front of his man? It was like she came out of nowhere .

Was there a secret technique that could allow someone to disappear like this?

Although he was shocked, Brother Qi quickly responded and shot towards Gu Lingzhi . His attack was unsuccessfully as all he saw was Gu Lingzhi suddenly disappearing without a trace in a similar way to how she appeared . She really completely disappeared!

His attack hit the air and fell to the ground, creating a hole in the ground .

“That is not possible!” How could anyone in this world have such a frightening technique? If the person with this technique were to be of similar cultivation level to him, how terrifying would that be?

If anyone from the North Qiu Kingdom’s Royal Family were to see this, they would immediately be able to guess that the reason Gu Lingzhi could do this was because she was using the Inheritance s.p.a.ce .

Fortunately, Brother Qi did not know about such a possibility and completely missed out on this extremely important piece of information that could benefit the North Qiu Kingdom’s Royal Family .

“Kill him, we cannot let him live,” Gu Lingzhi’s cold voice echoed in the air . Since she had already exposed the Inheritance s.p.a.ce, she could not let Brother Qi live .

“Yes, master!” Wei Hanzi replied . She could tell from Gu Lingzhi’s voice that this was important, and she looked at Brother Qi as if looking at a piece of meat .

With Gu Lingzhi’s a.s.sistance, she could definitely kill him!

“Are you trying to kill me? You are overestimating yourself!” Brother Qi put on a bravado and shouted . He was however, already devising a plan to escape .

Without his subordinate to help him, he who was only a low-grade Martial Lord would very likely perish here under the threat of Gu Lingzhi and Wei Hanzi .

His demeanor suddenly changed as the sound of hooves filled the air . Brother Qi’s eyes lit up while Gu Lingzhi and Wei Hanzi’s mood fell .

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