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Chapter 453: Cute Girls Everywhere

"Mmmm... yum, yum…" The cute sounds that little Ko makes while eating pieces of roast pork makes everyone at the table smile.

She is sitting on Lucien's lap while Oya and Angela are beside them. That table is exactly one hundred meters long, and so all his wives, his sisters, and even Raquel and her daughter, Estela, are having dinner with them.

On the other side of the table in front of Lucien are Ron, Kara, and Zora, the Nunid Kingdom's former Queen.

"I am thrilled that your majesty could come to visit us," Ron speaks while he can't stop smiling. He likes and respects Lucien a lot.

"There is no need for such a formality between us, my friend," Lucien comments as he pats Ko's head and cute ears.

Ron shakes his head while making a respectful expression. "My King, I am just a humble servant, and it is an honor for me to be your friend."

Lucien smiles and Ron continues. "Also, you gifted me by bringing my beloved niece here on her birthday. Soon I'll be getting married and..."

He pauses when he talks about getting married, and Lucien comments. "I'm really happy that you found someone... even though she is a... peculiar choice."

Zora makes a worried expression while Ron looks thoughtful. "Yes, I understand that it seems strange; after all, our families have been enemies before."

He sighs and continues. "I have to confess that I already thought a lot about sneaking into the Ninud Kingdom and killing Zora's son ... I knew that Angela was worried about Lena..."

"But you didn't do that because you are not a cold-blooded" Angela smiled at him.

Zora holds Ron's hand tightly. "Yet, my son deserved such an end... I failed as a mother by letting him transform into a monster."

Beside Angela, Lena quickly shakes her head. "There was nothing you could do, Zora. We all understand that your husband influenced your son in a way that you had no control over what he would become. Also, you are the only reason he hasn't done anything bad to me, and that's why I will always be grateful to you."

Lucien raises his gla.s.s of wine. "We shouldn't remember about bad things in such a happy moment. Today, we should just celebrate good things, like the wedding of two good people and the birthday of my beloved wife."

"Exactly!" Angela smiles and raises her gla.s.s of wine just like all Lucien's wives.

Although she doesn't quite understand what they are doing, Oya also tries to raise her gla.s.s. Even a little clumsy, she succeeds and toasts with everyone.

Lucien and his group continue to eat the delicious food made by the castle's servants. In such good times, everyone is happy, and everything happens in a better way.

While they continue to have dinner, more food the servants are bringing. Not only is Lucien's group quite huge, but some of the girls, especially Oya, Ko, Astrid, and Scarlet, eat a lot more than normal people because their bodies have a very high metabolism.

The atmosphere is very lively and festive while everyone is talking. But then Lucien's wine gla.s.s is empty, and when Ron tries to fill it with wine from the bottle, he realizes that the bottle is also empty.

At that moment, a young servant appears beside Lucien and fills his gla.s.s with wine from a new bottle. That little girl is just a simple kid, a kitchen servant, but something about her catches his eyes.

"You..." Lucien moves his hand to that girl's face and gently makes her look at him in the eye.

While the girl is surprised and afraid of having done something wrong, a servant on the other side of the table, which is serving Ca.s.sidy, is even more worried about that. She is that girl's mother, and she fears she offended the King, or maybe he is interested in her body even though she is just a young kid.

Lucien's wives know that he has no fetish for children, and they also know that he cannot be angry with young girls, so they are curious about that.

Noele's eyes s.h.i.+ne as Kylee giggles. Then the little girl looks at Lucien with a shy expression. "M-my K-king?"

"I know who you are..." He searches deep in his mind and finds memories about that girl. She came from the group of forest robbers and was one of the people who wanted to be part of his troops in Bluewind.

The little girl's heart beats faster than ever as she is so close to the person she admires the most. She is very touched that he remembers her, but it also makes her very embarra.s.sed to be able to say any word.

"Aniya..." Lucien says her name, making her smile with happiness. "Your name is Aniya, right?"

Little Aniya takes deep breaths to respond because she is very shy. So she nods several times. "Y-es, my King, that is the name of this humble servant."

"Humble servant? I see..." Lucien smiles. "However, the last time I saw you, you wanted to be part of my soldiers and fight alongside me in battles."

The timid girl wants to smile and beg Lucien to join his group, but she notices her mother walking quickly around the table to stop her.

Lucien also notices that worried woman, and then he looks at Aniya with a thoughtful expression. "What happened? Would your mother be very worried that you if become a warrior? I can understand that."

Before the little girl can respond, her mother approaches them and tries to pull Aniya away from Lucien. "I'm really sorry, my King; my girl didn't mean to bother you; she just..."

It is evident that the woman is terrified. Although life in the castle is perfect and no one mistreats the servants, they do not want to bother anyone or seem disrespectful, especially with the terrifying Handsome Devil.

"Alright, it's alright," Lucien speaks in a gentle tone as he caresses that woman's hand, causing her to release her daughter's arm. "Little Aniya is not bothering me."

While Aniya smiles with an expectant expression, her mother is confused. The legends talk about Lucien being a brutal and b.l.o.o.d.y demon while others talk about him being a l.u.s.tful devil, but all she sees is a kind and caring man.

The woman takes a step back and lets Lucien and the little girls talk. He smiles at her. "I made you a promise, right?"

Aniya's eyes s.h.i.+ne like two suns as she smiles adorably. "Yep! Do you really remember it??"

"Of course." He nods. "I remember all the promises I make. And I promised that I would let you be part of my troops when you were older if you still wanted that."

"I want it!!" Aniya quickly exclaims and then speaks in a lower tone, containing her excitement. "I really want that; I think about going on adventures with your group every day and fighting at your side..."

Lucien's wives and sisters smile as they can see the excitement in Aniya's eyes. It is evident that she is already very loyal to him and really wants to become one of his troops.

But her mother looks really concerned. No mother would like to see their daughters become warriors and fight in dangerous battles.

"You look really excited about that." Lucien smiles at the little girl. "However, as I said, you're going to have to grow more before I can accept you into my group. Precisely, you need have sixteen years before that."

"Sixteen?" Aniya asks in a concerned tone. "But there are three more years to go... what if you forget about me by then?"

He starts to caress her head. "I will not forget a girl as cute and loyal as you. Also, everyone here is a witness to our promise. I will ask Ron to keep an eye on you, and when you are about to become sixteen, he will send me a message for me to come and get you and your mother."

Aniya smiles even more. "Really?? Will my mother be able to come with us too?"

"Yep." He nods as he smiles at his mother and continues to stroke Aniya's head. Despite not having any s.e.xual desire toward her, his pats are very pleasurable, which generates demonic energy, quickly strengthening the little girl.

Then he looks at Ron. "Could you find some tutors to help little Aniya get to starts training?"

"Sure." Rond quickly nods. Then he looks at Willard next to Scarlett. "Willard is training a group of young people to be royal guards. He has a natural talent for teaching, and young people seem to like him very much as an instructor."

"Great!" Lucien smiles and raises his gla.s.s towards Willard, who smiles back at him.

Then he looks at Aniya again. "That way, you will be ready when I come to get you."

"Thank you so much, my King!!" Aniya thanks him as she tries not to make any moves and just enjoys Lucien's pats.

While stroking Aniya's head, Lucien sends a lot of demonic energy to her. He's not doing that on purpose, but his energy is now much more powerful and abundant than before.

And due to the fact that she is in the Zero Realm, that energy has a very significant effect on Aniya, quickly awakening something within her, something that catches the attention of all the Sins.

[Fascinating.] Sloth thinks as she realizes that Aniya has a really exceptional talent. In superior worlds, she would be a prodigy desired by great clans and powerful families.

l.u.s.t quickly warns Lucien. 'You should bring this girl with us now. She is already so loyal to you, and her latent talent is excellent. With the help of your demonic energy, she would soon become very powerful.'

Lucien smiles at Aniya as he continues to stroke her head and responds to l.u.s.t. 'Nah, I don't like this idea. She's just a kid, and I don't want to destroy her childhood. It is best to leave her alone and follow the plan to get her when she is sixteen."

'If you prefer it that way, I won't insist.' l.u.s.t understands how Lucien feels. He wouldn't be able to give Aniya much demonic energy while she is a child.

The situation with little Ko is different, and even then, she has to be in the tigress form and beg him for some special milk, or he wouldn't be able to give her anything either.

Yet, little Aniya has no doubts about her feelings. Young girls fall in love easily and often until they find the right man, but in her heart, she knows that the right man will always be Lucien.

Her loyalty and feelings for him are so pure that just that amount of demonic energy is enough to start creating a tattoo on her low belly area, without Lucien even realizing it.

But he soon stops stroking her head because her mother seems to be almost freaking out. "We will see each other again, little Aniya."

"I will look forward to it and behave well until then, my King." She responds with a bright smile on her face as she returns to the kitchen with her mother.

Eve smiles. "She is so adorable."

"She does. And I wonder if I will have such a lovely girl too." Sophia comments as she strokes her belly.

"I'm sure all of Lucien's daughters are going to be beautiful and cute..." Aria comments.

Donna chuckles. "Little pretty devils, you mean."

"Hahahaha ..." Everyone at the table starts laughing while drops of sweat run down Lucien's face.

But little Ko just continues to eat more pieces of meat. Eating good food while sitting on Lucien's lap is the perfect situation for her, and enjoying that is all she wants now.

Meanwhile, Kara gets more and more flushed as her body heats up. Lucien is not only looking at her with an alluring expression, but he is also stroking her legs with his tail under the table.

'Oh, my dear, you will be turning sixteen in a few hours, and I will finally eat you... completely.' He speaks in her mind as he continues teasing her.

[I want it so much!!] She thinks but doesn't say anything to him because she is very embarra.s.sed.

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