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Chapter 649: Without One Arm

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Oh, so you mean that Tang Shunian is now armless and legless?”

Lu replied calmly and then aimed at the person without an arm.

“Now I know which one of you is him. Thanks for the information!”

The leader looked as if he were on the verge of crying. “Ms. Angel, please, my master is not here. You have already killed three of my brothers. Please do not shoot us any more! I can give you however much money you want. My brother is not only armless but is also suffering a great deal. If you kill him, his parents and son would have no one left to lean upon.”

“Oh right, I did hear that Tang Shunian has a young son and old parents.”

Lu chuckled.

“Tang Shunian, you are very lucky to only lose only one arm under the impact of such a strong bomb. Today you are wearing a bullet-proof coat but no helmet. What a pity!”

That man with only one arm straightened his back and his raised arm was withdrawn. Then he turned around to confront Lu.

His face did not resemble that of Tang Shunian’s. His cheeks were pale and his eyebrows were not that thick either. His lips were thicker than that of Tang Shunian’s, and his eye-sockets were deep. He had lost his original handsomeness.

Only his look did not change. It was still sinister and proud.

He smiled a little and then started to laugh wildly.

His eyes were full of hatred at this moment.

He said fiercely, “Angel, you truly are brave. Do you think that you, the number 2 killer are invincible? Let me tell you. I will use my most cruel method to torment you, and you will not die, but suffer in pain every single day!”

Tang Shunian had not just lost one of his arms, his body was also full of numerous wounds. His top-notch bullet-proof coat had been shredded into pieces on site.

If not for the coat and helmet, he would have been blown into pieces at that time.

That bomb had hurt his inner organs. The pain was tormenting him and even if the broken arm had received medical aid, the pain was still piercing!

He lost an arm!

That was something that made Tang Shunian faint after he woke up.

He could not accept that he had been turned into a handicapped person.

He had been perfect but wasn’t any more! He was going to be disabled his entire life!

It was all Angel’s fault! In return, he was going to break hers too.

Tang Shunian bellowed with a twisted face. Had it not been because of Lu’s gun pointed at him, he would have already lunged at her.

But Lu was not affected by his emotion. “Your time is over. Go to h.e.l.l first!”

Tang Shunian laughed wildly. “If I can deal with Jing Yichen, I can deal with you too, young girl. I had suspected that you were not dead, so I came fully prepared. I won’t fail today!”

Lu frowned slightly. She had, actually, not been feeling very good about what happened today.

She had been following Tang Shunian these past few days, but his men were always around him and he was always cautious. Due to her serious injuries, she couldn’t approach him.

But he suddenly appeared at Landscape Compound today without being armed, trying to take away Shangguan Ning and Jing Rui as hostages. That had been abnormal.

He only had five men with him, and one of them was a lock expert rather than fighter. It was not Tang Shunian’s style to have so few men with him in such trying times.

He was a man who was very good at protecting his life and privacy, otherwise he would not have dug underground cellars in B City for so long. He feared death, and his cellars gave him a stronger feel of security than the villas.

This was the reason why Lu had not shot him till now. Otherwise, she would not have talked with Tang Shunian for so long.

The scene in movies where people talked so much before shooting was not realistic. It was a taboo for a killer.

Real professional killers never talked with their targets. Nor did they spare any moment for the target to talk.

Killers were out there to kill, not to talk!

Lu had actually known which one of them was Tang Shunian, but she did not pull the trigger, because her instinct told her that something was wrong.

She felt that if she did, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

But she was not sure what Tang Shunian had with him so that he could be so fearless.

Tang Shunian was the first failed mission in Lu’s life as a professional killer and she did not want to live with that blot on her career. She wanted to kill him, else he would definitely kill her. But this was not Tang Shunian’s underground world, not a place for him to hide. He was not going to run away from here.

That was something Lu was confident about.

Therefore, she broke the taboo as a killer and talked with Tang Shunian standing here.

Lu did not move the gun, which was aimed at his head. She would pull the trigger if he did not have a reason to make her scared.

“Tell me, what do you have as the bargaining chip? This is your last chance.” Lu said calmly.

Tang Shunian’s smile was gone. Instead, he said with fierceness. “I have a man who had died but came alive again. But now, he may not be able to live for much longer!”

Lu’s originally pale face turned even paler.

Tang Shunian could not help but sneer at the sight of her changed expression.

He was not a soft-hearted man. People always had weaknesses, and he knew how to make use of them.

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