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Chapter 1759: Learn Something Weird? Industrial Spy? Fan?

As long as n.o.body was around, Luke could take out a full set of camping equipment from his inventory; even a full set of furniture wouldn’t be a problem.

So, this desolate wilderness wasn’t torture for him. Instead, it was the most relaxing place.

He released an invisible screen that looked like a mosquito net from his inventory to block out possible external surveillance.

There was a couch, a coffee table and a cup of hot coffee. He made himself comfortable and unhurriedly started to look up information on the foundation.

It was his usual practice.

At the very least, when he needed to deal with this organization, he could roughly gauge the consequences and come up with subsequent countermeasures.

An hour later, Luke confirmed that he had been on the wrong track.

The only thing he knew at first was the news about the deep-s.p.a.ce probe, so he had been mistaken about the foundation’s research direction.

It had in fact been established by a pharmaceutical company.

After Carlton made a fortune with his pharmaceutical company, he spent most of his energy on s.p.a.ce probes for some reason.

But that didn’t mean that he had given up on the pharmaceutical industry.

The Life Foundation’s s.p.a.ce program was now supported by profits from the pharmaceutical company.

Was Carlton really Simon’s puppet? Luke was a little unsure.

Also, the Life Foundation couldn’t be clean; a clean organization wouldn’t secretly abduct homeless people.

That was good news.

Compared with the San Francisco gangs, who were easily startled, Luke felt that it wasn’t a bad idea to switch to an underground organization like this.

Suddenly, he turned to look at the feed transmitted by his “land monster” drones.

In the underground parking lot, a woman opened the trunk to let out a handsome young man.

Luke had seen the woman on the surveillance earlier, and he checked her profile.

She was a researcher from the Life Foundation called Dr. Dora Skirth.

Hm… they weren’t going to put on some late-night parking lot show and force Luke to learn some new weird thing, were they?

But Luke quickly dismissed the idea.

That was because the man and woman didn’t act like it.

Dr. Dora was clearly wary and nervous.

She carefully avoided the surveillance cameras with the man and opened the emergency exit for him.

Then, the man went up the stairs alone, but Dr. Dora hesitated.

In the end, two security guards who walked over noticed her.

Dr. Dora lied awkwardly that she had forgotten something and had come back to get it.

The two guards didn’t doubt her.

Dr. Dora had worked here for a long time, and something like this happened every now and then.

Luke murmured curiously, “Interesting. What are they up to? Industry spies?”

Industrial espionage was rampant in the United States.

As long as a company had some skills, there would be people who would target them.

Although the Life Foundation didn’t have any particularly famous technology on the surface, it was impossible to say that n.o.body was interested in their drugs and deep-s.p.a.ce probe technology.

But after watching the man upstairs for a moment, Luke shook his head. This man didn’t look like an industry spy at all.

Industry spies had clear targets and were decisive in their actions. It was a race against time.

As for the young man in front of Luke, he was looking around as he took photos with his phone. He looked like a paparazzo.

As Luke was thinking that, the A.I. program found information on the man.

After a look, Luke chuckled. No wonder the man didn’t have a clear goal.

The man’s name was Eddie Brock. He really was a journalist who used to be quite famous in Los Angeles.

In the last year or so, he had been headhunted, and moved to San Francisco.

At the same time, Eddie turned from a simple reporter to an investigative journalist who focused on exposing and criticizing social inequality.

With the development of F2F and Messenger, he successfully gathered a lot of fans.

Eddie was now a big name among the ordinary people on the West Coast.

For someone like that to come to the foundation’s research inst.i.tute at night, it definitely wasn’t to commend the other party.

Luke glanced at the guy’s online media account and saw that he had posted several reports on the foundation in the last two days.

He condemned the Life Foundation for hiding the risks of their research, and for using homeless people to carry out drug tests and causing their deaths.

A few days ago, Eddie had received a notification from the media agency that had hired him.

Before he posted these reports, this media company had already canceled their contract with him.

In other words, Eddie uploaded these reports after he already lost his job.

Rubbing his chin, Luke chuckled. “It seems that Eddie really poked a hornet’s nest with the foundation. Is it his turn to take them down now?”

At that moment, he vaguely remembered something about Eddie.

When Luke and Selina were still in Los Angeles, this guy had already done a lot of glowing reporting on superheroes, so Luke found the name familiar.

However, now that this “idol chaser” had become an envoy of justice, he could be considered a hardcore fan. Maybe he wanted to carry on Batman’s work, like the Dark Knight? Luke wanted to laugh.

He wasn’t laughing at Eddie for overestimating himself.

On the contrary, if the other party really insisted on doing this sort of reporting, Luke didn’t mind providing enough financial support.

In fact, he had been using all sorts of disposable aliases to fund and train these “spokesmen of justice.”

This ensured that there was always a certain amount of “public opinion” on the Internet, and prevented the limelight from falling on the authorities or capital groups.

At the same time, it made it easier for Luke to fish in troubled waters.

In comparison, a certain hacker jumping out to expose everything would be too conspicuous.

It was much easier to support media people like Trish and Eddie who were in tune with the times, and give them a bunch of “ammo” at the right time to attack the government’s underbelly.

At that moment, Eddie had reached the floor where Haley was imprisoned, which was the floor where the homeless were kept.

Sneaking around, he soon attracted the attention of a middle-aged homeless woman in one of the rooms.

The middle-aged woman lunged at the gla.s.s and shouted for Eddie to save her.

Judging from Eddie’s reaction, he knew the woman too.

But Eddie, who didn’t have much experience in infiltration, was a little fl.u.s.tered. He reached out and pressed the control panel at the door.

Luke smacked his lips and stood up. “Alright, it seems I need to help out a little.”

Even though he had never responded to Batman fans, it didn’t go against his nature to save them when necessary.

Not to mention, it would be a shame for a good writer like Eddie to be killed by trash like the Life Foundation.

With a thought, everything in the room was stored in his inventory, and he quickly turned transparent and disappeared into thin air.

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