The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1012 - I'll Allow It, Seeing How You Throw Yourself at Me

The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness -

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Chapter 1012: I’ll Allow It, Seeing How You Throw Yourself at Me

But she could not bear it. As long as she thought of Xi Jin’s words, she couldn’t withstand it. She felt as though her heart being stabbed by someone holding a knife, one jab after another. She was so aggrieved that she wished she were dead. The pain made her want to die. She hurt until she hated even him.

Feng Tianlan was happy that Shen Yunya was suffering.

Leaving the Imperial Palace, Feng Tianlan took Si Mobai to Shen Manor and entered the courtyard where she used to live. She said, “Mobai, this is where I used to live. My father designed it especially for me.”

“You used to like peony flowers?” Si Mobai looked at the courtyard full of peony flowers, which were in full bloom at this time. Nothing was withered.

Feng Tianlan answered gently, “But I like white orchids now.”

“Yunyi also likes peony flowers.” Si Mobai stood next to the swing, which was also braided with fake wisteria vines. It was swept and kept exceptionally clean. Not even a speck of dust could be seen. He could not help imagining a scene where the young Lan’er sat swinging on it.

She was aware that Yunyi also liked peony flowers. In the dream she had, the palace was filled with them. However, she did not like them now because she was tainted by too many incidents involving peony flowers.

Her birth mother’s death was related to peony flowers. When Tu Xiang died, those flowers emerged from his face. It was like a mark of death, so she did not like them.

Moreover, it was due to Mobai that she now preferred white orchids. They were pure white and immaculate, which made her happy just looking at them.

“I prefer white orchids now.” Feng Tianlan beamed. As she watched Si Mobai gently swing, she then said, “Xi Jin personally planted the peony flowers and he also built the swing…”

She heard a loud bang as soon as she said that and the whole swing collapsed along with the braided wisteria vines.

“Uh…” Feng Tianlan stared blankly.

Si Mobai lifted his gaze and gave a bland look. He raised his hand and his Spiritual Force transformed into a hurricane. With a gentle brush, all the peony flowers in the courtyard instantly withered and floated to the air, their petals falling. But as those peony flowers were completely uprooted, another wave of winds swept past and none of the flowers could be seen anymore. They were all swept into a ball and thrown in the corner. Next, with a swish of a fire, they were set ablaze and burned to ashes not long after.

“…” Feng Tianlan looked at Si Mobai in a daze. She only cried out helplessly after a long while, “Mobai…”

Si Mobai looked at the suddenly empty courtyard. The anger he had been holding inside immediately felt better. He looked up at Feng Tianlan and asked, “What else did Xi Jin do for you or gift you?”

“Are you jealous?” Feng Tianlan slightly narrowed her eyes with a grin on her face.

Si Mobai snorted and asked, “Why? Do I still need your permission to be jealous?”

“Ha-ha.” Feng Tianlan laughed as she went forward to put her arms around Si Mobai’s waist. She regarded him with bright twinkling eyes and said, “Oh my. You look so cute when you are jealous.”

“Nonsense. How can you say a man is cute?” Si Mobai looked down at her with gentle reprove. But when he saw her smile, the anger he had been choking back in his heart instantly vanished without a trace. He was worried that she would be angry when he destroyed these things.

“You can only be cute in front of me,” Feng Tianlan said while she stood on her tiptoes to hug his neck. Then her entire person jumped and held onto his body. She found that she quite liked Mobai holding her like this.

Si Mobai reached out to catch her and said, “I’ll allow it, seeing how you throw yourself at me.”

“Go. Let’s go inside and show you my room.” Feng Tianlan pointed to the room.

“I’m going to throw away all the things that Xi Jin sent,” Si Mobai said bossily.

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The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1012 - I'll Allow It, Seeing How You Throw Yourself at Me summary

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