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Published at 23rd of March 2020 05:30:09 AM
Chapter 100: 100

It seemed that Li Shaoling was never letting her go .

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“No!” Ji Weixi refused without hesitation . “At most… one month . ”

“My Weixi is so nice . ” Li Shaoling grinned and gave her lips a soft peck .

One month it shall be, then .

He would find another excuse when the time comes .


In the meantime, he would spoil her until she reached heaven in that one month .

Where could she run?

However, Ji Weixi flinched and pulled away as if jolted, with two red clouds appearing over her cheeks .

She was going crazy with his teasing .

After all, she never experienced such sweetness that was no different from being in a relations.h.i.+p .

She thought that she could always stay cool, but she was wrong .

The moment she met Li Shaoling was probably the moment her heart began to drum in this life .


But no, she mustn't fall here .

In truth, she feared all that was beautiful, because such things could break easily .

Curling into herself on the bed, she told him, “…you should leave . ”

“Alright . ”

The second he left, Ji Weixi quickly dashed to the door and locked it .

After turning the lights off, Ji Weixi slept soundly with the little one in her arms .

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There was no telling how much time had pa.s.sed when the door opened with a click, and Li Shaoling tiptoed inside .


In his dream, the little one could feel he was being taken away . Upset, he smacked his lips and mumbled, “Urgh… Mommy, hug…”

Li Shaoling's eyes grew cold .


'Sorry, but you're in the way . '

Meanwhile, Ji Weixi felt as if she was put inside a scalding oven, but still wrapped her arms around Li Shaoling by reflex and tenderly patted his head . “Son, stop fooling around… good boy… good boy…”


Li Shaoling was being pressed forcefully into her chest and caressed . He had a blank look, and then the corner of his eyes started to twitch .


It was the first time in his life he was being coaxed into sleep .

'It feels alright…'

One in the morning .

An urgent ringtone pierced the silent, still night .

The person in bed rolled around, upset .

She then sat up abruptly, her short hair left a mess by static electricity .

Her disgruntled gaze fell on the lit screen of her vibrating phone, and she got off bed irritably to pick it up .


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“Who is this! Bothering my beauty sleep in the middle of the night!?”

Perhaps she was being a little too fierce, the caller paused for a moment before saying, “Miaomiao… did, did I disturb you?”

Tian Miaomiao stiffened, remaining motionless as her eyes went blank .

But even as she struggled against her flooding eyes, she coldly said, “Of course you did . ”

The person quickly explained a little anxiously, “Sorry… I knew I would disturb you, Miaomiao, but this really is the last time… hear me out…”

“Didn't I tell you that we should act like we don't know each other back then?” Tian Miaomiao coolly interjected . “You promised me that, and now you have the cheek to call me?”


“Don't call me that, it disgusts me! And don't call me anymore—I would exact vengeance when I'm desperate too!”

With that, Tian Miaomiao hung up .

The night was once again dead silent .

Tian Miaomiao walked to the window and waved both hands, parting the curtains with a whoosh .

The street lights were now well lit .

And she was not drowsy at all .

She washed her face in cold water, dressed up and left .

After all, the night was still young .

She had a long stroll, looking up at the skies and did her best to keep her tears from flowing .

She suddenly paused when she saw a bar flas.h.i.+ng with neon lamps, and she hesitated for a moment before entering .

Heavy metal music punctured her eardrums immediately while colorful lights shone across all directions . Countless men and women were glued together at the center of the dance floor, twirling without any sense of exhaustion .

Tian Miaomiao suddenly regretted coming .

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She took a seat by the bar and said to the bartender, “Whiskey . ”

Frost began to build on the cup from the ice block floating in the pale-yellow drink .

But Tian Miaomiao downed it instantly, its hot alcoholic taste stirring her entire spirit while the bartender was left speechless .

The woman was tough .

Whiskey is a strong spirit that even men have to take by sips, while she had gulped it down in one go .

Still, the alcohol soon kicked in and Tian Miaomiao used it as an excuse to throw herself on the bar and start crying while her cheeks burned .

Her sobs grew louder, but the heavy metal music was loud enough to stop anyone from noticing .

That was when someone touched her shoulder . “It's late, lady . Are you alone?”

Tian Miaomiao looked up and, having liquid courage, screamed, “Get lost!”

The man was huge, had a rather angry look, and his narrowed-eyes smile was sinister . “Come, I know a place where we can enjoy ourselves . ”

With that, he took her hand and led her away .

Dazed and light-headed, Tian Miaomiao was basically pa.s.sive .

“Let go of me!”

Unable to shake the man off, Tian Miaomiao promptly opened her mouth and bit down viciously on the man's hand .

Hurt, the man slapped her firmly across the face . “F*ck! Are you coming or not!”

Tian Miaomiao's ears were ringing and she shot the man a deadly glare while cursing, “What the f*ck? Idiot! Stay away from me or I'll f*cking split your head!”

The man glared back at her, pulled her hair and slapped her again .

“You best behave or you're gonna get it!”

Tian Miaomiao was seeing stars from the a.s.sault, and her scalp hurts as if it was torn apart .

With her wrist feeling like it could break from the man's hold, she dug her nails into his flesh and he let go from the pain . Then, once again fueled by liquid courage, she bit down on his arm, her jaw clamping down violently .

“Ouch!” The man exclaimed in agony, and slapped her again .

Tian Miaomiao seemed to feel no pain, however, and she was stubbornly trying to tear out a chunk of flesh—in fact, the taste of fresh blood was spreading inside her mouth .

That was when the man landed a foot on her stomach and she slammed heavily into the floor, feeling like her skull was about to break .

She was left barely breathing, and the man towed her off by the ankles .

But as she despaired, a large figure suddenly arrived and landed a roundhouse kick on the man, leaving him on the floor . However, he got up quickly and the two began a melee .

Enduring her pain, Tian Miaomiao stood up and leaned heavily on a wall, panting .

Her eyes were blurry and full of double-visions . As she shook her head and vaguely found that the man who saved her was landing some heavy blows, quickly twisting the angry-looking man's arm . Then, with the sound of crunching bones and a scream, the angry-looking man was left on his knees .

Then, the other man came to Tian Miaomiao, and she could tell despite her dazedness that he wore that reflected the lights, and that his voice was cool . “Are you alright?”

Tian Miaomiao shook her head, and he was ready to leave .

“Hey…” Tian Miaomiao caught him by instinct, and pleaded with a shudder, “Could… could you take me home?”

The man appeared upset and started to remove her fingers one by one, but said, “Fine . ”

And with that, as if her bonds were cut loose, Tian Miaomiao fell into his arms .

She clearly felt the man stiffen .

There were pungent odors of antiseptic wafting from his body .

Tian Miaomiao closed her eyes, holding her tears . “Thank you… Thanks…”

The ache from drinking left Tian Miaomiao's stomach churning, but she could not vomit .

The car then stopped after some time, and the man sent her upstairs . “Don't hit the bars from now on . ”

Tian Miaomiao looked up, struggling to get a good look at the man's face . However, it was as if her vision was blocked by a layer of fog that could not be removed .

He left, just like the wind .

Tian Miaomiao closed her eyes as her consciousness faded .

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