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After getting the reply from his junior, Lu Wenshu wasn't in a hurry to look for Bai Luochu. He endured the pain and pushed himself up from his bed and he wrote down the names of some medicinal ingredients on a piece of paper. He pa.s.sed it to his junior and instructed, "Stop whatever you are doing right now and help me to look for these medicinal ingredients."

When the junior saw the list, he asked doubtfully, "Senior, these ingredients don't seem to be useful when curing internal injuries..." Even though he was showing concern for his senior, he seemed to be extremely afraid of angering the old ancestor before him.

Despite his intentions, Lu Wenshu still scolded him, “Are you my senior or am I your senior? Do you know more than me? Why are you teaching me how to concoct medicine? If I ask you to do something, just do it. The more you ask the more trouble you will get into. If you say the wrong thing, you might just lose your life. After all, there are things you are not supposed to know.”

Lu Wenshu's statement frightened his junior rather severely. Cupping his hands, Lu Wenshu's junior left the room. He was afraid that his head would no longer be attached to his shoulder if he were to dally around.

When his junior finally left, Lu Wenshu felt as though his body was drained of energy as he fell on his bed.

Lu Wenshu's injuries were indeed serious and the blood on the ground wasn't even dry yet. He almost experienced cultivation deviation and he barely managed to suppress the blood surging around in his body. Even though his cultivation wasn't completely wasted, he was still severely injured. He was forcefully propping his body up when he spoke to his junior. The reason he chased his junior away was because he was no longer able to hold back his injuries.

I can't show anyone my weakness. If I were to fall, no one would be able to protect Luochu! The more he thought, the faster he sat up. He took out the items he needed to concoct the cure from his spirit ring and laid them out.

His body wasn't going to recover so quickly and the important matter now was that Bai Luochu was blind! She was too weak to protect herself and with the unreliable Pei Rumo by her side, she would be in a lot of danger. The most important matter right now was for her to regain her sight.

When Lu Wenshu laid out all the equipment he needed, he patiently waited for his junior's return.

The junior entered and saw a scene. Lu Wenshu's eyes were closed and his hand was supporting his head on the table. His presence was weak and his face was ash-colored. If not for Lu Wenshu's spirit sense, his junior would already a.s.sume that his senior had gone up to the heavens after attaining immortality.

When Lu Wenshu sensed his junior's presence, his lashes shook lightly. He struggled for a long time before he opened his eyes. It would be easy to see that Lu Wenshu's originally distinct black and white eyes were now bloodshot.

"Have you found everything?" Lu Wenshu's expression was indifferent but there was a sense of weakness behind his facade of strength.

The junior was preparing to persuade Lu Wenshu to rest but he immediately recalled that Lu Wenshu had instructed him to mind his own business.

"Yes senior, I have found them." The junior placed the medicinal ingredients on the table and stepped back quickly and lowered his head before waiting for Lu Wenshu's next instructions.

Lu Wenshu inspected the medicinal ingredients and when he noticed there were no problems, he immediately chased the junior out, "Alright, there is nothing else for you to do here. You can carry on doing whatever you need to do."

Lu Wenshu's intent to chase his junior out couldn't be more obvious. His junior didn't shoot his mouth off and immediately bowed before stepping out.

Lu Wenshu measured the medicinal ingredients according to the prescription and separated them into portions before starting the concoction. After producing nothing but medicinal after a few attempts, Lu Wenshu couldn't help but shake his head. He mocked himself, "In the path of medicine concoction, I am ultimately inferior to you."

Lu Wenshu finished his self-mockery and suddenly recalled the times he spent with Bai Luochu. In her previous life, he always failed in medicine concoction and over time, he lost interest in it. Back then, Bai Luochu would always be by his side as she patiently guided him through the process. He felt nothing in the past, but now that he thought about it again, it was one of the most beautiful moments he had with her.

"This is the last set of medicinal ingredients. If I fail again, I will have to look for more sets... Whatever… It's fine for me to be exhausted but your injury cannot worsen!" Lu Wenshu looked at the remaining medicinal ingredients and muttered to himself.

Perhaps he was particularly cautious, Lu Wenshu took a very long time during the process of concoction. After repeatedly extracting the medicinal essence, he used the weakest fire he could to increase the concentration of them. He fused them all together at last and completed the process deep into the night. He finally entered the elixir forming phase.

After another long period of time, the cauldron emitted a gentle buzzing sound and medicinal fragrance seeped out. The elixir was finally completed! Popping open the lid, Lu Wenshu grabbed the spirit medicine from within and bottled it up properly.

When he left his room, he ran into his junior once again. Seeing that Lu Wenshu had exited his room, the junior bowed and backed off to the foot of the wall in order to hide his presence. He didn't want Lu Wenshu to target him.

He might have openly avoided Lu Wenshu, but he was grumbling in his heart. My senior usually lives in seclusion and seldom ventures out. Why is he so active these few days?! He is even going out in the middle of the night. This is really strange.

He didn't dare to continue his train of thoughts and neither did he dare to tell anyone. The entire sect knew that Lu Wenshu was someone they couldn't offend.

Deep into the night, moonlight seeped into the room through the tiny cracks in the window. Bai Luochu was lying peacefully on her bed and it seemed as though she was sleeping soundly. In the next moment, the serenity was broken.

A black shadow slowly approached her room and it entered in a flash. Just as the black shadow was about to arrive before her, he sensed something wrong.

The black shadow rapidly withdrew from the range of the poison array but he couldn't escape the effects. He felt a little light-headed and barely managed to keep his footing.

Lu Wenshu was very curious about the poison array beside Bai Luochu. Could she have guessed it in advance?

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