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Chapter 630: In the Way!

The old man’s eyes flickered several times and fluctuated rapidly, but he finally smiled. “It’s fine. I ask that Mr. Y considers this carefully. After all, some of the most precious herbs are only available in our Mo family.”

Many onlookers shook their heads and sighed.

Within the underground crowd, there were also people from other families who took note of the entire episode.

Initially, once Ye Lingchen showed some signs of accepting the offer, they were ready to come forward and increase their offering price, in addition to promising him other benefits. After what happened however, they had a deep frown on their faces because they could hear from Ye Lingchen’s words that there was no room for discussion at all.

Then, some families even came out to try their luck with Ye Lingchen but were met with a cold shoulder.

If the Mo family did not care about money, did Ye Lingchen even attach any importance to money?

The a.s.sets he presently held totaled up to tens of billions without even taking into consideration the many drugs and high-tech products he would produce in the future. Future earnings were nothing but a number to Ye Lingchen and had no persuasive effect on him.

Furthermore, Ye Lingchen did not need that much money other than for the purposes of constructing Miracle Island.

Every once in a while, he would add four to five million yuan to his parents’ account. His family knew that Ye Lingchen made a good profit and were relieved as to the source of the money. However, they were still quite reluctant to spend it.

Ye Lingchen’s original plan was to buy a villa in Rugao City and hire nannies or servants so his parents could retire and just enjoy life. Unfortunately, the plan was outrightly rejected by the two of them. They were reluctant to leave their old home and had been busy for most of their lives. Being idle would only make them feel uneasy.

Ye Lingchen had no say in that and respected their opinions.

Money was not something that Ye Lingchen valued too much. He was unable to spend it all, but at the very least he did not come up empty-handed.

The Mo family?

Ye Lingchen made a mental note of them.

It could not be easier for him to sneak into their family. When the time came, he could just grab some herb seeds and go. After all, it took him some effort to get there and he had to return with his hands full.

As for the issue of principle, Ye Lingchen did not bother with it that much. Those who could accomplish big things did not need to dwell on something trivial, especially when he was merely taking some seeds. It would not affect the Mo family at all, and those seeds were probably even surplus for the Mo family. If it came down to it, he could just compensate the Mo family.

What use was having all his abilities if he worried about too many things? He might as well live in a sh.e.l.l if that were the case.

The Mo Family had their eyes on Ye Lingchen, but little did they know that Ye Lingchen had other plans for them too.

Meanwhile, the onlookers shook their heads and sighed, feeling that Ye Lingchen had a narrow perspective. A family like the Mos would never let go of a chicken that laid golden eggs.

Their family was strong and entrenched, but they spoke not of law and order.

They were able to grow into the family it was because there was bloodshed every step of the way. G.o.d knows how many fights and looting they had to go through.

After walking around for more than an hour and gathering about a dozen new herbs, he realized that there was no longer anything special.

With a slight sigh, Ye Lingchen walked toward the door.

At the exit, the middle-aged man who led Ye Lingchen down was still standing there. He maintained that posture from the very beginning, like a cypress-like gatekeeper.

As he approached them, Ye Lingchen perceptively noticed a sense of eagerness in his eyes.

Was he really from the Mo family?

The corner of Ye Lingchen’s mouth curled up in an unnoticeable smirk. ‘Since you made a move on me, I no longer feel reluctant to deal with you.’

“Please stay, Mr. Y.” The old man chased after him. “I wonder whether Mr. Y has already given it some thought?”

Ye Lingchen shook his head. “I won’t sell the prescription.”

He guessed that the Mo family’s intentions were nothing more than to use drugs to exert covert control over the life and death of others, raking in high profits in the process. Such a family were capitalists of the highest order and cannibalized their brethren, bone and all.

After knowing that, he would never ever sell it to the Mo family.

“You seem to insist on this, Mr. Y.” The old man’s face suddenly became cold and his gaze sharpened.

The middle-aged man also took a step forward and blocked the exit.

The chatter of buying and selling gradually subsided in the entire hall, with everyone turning to look at Ye Lingchen.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Ye Lingchen asked despite knowing what was going on.

“Hehe, there’s no need to be nervous, Mr. Y. Perhaps the sincerity shown by our Mo family isn’t enough. Therefore, I’d like to invite Mr. Y to our Mo home so Master Mo can express his sincerity in person.” The old man chuckled.

“Your kindness is much appreciated, but…it’s unnecessary!” Ye Lingchen answered, but the middle-aged man did not show any sign of moving aside.

“Mr. Y, it’s better for you to go there personally!” The old man’s voice became hoa.r.s.e.

Ye Lingchen’s complexion remained unchanged and he called out calmly, “Ali!”

Ali appeared from behind and he walked straight toward the middle-aged man!

“Such a huge brute!”

Someone exclaimed involuntarily. He initially thought that Ali had a huge figure, but with Ali’s aura oozing out at full force, those who were slightly weak of heart could not help but feel shaken as their eyes filled with fear.

A figure and aura of that magnitude was simply too oppressive.

“Hehe, you’re going to rely on your bodyguard?” The old man’s mouth had a disdainful grin and he shook his head. “You don’t know anything about power in this world. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean powerful!”

“You’ll only know after you fight him.” Ye Lingchen’s expression remained unchanged.

“How ignorant and fearless!” The old man shot back gravely. “Break all four of the bodyguard’s limbs and teach Mr. Y a lesson!”

“Right!” The middle-aged man’s mouth curled into an evil grin. Standing at a height of only 1.85 meters, he looked short compared to Ali’s height of more than two meters. His muscles did not bulge as much as Ali, and seemed to be much weaker.

However, his eyes were filled with nothing but contempt. He advanced confidently and arrogantly.

“It’s over, that big guy will suffer!”

“Surely not? His body is so strong! I have a feeling it’s almost like a bull’s!”

“What’s the use if he’s a bull? Don’t you know who his opponent is? That guy is the preeminent bodyguard among thousands of the Mo family’s bodyguards. His nickname is Black Tiger!”

“The Mo family’s bodyguards are all born from mercenaries. Any one of them is capable of killing a cow with ease!”

“He’s dead. The big guy is all but dead. Black Tiger’s methods have always been ruthless. The Mo family has a firm eye on Miracle Doctor Y if they sent him on this a.s.signment.”

The crowd either shook their heads and sighed, or reveled in the misfortune.

Many people knew of Black Tiger’s reputation. Though he was Mo family’s bodyguard, he was also the spokesperson for the Mo family’s underground forces in the Sichuan-Tibet region. With muscles like iron blocks, it was rumored that he practiced brute training kung fu and was a formidable character.

The Mo family had many enemies throughout the years. Someone once slashed Black Tiger with a knife, but could only penetrate about half an inch of Black Tiger’s flesh. It was impossible to go any deeper, and the only injury left behind was a superficial wound!

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