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Chapter 1205: Unforeseen Circ.u.mstances

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as Loki finished speaking, the Falcon that had been standing on his arm suddenly spread its wings and flew up again.

Loki was a little surprised. Not only was he good at shapes.h.i.+fting, but he was also an excellent magician. A bird of prey like the Falcon naturally wouldn’t just fall on someone’s arm. He had taken the bird down from the sky with magic, and although not very profound, it was more than enough to deal with such a brainless beast.

The Falcon probably didn’t know why, but it suddenly saw that Loki was particularly amiable, so it couldn’t help but fall into Loki’s hand. It withdrew its sharp claws and hard beak, becoming as docile as a pet.

But it was this completely tamed bird that was now out of Loki’s control.

Before Loki could figure out what was going on, Zhang Heng’s arrow arrived. The first arrow was aimed at Loki’s chest, but the latter grabbed it. At the same time, when Loki saw Zhang Heng’s second arrow, he didn’t hesitate to attack, having little choice but to use his teleportation ability again.

But the next moment, Loki realized that he was still standing there. He hadn’t moved an inch. The next arrow was already at his neck. At the critical moment, Loki instinctively used his right hand to block. His palm was pierced by the flying arrow.

The pain in his hand was secondary. What really frightened Loki was the fact that the [Escape Dagger] at his waist was missing.

Then, as if thinking of something, Loki looked up at the Falcon above his head only to see himself lose his life-saving tool from the Falcon’s mouth.

Loki realized he had been tricked, even though he still hadn’t figured out who had tricked him. After all, Zhang Heng’s long-planned slash hadn’t hit him, so it seemed like there was nothing he could do about it. The remaining three players were trapped in the distant apartment building. They were the only ones who had a motive to kill him in this dungeon. After being eliminated, Loki couldn’t find anyone else to suspect.

In his panic, he even thought of the little boy playing chess in his room. However, Loki knew that there was no need to go through so much trouble if the latter really wanted to deal with him. He was already in the other party’s territory; moreover, the item [Escape Dagger] was also made by the other party.

In fact, there wasn’t much point in guessing whose Falcon it was anymore. The most important thing now was to get the [Escape Dagger] back. Otherwise, he would be shot like a hedgehog by Zhang Heng.

So, while enduring the pain, Loki crouched down to dodge Zhang Heng’s arrow rain and used a more powerful spell.

The Falcon, which was spreading its wings, felt its body stiffen again. This time, the stiffness didn’t disappear immediately, but it became more and more intense. Soon, it realized that it couldn’t even flap its wings. It could only fall from the sky with the [Escape Dagger] in its mouth.

Loki was delighted. He wanted to reach out to retrieve his [Escape Dagger], but seeing that his uninjured left hand was about to grab the dagger again, he had no choice but to unsheath it halfway…

Because the [Hidden Sheath] had already followed closely behind and slashed towards it!

Zhang Heng came very quickly. After Loki lay down, he had already put away the [Pestilence Bone Bow] and stepped on the trash can to climb to the top of the laundry room. However, Zhang Heng didn’t care about the [Escape Dagger] that had been giving him a headache. Instead, he reached out to catch the Falcon that had fallen down.

Then, he unsheathed his sword with his other hand. This also made him slower than Loki by half a step. However, after a simple calculation, Loki sadly realized that although he could grab the [Escape Dagger] first. He did not have time to activate it, and his left hand would be cut off by Zhang Heng’s sword.

This was also the reason why he had no choice but to withdraw his hand. After that, he saw that Zhang Heng didn’t pick up the C-grade item. Instead, he turned his blade and slashed at him again.

Loki could only continue to retreat. He reached out and used magic to condense the air in front of him, forming an air wall to block the menacing Zhang Heng; as for himself, he was already thinking about how to take the opportunity to retrieve the item he had thrown away.

Unfortunately, the air wall didn’t even last three seconds in front of [Hidden Scabbard]. This also caused Loki’s plan to be foiled before it could be carried out. The G.o.d of lies and pranks had no choice but to think of another way.

Only at that moment did the battle between Zhang Heng and Loki truly begin.

Previously, Loki relied on his CD-free jumping knife and the number of times he had used it to run around. He hadn’t fought Zhang Heng head-on at all. Now that he had lost his teleportation ability, Loki could only use his own strength to deal with Zhang Heng.

A name might lie, but a clergy wouldn’t. As the G.o.d of lies and pranks, Loki’s fighting style was indeed the same as his. He rarely fought Zhang Heng head-on, employing all sorts of strange tricks to hara.s.s and fight instead. In addition, he was trying to find a way to retrieve his [Escape Dagger].

This was the thing that truly made Loki feel at ease. Therefore, although he kept retreating, he had already made a detour unconsciously and was ready to quietly return to the place where the [Escape Dagger] fell.

However, he was very pleased with his little plan. He didn’t expect to see a scene that made his face turn ashen in the next moment. He saw the Falcon that had been caught by his spell. After being caught by Zhang Heng, it was casually placed on the ground. Now that the spell duration was over, it was alive and kicking again.

He used his claws to grab the [Escape Dagger] again. Then, with a flap of his wings, he flew up into the sky. From the looks of it, it was preparing to fly away. Seeing this, Loki became anxious and wanted to use the same trick to make the bird fall again; however, Zhang Heng didn’t give him a chance, and his attacks became even more fierce.

As a result, Loki could no longer pull out his hands. Right now, he was already having a hard time dealing with Zhang Heng’s [Hidden Scabbard]. He had no time to deal with the Falcon and could only watch it fly away.

Loki knew that he would never be able to get his dagger back. What was worse was that he would not be able to block Zhang Heng’s attacks. No matter how many tricks he used, he would eventually run out of them, not to mention Zhang Heng’s combat skills; Loki’s moves would not work after he used them once. He had to rack his brains to come up with new tricks in order to buy himself some time to struggle.

At this critical moment, Loki could only use his verbal skills again, shouting, “Stop, stop, stop!!! We’re not going to bet this time. Let’s just make a deal. Don’t you have a few companions? They’re about to be killed by the militia, and I can make them stop.. I can also make you clear the level directly, as long as you’re willing to stop attacking me.”

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