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Chapter 1203: Stalemate And Bet

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

[Hidden Scabbard] had already cut through Loki’s jacket. It was about to continue splitting its owner into two when Loki suddenly disappeared again.

When he reappeared, he was standing on the roof of a laundry 15 meters away from Zhang Heng. He looked like he was still in shock.

Zhang Heng frowned. He clearly saw that this time, Loki did not have the time to snap his fingers, but he still managed to teleport at the critical moment. In other words, his ability to teleport had nothing to do with snapping his fingers. This guy had been putting on an act from the very beginning. Through hints, he had linked the snap of his fingers to his teleportation, even taking a knife from Zhang Heng and had a few of his own fingers cut off.

However, his bitter act was finally put to use, saving him from Zhang Heng’s knife.

And this time, Loki was really scared. His jacket was cut in half and could no longer be worn. Looking at the garment split in the middle, Loki knew that if he had been a little slower, he would have ended up like the jacket and a look of lingering fear couldn’t help but show on his face. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. It was too dangerous. I really can’t be distracted when facing you.”

Zhang Heng didn’t continue to chase after him. Although he only used one slash, he didn’t hold back. It was a peak-level slash after merging his mind and body. It consumed a lot of energy, and he also used [Earthly Scales], but fortunately, Zhang Heng had given himself some leeway. He had only doubled his strength, so he was not in a weakened state.

However, he needed to take a breather. The most important thing was to find a way to continue dealing with Loki.

The previous strike was not completely fruitless either. Other than unraveling Loki’s little trick, Zhang Heng had also finally found the secret to Loki’s teleportation.

The latter’s repeated jumps were actually due to a dagger.

After Zhang Heng cut open his jacket, the dagger emerged from his waist. The main reason was that its appearance was so familiar that Zhang Heng recognized it at a glance.

[Escape Dagger], also known as Kohler’s dagger in the game, was a popular game item. It had once had a relatively high appearance rate in a certain MOBA game, and Zhang Heng had only seen it for the first time at an auction.

As a rare Escape-type item, it was quite attractive to almost all players. In the end, it sold for 2,050 points. If it weren’t for Zhang Heng having too few points on him at the time, he would have wanted it for self-defense.

In addition, Zhang Heng remembered that the [Escape Dagger] he had seen at the auction had a limit of three uses. It wasn’t like Loki, who would teleport whenever he had nothing to do, this guy must have done some strange modifications after getting this item.

When Loki saw Zhang Heng’s gaze fall on his [Escape Dagger], he admitted it openly, “That’s right. I used this gadget to dodge your attack. Now that you know, it’s a pity that I won’t take the risk to get close to you anymore. So what do you plan to do with me next?”

Loki looked at Zhang Heng with intrigue, causing the latter to fall into silence.

After a moment, Zhang Heng opened his mouth again. “You want to make a deal with me, but why did you change the main mission of this dungeon to killing you? If that’s the case, then only one of us will survive, right?”

“What you said makes sense,” Loki nodded, his face full of annoyance. “I just couldn’t help but feel an itch. Who told you to attack me without saying anything? Not taking revenge is not my style. I forgot about it in a hurry.”

Zhang Heng didn’t believe a certain someone’s nonsense. He was facing Loki, not Thor. How could he give up on his original plan simply because of a moment’s hot-headedness?

However, he didn’t think of any way to deal with Loki. The latter had already been plotted against twice by him. As the G.o.d of lies and pranks, this was probably the first time in his life, and with Loki’s IQ, it was almost impossible to trick him a third time. So Zhang Heng could only pick up the [Pestilence Bone Bow] that had fallen to the ground and carry it on his back.

Loki seemed to have noticed that Zhang Heng no longer had any means to threaten him, so he returned to his usual smiling and relaxed expression and asked.

“Are we in a stalemate now?”

“If you’re not planning to make a move on me, I think so.”

“You don’t have to think of all sorts of ways to trick me into getting close to you. I’ve learned a lot about you. Don’t forget that I planted a little nail next to you. What do you think? She’s quite cute, isn’t she? It’s a pity that you don’t have much love left. Otherwise, the two of you might have been able to put on a show together. However, I’m quite surprised that you’re willing to do this for her. You’re not really going to trade a B-Grade item for her life, are you?” Loki jabbed.

“Do you really want to stay on the roof and enjoy the freezing wind?” Zhang Heng asked instead of answering.

“Of course. Considering the fate of the White Horse Knight and the other poor friends, I suddenly feel that it’s not too bad to stay on the roof and enjoy the cold wind. At least I don’t have to be afraid.

“Also, I don’t need to risk a move on you. You’ve been exposed to radiation since the beginning of this dungeon. With the amount of radiation your bodies have absorbed, it’s too late for you to leave Pripyat and find a hospital. As long as I wait until you’re all dead, I’ll consider myself the winner.”

Loki paced excitedly on the roof, then he suddenly looked down at Zhang Heng.

“But I still decided to give you another chance. How about we make a bet?”

“Nah,” Zhang Heng said lightly.

“Don’t be so heartless. At least listen to the bet.” Loki stopped and put his hands on his waist, “If you win, I’ll let you clear this round of dungeon. In addition, you know that my daughter is Hela, the G.o.ddess of death. After the G.o.d of light, Baldr, died, the Asgardian G.o.ds sent messengers to find my daughter, begging him to resurrect him. But because I didn’t succeed in interfering, you came to me because of this story, right? You want me to go to the G.o.ddess of death and talk about Fan’s girlfriend. I can agree to that.”

Loki blinked and said, “No matter what, Hila is my daughter, so she has to give me some face. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to save your little girlfriend, but at least there’s a good chance that I might. How about that? It’s a good reward isn’t it?”

“What do you want to bet?” Zhang Heng asked after a moment of silence.

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