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Chapter 766: Being Hard on Oneself!

Lin Xi stared at the stage, and said, “Anthony won’t be able to hold on like this for long. He was already injured in the earlier fight against Saathi.”

“Anthony doesn’t want to win. He’s just trying to drain his opponent’s energy!” Tie Jun remarked suddenly after being incredibly silent earlier.

“He was injured though. He can’t win by making Jakur exhausted,” Chen Xiaoxiao expressed her doubt.

“Exhausting Jakur isn’t to help himself win, but to give his teammates a chance to win!” Tie Jun explained in a cold voice. “Before this, Saathi was more than willing to lose a hand if it meant injuring Anthony, and Anthony now knows that he has to exhaust Jakur even though he is almost certain to lose. They’re doing it for their teammates! Because they’re in a team, they know that they have to sacrifice everything even though they’re well aware that they cannot win. That way, they’re attempting to create any and every opportunity for their teammates to win!”

Everyone was silent. It was obvious that those people would even sacrifice their lives for such an opportunity.

The purpose of winning was so that their country could obtain more resources and nurture stronger masters!

At that moment, Jakur struck thin air out of apparent rashness, and Anthony’s lightning sword suddenly lit up and stabbed Jakur’s waist!

It was unknown whether Jakur was deliberately trying to expose a weak point, but he did not pay attention to the sword at all and instead threw another punch in the direction of the lightning.


The lightning made a hole in his waist, but at the same time, his punch shot out like a cannonball and directly struck Anthony’s right shoulder.

The speed with which Anthony’s swung his sword dropped tremendously all of a sudden.

“Tintu’s monks don’t feel pain at all. Such willpower is a rarity!”

Wu Tianbao said emotionally. “They both have the willpower of ascetic monks. They can cast the pain outside their bodies, and in order to preserve their strength, Jakur is willing to get injured in order to lure Anthony into revealing a flaw.”

However, before his words fell, the injured Anthony suddenly no longer dodged his figure. The power of lightning was released all over his body, while the lightning on his dagger rose like an angry dragon and sliced toward Jakur.

Jakur’s face was solemn. He clenched his hands into fists, and they let out a tiger-like roar before he delivered his punch.

The arena finally saw its first frontal collision which utilized pure spiritual power.


Both the Buddha light and the lightning radiated in an extremely dazzling manner. The collision between the two was like m.u.f.fled thunder and resounded endlessly throughout.

Anthony’s injured right shoulder trembled again. His entire arm had been dislocated, and his body flew backward as he spat out blood in mid-air.

“Concede!” England’s leader announced immediately.

Anthony could not even stand up after landing. Someone had to help him walk out of the arena.

Jakur was still standing in the field with his hands clasped together. His eyes were narrowed slightly and his face was calm, but the robes on his body had suffered significant damage. There were also blackened scars that resulted from being struck by lightning, and blood was also flowing at his waist.

Anthony’s last blow was nothing more than a last-ditch attempt at exhausting Jakur further.

The referee did not allow Jakur the luxury of recovering and immediately asked, “Would you like to continue, Jakur?”

“I’ll continue!”

Jakur lowered his eyebrows pleasingly and spoke lightly.

In all three matches, both individuals were seriously injured and retreated only when they knew that they had no strength to fight on.

One could predict that Jakur would likely exhaust his opponent as much as he could even if he could not win.

That was the position they held, and though their positions might be different, there were still reasons for persevering in it. Despite being opponents, they were still worthy of respect.

Next up was a girl from England’s team. She was also the weakest one among them.

Low-level Innate Stage!

Ye Lingchen was surprised, but he soon figured out the reason behind England’s arrangement.

Anthony was likely the strongest player in England’s team, and their ideal situation was definitely for Anthony to eliminate two mid-level Innate Stage martial artists by himself. If that plan failed, one person would definitely be eliminated while the other would be seriously injured.

Under such a circ.u.mstance, their low-level Innate Stage team member could go up and replace the seriously injured person. The result would be three mid-level Innate Stage contestants going up against three other mid-level Innate Stage contestants—both sides would thus be even.

If they failed to meet expectations, it did not matter who went up in the second match, because…it would be a sure loss.

Since that was the case, it was better to have the weakest team member test the waters first. If it did not work, their strength would be conserved and they could forfeit the remaining three games. After all, they would be severely disadvantaged in the next loser group compet.i.tion if they were seriously injured at that juncture.

It was a very solid operation.

“England, Fran!”

As soon as Fran’s voice fell, the long sword in her hand pierced out, accompanied by a long flame that appeared vigorously and enveloped Jakur.

The red flame reflected in everyone’s faces, but was blocked by Jakur’s Buddha light.

The next battle was extremely tragic. Fran was unlike a girl at all. She gave her all far more than a boy, and every move seemed fatal, for she used a wound-for-injury style of combat.

Such a robust combat style shocked everyone. It was as if her body was not her own and she did not even treasure it at all.

Eventually, Jakur lost the strength to continue, but it came at a cost of fractures to more than 80% of her body’s bones. England and Tintu finally stood on the same level.

Ye Lingchen had an extremely complex expression and he watched the match intently.

The fourth match was between Jalil and Julian.

Julian’s eyes were red, and his emotions were obviously affected by Fran in the last match. He was in extreme agony and showed up on stage with the mentality of winning.

Utilizing flames as well, his combat style was extremely brutal, perhaps because he wanted to avenge Fran. He held no weapons and only donned a pair of gloves, with flames burning in the palm of his hand and fire galloping forward, shooting into the sky.

The flames’ roars were clearly audible.

“Huh. Told you we shouldn’t put you in front.” Ye Lingchen let out a long sigh of relief, then looked at Lin Xi and Chen Xiaoxiao before making that remark.

Women were always so hard on themselves.

Zheng Dali and Jing Shan nodded simultaneously in agreement. If the girls in their team were beaten like that, they would certainly be riled up and fight in a more ruthless manner than Julian.

Men would not do that for anyone else!

For that particular battle, Julian was furious and eliminated Jalil, but he also paid the price of a few broken ribs. His internal organs were also severely injured, and the blood he vomited contained some particles.

During the fifth battle, Julian persevered but was defeated by Shriya.

In the end, there were only two people left in England and Tintu, respectively.

Wu Tianbao could not help but remark curiously, “Shriya defeated Julian and was slightly injured, at this point, there are only two mid-level Innate Stage martial artists left on both sides. It will be a close call to determine who would end up winning.”

Due to the fact that no one knew the information of the contestants from various countries, everyone had no way of making a guess, but they knew that the last two games were certain to be particularly exciting. Those who were placed last were usually linchpins whose strength was not inferior!

Many contestants began feeling the pressure after countless mishaps appeared in the first round itself. No one knew what kind of trump cards each country had hidden…

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