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While Lucien "helps" Angela recover her mana quickly, her mind was a mess.

She didn't want to develop romantic feelings for her son-in-law, but could she stop her body from falling for him when he kissed her so pa.s.sionately?

Angela felt that her mana was at its peak, so Lucien would stop kissing, and she didn't know whether she wants him to stop or not.

Regardless of whether or not she wanted to kiss more, Angela was sure of one thing: She couldn't make the same mistake again and allow her lips to chase his mouth.

And... She failed. Lucien stopped kissing and slowly moved back just to let her instinctively follow his mouth.

When ever he uses that teasing smile on her, Angela just wants to hide in a hole because of how embarra.s.sed she feels.

"You're getting good at this, mother-in-law. It doesn't even seem like your first kiss was a week ago." Of course, Lucien would tease her when ever he can.

Angela stared at him with an embarra.s.sed expression while remembering the first time she met Lucien, and he stole her first kiss. "How are you sure it was my first kiss? I was an old married woman."

Lucien licked his lips, which still had Angela's sweet taste. "You can call it one of my talents... Your mouth tastes wonderful... And It is only my…"

Angela wanted to shout at Lucien for teasing her, but then he made a stern expression.

"Stop saying you're old. You are a beautiful and energetic woman... Maybe I should show you how young you are... But I think that would be inappropriate right now."

Then Lucien smiled at Angela again, making her almost go crazy. He is dominant and authoritative even when he praises her. Still, she did not dislike anything he said.

"Mm." Angela bowed her head as she made a cute sound of agreement. Lucien loved it when women acted cutely. It made him want to hug and protect them.

Lucien quickly approached Angela and hugged her waist. "You are so cute, mother-in-law...I want to... But now I have to go."

Angela tried to look to the side, but Lucien took her chin and made her look at him before sealing her mouth with a quick kiss.

Lucien released Angela and looked at the forest. "The scout came back. It looks like they're in trouble with Light Empire soldiers. We have to follow them now."

Angela knew that Lucien is strong enough to deal with bandits, but Light Empire soldiers worried her. "Light Empire?!?! This is going to be dangerous, Lucien. You must not-"

She stopped talking when she saw his confident smile. "Don't worry, mother-in-law. We are very fast, so we can leave without problems if the situation gets out of hand."

Without Rose and Maggie, Lucien had no way of causing great damage in the area to defeat a huge army, but he is getting stronger and faster quickly.

Also, Ghilanna is a powerful archer, and Oya is also getting stronger and stronger, making his group quick and powerful enough to avoid being trapped.

Angela is not the type of person who acts on impulse. She likes to plan and act only when she has complete control over the situation.

But Lucien is the opposite. Just as he impulsively killed Julius, he also went to the Nunid Kingdom with just a small group.

Angela wanted to be able to say that he is just a spoiled boy, acting like a young master... But he returned the Bluewind control to her hands and rescued Lena.

Lucien said he would do something, and even if it seemed impossible, he just does. So Angela could only believe him. Believe that he is a firm and impenetrable mountain that would protect them from any danger.

She approached him and hugged him lovingly. "Come back safely."

"Of course, I will. Focus on creating the golems, and don't worry about us." Lucien didn't tease Angela this time and just accepted her hug.

"Let's go!" Then Lucien called the girls and headed for the forest. The scouts were already a mile and a half ahead, but Lucien's group could reach them quickly.

l.u.s.t was always maintaining her physical body. Although she couldn't get more than fifty meters away from Lucien, she could keep a high speed and stay near to him.

The group entered the forest and followed the trail behind the scouts. This great forest is much larger than the Portgreen's forest.

There are very tall trees, some even with a hundred meters height. Lucien could hear a lot of animals, some big beasts like mystic bears and lions.

Still, Oya's aura was getting more and more powerful, and even mighty animals would not want to approach her, so the group didn't have to worry about beasts attacks.

Although the speed of the scouts does not compare to that of Lucien's group, they were still quite fast. After a few minutes, they had gone two miles, and then they separated in different directions.

Lucien could hear their conversation the whole time, and he knew that they were going to warn their people about the soldiers of the Light Empire. The group kept following one of the scouts.

After almost an hour and running twenty miles, the scout found a group of his people. The man was exhausted and sat on the ground to catch his breath.

The man who seemed to be the leader of the group threw a canteen of water at the scout. "What happened? You look desperate."


Before the scout could respond, a big white tigress emerged from the bush and jumped on the man, knocking him to the ground.

"White tiger!!" Some of the bandits shouted.

Before they attacked Oya or ran in a panic, Lucien came out from behind the trees, followed by Ghilanna and l.u.s.t.

"Keep calm!! Or my tigress will tear your mate's throat." Lucien spoke in a stern tone, and Oya showed her big white fangs.

One of the bandits aimed a spear at Lucien. "So what are we going to do? Drop our weapons on the floor? You will still be our enemy!!"

Lucien raised his hands and told Oya to get off the man on the floor. "I'm not your enemy, now... So for your sake, let's just have a peaceful conversation."

"Peaceful conversation? Is this how you start a conversation? Why shouldn't we kill you and your pet, then take your ladies?"

The bandit couldn't help but look at the beautiful l.u.s.t, who, despite wearing armor that covered most of her body, still couldn't hide her exceptional beauty.

l.u.s.t shook her head as she spoke in a mocking tone. "A rude mistake... Which took your life."

"Bit-" Before the man could offend l.u.s.t, his head was already flying away from his body.

Just like that? Was a head completely severed like that? There was no sound or sudden movement. The handsome red-haired man just disappeared, and the bandit's head flew away.

Blood covered the other bandits, who panicked. "WHAT THE f.u.c.k?!?!?!"

The bandits wanted to attack Lucien, but they had never seen anything so bizarre before, so they were obviously terrified of him.

Lucien's red katana disappeared like magic, and he was about to speak when he heard the woman on the tree a hundred meters away talk. Lucien knew that she was there all the time.

"Get away from them, or I'll fire an arrow at your wife's head!"

The woman already had the arrow ready, but Lucien is one hundred percent sure that he can catch ten of those arrows before they reach l.u.s.t.

He continued looking at the bandits while speaking loud enough for the woman to hear. "First rule in a negotiation: Never threaten someone who is stronger than you."

Then he kicked the man's body on the floor. "Second rule: If you're negotiating with me, don't talk about my women. Never about my woman, or I will kill you."

While the men in the bandit group made a great effort to look away from l.u.s.t and Ghilanna, and also not pee in fear, the woman on the tree kept her bow taut.

"So, I'm going to fire on you!! Can you stop arrows with your arrogance?" The woman was very scared of Lucien, but she had to stay calm.

The bandit group was terrified, but after recognizing the women's voice, they had more hope of surviving.

One of them dared to threaten Lucien again. "Neola is the best archer!! She can easily kill your-"

The man wasn't able to finish speaking because the woman on the tree shouted at him. "Shut the f.u.c.k up!! Do you really want to talk about his women?"

Lucien couldn't help laughing. The woman on the tree seemed smart not to threaten his women, but she is still threatening him.

He would have killed her if it weren't for her name. "So, you are Neola, the leader? I came here to talk to you and Enzo."

The woman on the tree was confused. "Do you know us? Why did you attack us? You talk about a peaceful conversation, but you kill my teammate like it's nothing."

Lucien started to lose patience, and his tone becomes more severe.

"You are bandits that attack and kill defenseless farmers and innocent people. The fact that I am not already painting this forest with your blood is very merciful."

Neola didn't know why Lucien is so confident. "You speak beautiful words like a justice knight... But you are in our forest without an army... And we are many."

Lucien couldn't help but sigh. "No one can say that I didn't try to be diplomatic…"

He looked at Ghilanna. "Ninety-six meters to the northwest, twenty-three meters from the ground, on a tree. Fire on the leg to disable her."

"HOW?!?!?!" Neola jumped out of the tree quickly, but Ghilanna's speed and precision are incredible.


"AAAAH!!" Ghilanna's accurate arrow hit Neola's leg, and she fell to the ground while moaning in pain.

Lucien looked at the bandit who spoke earlier. "If Neola is the best archer, then what is my beautiful elf? G.o.dlike archer? Hum... Sounds good."

'What the f.u.c.k was that?!?!?'


's.h.i.+T s.h.i.+T s.h.i.+T s.h.i.+T'

The bandits had several similar thoughts, but they all agreed on one thing. 'We are screwed now!!'

Lucien looked in the direction where Neola is knocked on the ground. "As I am feeling merciful today, I will give you one more chance."

"If you can crawl to me in... Uhm, five minutes? We can talk. Or I'm really going to paint this forest with your people's blood."

'The devil!! He is the devil himself.' Everyone couldn't help thinking. Even Ghilanna couldn't deny that.

Neola is sure that Lucien could not defeat all her people, but this small group did not seem to be a problem for him with that white tigress and the amazing elven archer.

Still, she didn't want to crawl on the ground like a wounded animal. Lucien noticed that and made a confused expression as if he had remembered something important.

"Oh! I almost forgot. In fact, I don't even need to attack anyone. I can just sit and watch the Light Empire's soldiers slaughter your people."

"Light Empire's soldiers?!?!" The bandits can't help but be confused.

Lucien looked at the frightened scout. "Tell them."

The man did not think twice before reporting the situation. "Light Empire's soldiers... In the forest... This time is different... Alden told us to go-"

The scout stopped talking before commenting on the fortress as he did not want to give Lucien crucial information.

But Lucien told him to continue. "You can say it. The fortress to the north? Alden sent you to warn your people to hide there. I know, rest a.s.sured."

Neola and the bandits were very surprised and startled by the news about the Light Empire's Soldiers.

But the worst is that while they knew nothing about Lucien, he seemed to have complete control over the situation.

As the bandits tried to deal with their panic, they heard Lucien's voice again. He sounded more and more like a devil that comes from h.e.l.l to punish them for their crimes.

"Neola, Neola… Your time is ticking... It's been a minute, and you're still not moving."


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