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Chapter 1051: Mr. G’s Call

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What do you think?” Zhang Heng asked Qiu Ming.

“It depends on what you’re asking about.” Qiu Ming continued his fine performance, and he was now telling everything he knew.

“No matter how long Mr. G has been preparing, how strong his mobilization and brainwas.h.i.+ng abilities are, and how powerful his armed forces, his opponent is Shengtang Morgan. The latter has nearly unlimited resources. Even if the police are beaten up, they still have the emergency response team and other armed forces deployed. Even if Mr. G’s little universe breaks out and these armed forces are eliminated, Shengtang Morgan can still recruit candidates, directly compiling memories to make them soldiers, not to mention the support from the headquarters.”

Qiu Ming paused for a moment, “Of course, if it really comes to that, New Shanghai 0297’s management team can forget about continuing work. Today is their tomorrow. In order to keep their position, they will definitely try their best to minimize impact. I don’t know what Mr. G is planning, but I guess the most direct purpose of starting this riot is putting pressure on the management team. The management clearly knows this as well, so it won’t be easy for him to achieve his goal…”

While Qiu Ming was a.n.a.lyzing the situation, Zhang Heng received an unknown communication request.

Zhang Heng gestured to Qiu Ming to wait for a while before he clicked accept. Then, he heard Mr. G’s voice from the other end. “How’s your business coming along?”

“It’s almost done,” replied Zhang Heng.

“Where is it? Is it with you now?”


“You’ve seen the news, right? We’ve already started a war with Shengtang Morgan, so according to our agreement, you’ll need to bring that thing back to the first floor,” said Mr. G.

“What do you want to do with it? Ma.s.s-produce soldiers for you?”

“Answering questions is not part of our agreement,” said Mr. G. However, his tone was much better than before, and he added, “You’ve also learned about our business, so you should know that we’re different from Shengtang Morgan. We don’t change clones’ memories at will, so you don’t have to worry that I’d lay my hands on your compatriot. Besides, she’ll also be monitoring my actions now. Even if you don’t trust me, you should trust her.”

If he had not followed Qiu Ming into Morgan’s secret base and had known about Mr. G’s past, it would have been easy for him to believe his words. Zhang Heng, however, already knew Mr. G’s true ident.i.ty and that the latter had not told the people around him the truth about New Shanghai 0297. In a sense, he had even continued to help Morgan maintain their lies about clones and ordinary people, using it to deceive everyone, including Miss F.

This was also why Zhang Heng had always been wary of Mr. G. Nonetheless, he said nothing else and asked directly, “When do you need that thing?”

“The sooner, the better. The current situation is changing day by day, so we have to make early preparations,” said Mr. G. “However, Morgan has already sealed off the entire first floor. Do you have any trouble coming back?”

“I can handle this small matter.”

“That would be the best,” said Mr. G. “I’ve made the mistake of underestimating you. I can a.s.sure you something like this will not happen again. I look forward to your return to the first floor as soon as possible. We’ll talk about the details when we meet again.”

“Alright, see you then.”

After saying that, Zhang Heng hung up the call. He did not deliberately avoid Qiu Ming this time, so the latter also heard the conversation and asked, “Are you going back to the first floor?”

“Not me, but us,” Zhang Heng said. “E-Goat and Xu Qian can stay here, but you have to come with me.”

“I don’t have a problem with that, but are you sure you want to take me with you?” Qiu Ming asked, “Although I don’t know what game Mr. G is playing this time, I’m one of the few people who knows his background the best. He also knows that I know his background, so if you take me with you, you’ll likely be in danger.”

Zhang Heng did not immediately answer Qiu Ming’s question. Instead, he asked, “Have you met him many times over the years?”

“Well, to be honest, it’s very rare. Ever since the company sent him to the first floor, we have been communicating via encrypted emails. After reading them, we delete them without leaving any trace. After all, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s in contact with Shengtang Morgan’s people, and I don’t want the management to know that I’m still in contact with him.”

“There shouldn’t be any problems then. As long as he can’t recognize you, your worries won’t exist. I’ll put makeup on you before I leave. In addition, you need to change some of your small habitual movements as much as possible and lower your voice a little. In this way, it’s basically impossible for him to recognize you.”

“I’ll listen to you,” Qiu Ming shrugged. “But how do you plan to take me back to the first floor?”

“Although the central shuttle station doesn’t sell tickets to the public anymore, Shengtang Morgan has been sending people to the first floor. I think they won’t mind lending us two places.”


Zhang Heng told E-Goat about what he needed to pay attention to after leaving and told him and Xu Qian to keep a low profile.

Normally, Xu Qian’s escape would be a big deal for Shengtang Morgan. However, at this time, the management’s attention was attracted by the riot on the first floor, so they did not have much energy to manage Xu Qian’s side for the time being. They could only monitor the internet first to prevent Xu Qian from spreading what she saw on a large scale.

In contrast, the threat brought by Mr. G was much greater and had a wider influence. Just as Qiu Ming said, management itself was also under a lot of pressure. If this matter could not be quickly resolved… they would also face an awkward situation where they could not answer the board of directors. Therefore, E-Goat and Xu Qian were in a relatively safe spot.

Meanwhile, Zhang Heng and Qiu Ming, who had put on makeup, went to the police station on the second floor.

Shengtang Morgan had already dispatched a lot of police forces from each floor to the first floor. The remaining police even found it somewhat difficult to maintain daily order. Fortunately, it was not a long time now, and the other floors were not as chaotic as the first floor. There was no big mess for the time being

On the other side, the company did not have any intention to stop here. Soon, the third transfer list was sent to the police station on the next floor.

Zhang Heng hacked into the second floor’s police system, found the list, and locked onto the two targets on it.

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