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Chapter 562 A Most Brilliant Achievement!

“Someone will come and revoke your medical qualification certificate soon!” Qin Baichuan did not bother to look at the veterinarian again.

The other veterinarians were shocked and dared not say anything.

“Grandmaster Hao, I actually came to you because I wanted to ask for a favor,” Ye Lingchen stated.

“As I’ve said before, as long as you cure Big Black, I’ll try my best to satisfy your requests.” Grandmaster Hao smiled, then frowned at the veterinarian beside him. “Why are you still here? Housekeeper, hurry up and send our guest on his way! ”

The veterinarians soon began making their way while Ye Lingchen and Qin Baichuan were taken to the luxurious living room. After that, meals were prepared and they gave Ye Lingchen a warm welcome.

Hao Yun followed beside them too, playing the role of Ye Lingchen’s little fan.

“Are you really Miracle Doctor Y?!” Hao Yun found out about it and looked at Ye Lingchen in astonishment. He covered his mouth with both hands and was on the verge of screaming.

“Wow, your medical skills are so amazing. You saved so many people from Wind-Heat Syndrome Flu last time! I’m also a fan of Miracle Doctor Y and I never thought you were the same person as him!” Hao Yun hugged Ye Lingchen. “I’m just so surprised now.”

“No wonder you were able to rescue Big Black.” Grandmother Hao looked at Ye Lingchen in a different light. If Ye Lingchen came to him with the superstar persona, Grandmother Hao might not have paid much attention, if at all. However, it was a completely different situation with Miracle Doctor Y. Even if he admired Miracle Doctor Y from the bottom of his heart, it was an indication of how important reputation was.

Next, Ye Lingchen told Grandmaster Hao about his plans and the infrastructure of the island.

Hearing that Ye Lingchen was preparing to develop a deserted island, both Grandmaster Hao and Hao Yun were surprised because of the sheer magnitude.

“G.o.d Ye, are you really going to develop an island? That’s a great price to pay. This is no joke because you’re practically burning money,” Hao Yun could not help but remark.

She had some understanding of construction as well, after being influenced by Grandmaster Hao. Building infrastructure on an island was not as simple as building a house. The support facilities of the island were also of top priority. As an example, developing roads, parks, or rivers required significant expenditure.

“That’s right, Little Friend Ye. You have to be mentally prepared. Based on your ideas, the island’s infrastructure is in no way substandard, and this is exactly a scenario that would incur a higher cost. You even want to build a seven-star tourist attraction and an underground island bas.e.m.e.nt. This is luxury at its finest.” Even a man of Grandmaster Hao’s experience felt shocked by it.

“Grandmaster Hao, you can rest a.s.sured that these funds will be ready and in place when the time comes. For now, we just need to build the pharmaceutical factory,” Ye Lingchen said.

Grandmaster Hao nodded. He also realized the pharmaceutical factory’s importance through the conversation earlier.

“But… There’s still a problem of where and how to build that pharmaceutical factory. After all, it must be considered in the context of the entire island. It’ll cost a lot to request someone to design the construction plan.” Grandmaster Hao frowned.

A conservative estimate of an island’s design and construction plan would put the expenses at tens of millions.

“I’ve already given the construction plan some thought.” Ye Lingchen was already prepared. He surveyed the island, made preparations, then took out the plan that he brought along.

Grandmaster Hao did not speak and accepted the drawing silently.


He let out a soft grunt after looking at it, then stared at Ye Lingchen in surprise. “Did you design this yourself? ”

“Mm.” Ye Lingchen nodded.

“I never expected you to be so adept at sketching design plans. I might add that you did it very professionally too,” Grandmaster Hao exclaimed with emotion. Despite pretending to be calm on the surface, his heart had already begun trembling. That young man was exceptionally formidable. Why did he seem to know everything?!

Grandmaster Hao’s judgment was very sharp. He noticed the extraordinary features of that drawing at a glance.

The planning method was definitely done expertly, perhaps…even better than that! Not only was the topography taken into consideration, even the climate, wind direction, water flow, and humidity were given due attention. Certain areas were more suitable for building certain infrastructure, while other areas were better suited for certain uses. It was done according to logic, and even the corresponding architectural style and building type had been duly noted.

It was a perfect design plan!

“Your design only lacks the team needed to build it,” Grandmaster Hao finally spoke after scrutinizing the entire design.

Originally, he thought that Ye Lingchen’s plan was drawn casually and would not be too detailed. It came as a complete surprise that it was done so perfectly. He could not even find any shortcomings even if he wanted to.

Ye Lingchen simply requested him to construct everything without needing him to worry about other aspects.

“I also brought a demo of the final product.” Ye Lingchen took out another drawing.

Different from the previous drawing, this drawing was more complete and had even been colored. The appearance of the entire island with its complete infrastructure had been drawn out.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” Hao Yun was mesmerized and her eyes lit up as though they were filled with little stars. “Life would be so perfect if I owned an island like this! I’ll be like a princess in a fairy tale.”

Grandmaster Hao and Qin Baichuan were also deeply shocked.

“A wild beast ecological park, seven-star tourist attractions, large waterfalls, hot springs, seaside beaches, landmark buildings with holographic projections, office buildings with state-of-the-art smart technology, and complex maze-like bas.e.m.e.nts! You really went all out with this one,” Qin Baichuan gulped and remarked.

“If this is completed, it’ll definitely be the landmark of landmarks within the whole of China,” Grandmaster Hao exclaimed. “Your vision is just too beautiful. The company headquarters and state-of-the-art technology that you have in your plan, as well as the wild beast ecological park, aren’t things that ordinary people could hope to achieve.”

Ye Lingchen smiled mysteriously. “I have a way to accomplish it, of course.”

In Ye Lingchen’s design, the wild beast ecological park will form a perfect biological chain. There would be carnivores and herbivores in it, so no humans were required to deliberately feed them. It could be said to be the largest and most complete wild forest park in the world. Furthermore, it could also provide game, just like a hunting ground.

“Little Friend Ye is also very particular about fengshui.” Grandmaster Hao was experienced in his profession, after all. He saw Ye Lingchen’s knack for fengshui from the layout and said admiringly, “The mountains and rivers are at just the right location. They’re surrounded by mountains and water, while the building’s irregular heights complied with fengshui techniques. This is great.”

“You flatter me too much, Grandmaster Hao.” Ye Lingchen smiled. There was no doubt that Ye Lingchen would abide by fengshui rules. In addition, his Formation Technique was subtly present in the layout, thereby intensifying the spiritual energy of the island.

He pointed to a place on the map. “I plan to have the pharmaceutical factory built here, and a piece of land will be set aside to grow various precious medicinal materials. I’m hoping that Grandmaster Hao would help to build the pharmaceutical factory first.”

“Not an issue,” Grandmaster Hao agreed happily while saying expectantly at the same time, “I have a feeling this will turn out to be the most brilliant achievement I have ever made in my entire life!”

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