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Chapter 1204: Ambush

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Very simple. Let’s bet on how long those three can last,” Loki said with a smile as he pointed at a building in the distance.

Zhang Heng looked in the direction he was pointing at. It was an apartment building, about a dozen stories tall. There were three figures on the rooftop, and they seemed to be looking in their direction as well. One of them was holding a telescope in his hand, but due to the distance, he could not see their faces clearly, he could not see their faces clearly.

However, Zhang Heng could guess who those three people were. Currently, in Pripyat, other than the militia responsible for disaster relief, only Loki and the players were left. Although Zhang Heng had told the others after taking care of Sauk, he told them to stay in the hospital and protect themselves, but it seemed that they did not listen to his advice.

There were three figures on the rooftop. Two were men and one was a woman. One of them had wrapped himself up tightly, one had trouble with his legs, and the other had an injured arm. All bandaged up, it seemed like he had just finished surgery. Needless to say, the three of them were the doctor, mouse, and Master Kui.

Zhang Heng was also a little helpless. He knew that the three of them had good intentions. They were worried that he wouldn’t be able to deal with Loki alone, so they rushed over to help. Moreover, they were very cautious and didn’t get too close. Instead, they first observed the situation from the neighboring apartment building, as though waiting for an opportunity to strike.

This seemed to be the safest and safest method.

Unfortunately, their opponent this time was Loki. Zhang Heng could already hear the sound of car engines and tires rubbing against the ground. He didn’t know how many military trucks were pulling the militia toward the place.

Scherbina’s body had already been discovered by the militia that had arrived after they left the Pripyat Hotel. This incident had caused an earthquake that was even stronger than the explosion of the reactor. Scherbina was the vice-chairman of the Soviet Council of Ministers. He was definitely a big shot. He was sent here to take charge of the disaster relief work. Just as the disaster situation was gradually under control, the vice-chairman accidentally died in his hotel room.

Moreover, he was, clear from the wounds on his body or the thugs who attacked the militia in the hotel after that. After receiving the news, Moscow was also shocked. It was even a little hard to believe. The relations.h.i.+p between the Soviet Union and the United States had once been tense, but after Gorbachev came to power, there were already some signs of warming up. However, with the death of Scherbina, all kinds of suspicions and conspiracy theories quickly returned, and the political impact of this matter was likely to be beyond everyone’s imagination. Gorbachev could already foresee that some people would use the death of Scherbina to make a big deal out of it, they might even push the already fragile relations.h.i.+p between the two superpowers into the abyss.

Thus, the most important thing was to catch the murderer first and figure out what was going on as soon as possible. This was also the latest order given by Moscow to Pripyat. So, this time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs dispatched about 700 militiamen, with every single one fully armed.

In addition, because Zhang Heng had left a deep impression on them during the previous battle, Beldorf had also borrowed several armored vehicles from Kiev. Now, these armored vehicles had also arrived and surrounded the residential building with the convoy, as if they weren’t just fighting three people but an entire army.

By the time the doctor, Master Kui, and the others realized that something was wrong, it was already too late. Although there was still some time before the convoy arrived, every street and road that could be used for escape was blocked by the Internal Affairs Department, prompting Beldorf to give his men a death order. They could not let any of their targets go tonight.

“Your companions don’t look too good.” Loki had just seen a few military trucks pa.s.sing by on the street. In order not to be discovered, he lowered his head and waited for the vehicles to leave before he spoke with schadenfreude.

“Although you don’t know each other before this dungeon, you’re brothers who survived the nuclear explosion together, so… shall we make a bet. Let’s see who can guess the time more accurately. If you win, I’ll let you clear the dungeon and solve your girlfriend’s problem. If I win, however…” Loki rolled his eyes. Smiling, he said, “I won’t ask you to do anything too difficult. You just have to share a pot of boiled mutton with me.”

Zhang Heng knew that things were not as simple. The reward Loki was offering was not proportional to the price he had to pay. Zhang Heng had not met many people who could take advantage of Loki. This guy was obviously plotting something, and most importantly, Zhang Heng knew that it would be difficult for him to win the bet.

Because Loki had obviously leaked the location of the doctor and the others to the Internal Affairs Department. He should have been planning this since he first killed Shelbina, and since Loki could call people over, of course, there were ways to get the militia to leave. Thus Zhang Heng could not guess the time at all.

But regardless of whether Master Kui, Mouse, and the others were dead or alive, Zhang Heng wouldn’t be able to outlast Loki. If he didn’t crack the latter’s teleportation ability, the current situation would be a dead-end for Zhang Heng.

Loki wasn’t in a hurry at all. He simply sat down on the roof of the laundry shop, crossed his legs, and looked at the scenery while waiting for Zhang Heng to make a decision. He saw a falcon hovering above his head, seemingly looking for rats to satisfy its hunger, prompting Loki to wave his hand to let the Falcon fly down.

The falcon’s body froze. It flapped its wings and flew down from the sky. Finally, it landed on Loki’s arm. It didn’t look like a bird of prey at all. It was as obedient as Loki’s pet parrot, but its eyes were still searching for the rat on the ground.

“Do you always think about eating?” Loki scolded with a smile. “Unfortunately, all the rats in the city are contaminated. If you eat them, you’ll soon go crazy.”

The falcon didn’t understand at all. It was still thinking about what to eat, so Loki said to Zhang Heng, “Can you help me throw some of the biscuits I baked up? I want to feed this bird.”

Zhang Heng glanced at Loki and the falcon on his arm. Without saying anything, he turned to get the biscuits.

“Remember to throw them away. I’m afraid you might suddenly plot against me,” Loki said cheerfully.

Zhang Heng poured the plate of biscuits into a bag and threw it to Loki, who in turn didn’t actually take it. He watched the biscuits fall to his feet and waited for half a minute before bending down to pick them up. When he looked up.., he saw Zhang Heng raise the [Pestilence Bone Bow] in his hand and pointed it at him coldly.

“Again?!” Loki couldn’t help but roll his eyes and laugh. “Are you sure you won’t be annoyed? Or are you going to shoot my bird to vent your anger because you can’t hit me?”

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