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Chapter 898: Okinawa Trip

Han Lu looked at Zhang Heng, seemingly waiting for the latter’s reply. However, Zhang Heng was looking at the road ahead and reminded her, “The Buick on the right is about to change lane.”


At this stage, Tesla’s autopilot was only at Lv2, far from what was advertised. It could operate normally in some relatively empty places, but when it came to the cities, especially those with severe traffic jams, the driver had to take over the car when the road conditions became a little more complicated. Han Lu switched back to manual mode.

“But I have to at least get my when I travel to other countries. My is in my hometown, and there I need to take care of my visa as well,” Zhang Heng said. “Other than that, I didn’t bring any clothes with me, so I don’t think we can leave today.”

“Don’t worry. I called Xiao Xia to ask your grandfather to mail your here. Someone will help you with the visa later. All we need to do is to wait at the airport. As for the clothes, it’s a problem that can be solved easily. We can buy you some clothes when we arrive in j.a.pan,” Han Lu said.


“It looks like I have no reason to reject your invitation. Thank you,” Zhang Heng responded politely.

“No. With you beside me, I can be more relaxed when are on a vacation. I don’t want to endure being unable to sleep for a few days again.”

Han Lu seemed to have some lingering fears on her.

The unknown danger was extremely frightening. Even a social elite like Han Lu could do nothing in the face of supernatural forces. For people like her who were accustomed to controlling everything, such a loss would make her extremely uncomfortable.

Han Lu could not help but glance at Zhang Heng in the pa.s.senger seat. She could not figure out how people like Zhang Heng and Shen Xixi, who had been living in that mysterious dark world, resisted the feeling of losing control of a certain aspect of their lives. Zhang Heng, especially, always looked calm and composed.

Even when he was in danger, he would be able to hold himself together, as if what he faced was no different than sitting in a cla.s.sroom listening to a teacher talking or playing on a basketball court. Han Lu had read countless people over the years, but she had never met a man like this. The time the two spent time together was a strange and fresh experience for her. She had done so many things that she would never do and said a lot of things that she would’ve never said.

Especially last night, she realized that this was probably the last night of her life. Her emotions had completely collapsed, and she even told Zhang Heng that she wanted to have s.e.x with him. There was nothing wrong with her request. After all, Han Lu had been single for so long, and she was not short of money. She must have tried some other methods to deal with her physical needs, but such methods did not quench her psychological needs.

The circ.u.mstance on that night was different. After considering that Zhang Heng was Xiao Xia’s son, she felt that she had somehow betrayed her best friend.

Fortunately, the two did not mention this matter again after the incident. Zhang Heng seemed to have completely forgotten that she had said something like that. Han Lu, on the other hand, tossed herself back to her work, hoping her busy work schedule would get her back on the right track. The two had not contacted much after the death dream incident.

However, Han Lu discovered that the trick he took pride in seemed to have failed this time. After a rare hesitation for two days, Han Lu contacted Xiao Xia and asked for Zhang Heng’s An insensitive woman like Xiao Xia would not notice that there was anything wrong with it. She even praised her for being so generous to her son, pleased that Han Lu had taken good care of her son. Unfortunately, her compliments amplified the sense of betrayal in her heart.

But in the end, Han Lu still decided to drive her Model S to Zhang Heng’s school, and the two of them were on the plane to Okinawa four hours later. Han Lu would always be Han Lu. The moment she took her place in the first-cla.s.s lounge, most of her distracting thoughts drove themselves out of her mind.

Sometimes, it was useless to overthink things. She felt that it was better for her to go with the flow. And she did not want to go against her wishes because of her friends.h.i.+p with Xiao Xia. At the same time, she was not expecting any pleasant outcome. In fact, she had discovered that Zhang Heng rarely showed his emotions when she spent time with him. This trip had proved that she was right all along. Although Zhang Heng was sitting next to her, she felt he would disappear whenever she closed her eyes.

This was the sixth sense of a woman.

Han Lu picked up the cup in front of her and chatted casually. “Where is the girl that was with you before? Not Shen Xixi, but the girl who drove my Lexus.”

“Fan Meinan?” Zhang Heng asked. “I have no idea. It’s been some time since I last contacted her. When I saw her last time, she complained that your car is too expensive to maintain and asked me when you could take it back.”

After Zhang Heng returned from Rome, he did try to contact Fan Meinan but all he got was an automated call from the service provider, telling him that the latter’s cellphone was turned off.

“I never take back things I gave out. If she doesn’t like it, she can sell it at a lower price. It is actually not a bad idea for her to keep using it. I could’ve reimbursed her for the follow-up maintenance,” Han Lu said while taking a sip of water. She then said, “After all, she almost lost her life because of me.”

“I will tell her about it.” Zhang Heng said.

“Are you worried about her?” Han Lu raised her eyebrows and asked.

“A little… Mainly because the man that supports her isn’t her ideal partner. His record is not exactly good,” Zhang Heng admitted. Fan Meinan was Loki’s agent, and he was famous for causing troubles in Norse mythology.

In reality, his agents were not to be messed with as well. Fan Meinan was not too bad, but her sister with had caused great havoc to the three major guilds. He replaced the Dreamland of Death with a few pieces of plasticine. And in the end, Dreamland of Death fell into the hands of Seth, the G.o.d of Chaos. He then made multiple copies of Dreamland of Death. Although the three major guilds worked hard to collect all those dangerous game items, some of them would inevitably slip out of their hands.

Zhang Heng did not think that this level of chaos would satisfy Seth. He had not heard anything from Seth and Loki for quite a long time, and that was not a good sign.

However, Zhang Heng could not tell this kind of thing to ordinary people like Han Lu. So, Zhang Heng thought for a while, changed the subject, and said, “You have always had a good relations.h.i.+p with my mother. Did she tell you about the scientific expedition in Greenland?”

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