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Chapter 610: Si Mobai Is Jealous Once Again

Si Mobai shook his head and continued drying Feng Tianlan's hair. He was just feeling uneasy and unconfident. He was afraid that Lan'er might ditch him even if the mysterious man did nothing but showing up.

The mysterious man gave him such a feeling. He regarded him as a threat who could easily take Lan'er away from him!

Feng Tianlan turned around and looked at Si Mobai. His handsome evil face was filled with worries and lacked confidence. He was a proud, arrogant person who looked down on everyone. However, at this moment, he was worried and afraid of the uncertain future.

“Mobai, if there's a woman who's prettier, more gentle and better than me in every aspect, would you stop liking me and like her instead?”

After hearing these words, Si Mobai lowered his head and looked at her. “You looked ugly the first time we met.”

“…” Feng Tianlan instantly didn't feel like making his troubled mind feel better anymore.

“Besides, before you gave me your promise, you were nothing close to being gentle at all.”

Feng Tianlan gave a “hmph” as she s.n.a.t.c.hed the towel from his hand and turned around with her back facing him. She stopped letting him dry her hair.

Si Mobai giggled while looking at Feng Tianlan who was like a little lady. “So, what do you have to worry about?”

He had seen the good and bad side of her, so would that even matter? When he liked her, she wasn't even in her best state. Therefore, besides her, he would never like another woman in his whole life.

“Women don't like being called ugly.” Feng Tianlan was holding her towel tightly. It's alright if others called her ugly, but he couldn't. Or else, what was the point of her recovering her looks? She did all that just to be pretty in front of him so that he wouldn't look at anyone else but her.

Si Mobai was smiling faintly. He then took the towel from her saying, “It's my fault. Lan'er is the prettiest and the gentlest woman in the world.”

No matter how good someone else was, she could never be compared to Feng Tianlan, even though Feng Tianlan was really not gentle.

Feng Tianlan groaned softly, however, she felt quite rather happy.

Love is so strange. She wanted to be a cold, emotionless person who kept her distance from everyone at first.

However, ever since Si Mobai appeared in her life, her plan was ruined. She started to become warmer. She even behaved like how a normal lady should behave. Although she trusted him, she would still be afraid of losing him from time to time.

Even a powerful man like him who had the world in his hands would have times where he was afraid of losing her.

Such a feeling was far beyond liking. It was love!

“Mobai, why are they looking for the woman named Yunyi?” asked Feng Tianlan.

Si Mobai suddenly came to a halt. “There seems to be a reason behind this. There is a 'Yun' word in Fengyun Alliance…”

“Fengyun. Feng and Yun?” Feng Tianlan felt like something had flashed past her mind. She then mumbled softly, “Brother Feng?”

Si Mobai who was drying her head heard her mumble. The smile of his face disappeared instantly and only coldness was left.

Did she just call out 'Brother Feng'?

When Feng Tianlan felt a sudden drop in the surrounding temperature, she raised her head and looked at him instantly. “Mobai… Mm…”

Si Mobai bent down as he held her face and kissed her on the lips forcefully. He then bit her lips softly while sucking the tip of her tongue, as if he wanted to suck her dry.

Feng Tianlan felt his anger. Even though they were in a rather weird position, she didn't resist his kiss. She just kissed him back gently as she tried to put out his raging fire.

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The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 610 summary

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