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Alicia dusted off her hands and smiled brightly, she felt so much better after punching him. She turned to Nora who was still standing there in shock. "Okay I avenged you! He left a bruise on your body. I knocked out two of his front teeth."

Coming back to her senses Nora panicked as she said: "Princess! He will definitely go back to his father the prime minister and complain!"

"That is what I am hoping." Alicia said as she pulled Nora close and whispered into her ear. "The Prime Minister wants to marry his son off to me. With how my royal father treats me, no matter what, I would have a say in who I marry. This means if he wants to get his son on the throne he will need to somehow get me to like him. It's just funny how stupid he is since he has no idea how to deal with women. His father is probably calling the shots. They wanted to use you to get to me. This is why you will move into my room. I will keep you safe from anything that comes." 

Nora once again teared up and nodded her head. Alicia smiled and pulled her little maid by her hand and walked her to her room so she could pack her things. She did not have much. Most servants never had many personal belongings. Alicia felt this was a bit sad seeing how young the girl was. Out of the whole house she was the youngest servant with the next being eighteen years of age. After getting Nora's things they returned to her room where she ordered a few stronger female servants to bring in a small bed for Nora. The servants were surprised at this request but when they saw how the Princess was holding Nora's hand and treating her very much like a sibling, they felt a bit of envy but also joy, with how the Princess's att.i.tude had now changed for the better. 

The bed was delivered shortly after and Nora was still out of sorts now that she was being treated so well. She had never thought that in her entire life she would be living in such a luxurious room. But here she was with her bed right next to the Princess of the Kingdom, the sole heir to the throne's bed and being treated like a little sister. 

"Nora come here and try these on and see if they fit. They are my old clothes so they might be just the right size." Alicia walked out of the huge closet with her arms full of clothes. She then walked over to her bed and laid them down. 

"Princess… I would not be proper if I wear these clothes…" Nora was not feeling very comfortable. She was trained to distance herself from her masters and never overstep her bounds. But now not only was she staying in the Princess's room but also being given the same clothes the princess had worn herself! Used or not these clothes were still very expensive! 

"Stop that! You are now my little sister. You just need to listen to your older sister from now on. Also no more of this Princess stuff. Just call me Big Sister." Alicia flicked Nora's head leaving a red mark right in the middle of it. 

Nora rubbed her head and looked at Alicia before nodding her head. She slightly blushed as she quietly said "Big Sister." 

Another day pa.s.sed and word spread throughout the castle of the sudden change of status of the youngest maid. She was now treated like the Princess's younger sister. Being fearful of gaining the Princess ire, the servants now respectfully bowed their heads to Nora. 

It was late in the afternoon when Alicia was in her room talking with Nora when a knock came on her door. "Venessa it's me your father."

"Come in!" Alicia had been waiting for him to visit. She knew this would be about the Prime Minister.

The door creaked open and a tall well built middle aged man walked in. He had a short full beard that made him look rough but his eyes were gentle and soft. "I heard you adopted a younger sister from the staff."

"Mhm! Nora, come and greet my Royal Father." Alicia said as she pulled Nora out from behind her who automatically hid when the door opened.

"This lowly one greets his Majesty!" Nora automatically went down to one knee and bowed her head not daring to look up.

"Nora I said greet my Royal Father not bow to him." Alicia giggled as she helped Nora up. "Introduce your self."

"Huh? Ahh! Ummm… My name is Nora your Majesty." Nora's eyes showed how nervous she was as she stared at the floor, her little hands gripped her skirt.

"Hoho! Isn't she a cute little girl. Good! I will give her an allowance so she can buy her own things. Should I get a room settled for her as well?" The King of Pordlia let out a hardy laugh. He saw the care his daughter had for this girl. He was very happy with this new att.i.tude she was showing him. If the little girl in front of him was the cause then so be it, he will treat her as his own as well.

"No she will stay in my room. There are creeps in this castle that like little girls, who will try to drag her away!" Alicia bluntly stated.

"Oh? Your talking about Julio I am guessing?" The King of Pordlia asked.

"Yes! He tried to drag Nora away and even bruised her arm!" Alicia showed the bruise that was still visible on Nora's arm. Seeing this the King of Pordlia frowned. 

"So you knocked out two of his teeth to get back at him. Mmm! Good! You are my daughter after all! Haha!" 


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