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Pei Rumo might not know what Bai Luochu wanted to do but when he thought that she wouldn't do anything useless, the doubts in his mind disappeared. He returned to his room but she called out to him before he walked too far.

“Your First Highness, don't forget to relay the information. If they reply and mention some important place, do let me know.”

“Don't worry. If there are any findings, I will definitely inform you.” Pei Rumo finished speaking and walked towards his room.

Just as Pei Rumo left, Qin Feng entered.

“Mistress, I am here to deliver hot water.” Qin Feng carried quite a lot of hot water and was short of breath when he finally arrived at her room.

Bai Luochu immediately opened the door for Qin Feng so that he could bring in the hot water. When Qin Feng finished pouring the hot water into Bai Luochu's bathtub, he was already panting.

“You have worked hard. If there is nothing else, get some rest.” Bai Luochu finished her statement and Qin Feng was preparing to leave as though he had received an order. But just two steps later, Bai Luochu called out to him again.

“Is there any news from Ying Lan's side?”

Qin Feng scratched his head and spoke with an embarra.s.sed tone, “In response to Mistress, there is no news yet. But this subordinate thinks that it should be soon. I immediately sent the message after your instructions yesterday night. I think that Commander Ying Lan hasn't made preparations yet, hence, he didn't send a reply. Once there is news, I will inform Mistress as soon as possible.”

Bai Luochu nodded and waved her hand to dismiss Qin Feng.

Just as Qin Feng had predicted, Ying Lan was currently in a discussion with Meng Luoping and Guan Yue at the Remote Paddy Inn.

“Take a look before we think of some countermeasures.” Ying Lan pushed the message slip from Qin Feng's messenger pigeon and asked them to read it carefully.

Meng Luoping's face immediately changed after reading, “What did I say? She wouldn't listen when we persuaded her previously and she is now requesting for help... I knew that the Desolate Region is strange and Pei Rumo probably has some ulterior motives for bringing her there.”

When Guan Yue read it, he wasn't as impatient as Meng Luoping as he was a young master of an aristocratic clan. He was more composed when dealing with such matters. After reading the message slip, Guan Yue consoled Meng Luoping, “Relax a little. If our Mistress is able to send us a message, it means she is safe, right? Now is not the time for us to complain. We better come up with a countermeasure quickly.”

Guan Yue looked at Ying Lan after speaking. If he didn't guess wrongly, Ying Lan already had a plan. He was merely discussing the actions they had to take before leaving for the Desolate Region.

Ying Lan nodded with agreement and said, “Guan Yue is right. The important matter is to think of what should be done when I'm gone. I called the two of you here to listen to the ideas you have.”

Meng Luoping immediately responded, “You don't have to ask me. I didn't agree for Mistress to leave with the army. I was merely unable to change her mind. On the other hand, two of you had been speaking up and reasoning for her, hence, I had no choice but to agree. Now that Mistress said there is something wrong and has sent an urgent message, the situation in the Desolate Region should be extremely bleak. I only have one idea and it is for Ying Lan to go to the Desolate Region and bring Mistress back.”

Ying Lan and Guan Yue shook their heads helplessly in response. Meng Luoping might be an expert in business, but he was still so impatient when dealing with such matters. It was truly unknown if it was good or bad for a person of his nature to follow Bai Luochu.

When Guan Yue saw that Meng Luoping didn't have the same view as the two of them, he felt that he had no choice but to discuss with Ying Lan himself. As such, he immediately spoke of his idea, “In my opinion, why don't we use the same method we did when we carried out the Falling Cloud Mountain Range expedition? I will oversee the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and will guarantee the safety of the members. Luoping will still be in charge of the businesses. It might be a little tiring but Mistress is more important. It is best not to have any delays.”

Ying Lan nodded in response and said, “To be honest, that is what I am thinking too. Mistress' previous arrangements have been well thought out and there is no need to make any changes. The Palace of Brilliance Resurgence's poison array has already been upgraded and there shouldn't be any problem temporarily. I simply want to hear your opinions. If you have anything you are unhappy with, you may voice it out now.”

“I don't have any opinions. After all, I too, understand Divine Physician Bai's character and her temper is as bad as mine. I just don't know what this fellow is thinking.” Guan Yue finished speaking and looked at Meng Luoping and teased him.

Meng Luoping had already detected Guan Yue and Ying Lan's eyes. He felt very wronged and started to grumble, “Since the two of you have already made arrangements for me, do I still have a choice? I naturally have to accept it.”

Ying Lan exchanged looks with Guan Yue and after seeing how Meng Luoping was behaving like a little wife that suffered greatly, Ying Lan made fun and said, “I didn't know that Luoping actually has such a side to him.”

“But you have to promise me something.” When being mocked by the duo, Meng Luoping didn't feel uneasy and raised his condition to the duo.

Ying Lan knew that Meng Luoping had already given in and he felt that as long as Meng Luoping's condition wasn't excessive, he would simply agree.

“I want you to bring Divine Physician Bai back unscathed without any mishaps.” Meng Luoping had a serious look that Ying Lan couldn't ignore. Ying Lan didn't think that Meng Luoping who was originally hopping mad would actually state such a condition.

Ying Lan's mouth moved as he wanted to promise Meng Luoping but he didn't expect to be interrupted by Guan Yue.

“Not just Divine Physician Bai, it is the same for you. Don't think I don't know that you will do anything for Divine Physician Bai and might even forsake your own life. Hence, I have a condition too and that is for you to return unharmed as well.” Guan Yue finished speaking and patted on Ying Lan's shoulder. At that moment, Ying Lan felt as though he was back in the temple as Bai Luochu's secret guard, receiving encouragement from the other members before setting off for a mission.

Ying Lan nodded his head emotionally and consoled them, “Don't worry. Be it Mistress or me, we will definitely make it out of the Desolate Region safely.”

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