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Chapter 1760: Extremely Destructive and Numerous Mishaps

Inside the building, a fl.u.s.tered Eddie finally caused a commotion. The control panel lit up with a dazzling red light, and an alarm rang.

At the same time, a nozzle suddenly appeared in the isolation room and released a large amount of white gas.

The middle-aged woman screamed in pain from the gas.

Anxious, Eddie found a fire extinguisher in a nearby box and smashed it against the gla.s.s door.

After seven or eight hits, the gla.s.s finally couldn’t withstand the fierce impact and shattered.

A large amount of white gas spilled out, and Eddie was a.s.sailed by the strong smell of drugs.

When the gas dispersed a little, he tried making the hole bigger.

As if she saw hope, the middle-aged woman inside suddenly lunged forward and smashed through the remaining gla.s.s before she jumped into Eddie’s arms.

Eddie tried to get up, but the middle-aged woman grabbed his shoulders and shouted, “Save me, save me.”

Eddie was about to cry. “You have to let me up first.”

What he didn’t notice was that when the woman grabbed him, a pitch-black liquid ‘flowed’ from one of her hands to Eddie’s body.

A few seconds later, the middle-aged woman closed her eyes and pa.s.sed out.

Eddie finally freed himself and got to his feet.

He was about to check on the woman, when someone shouted behind him, “Freeze, or we’ll shoot!”

Looking at the mess in the lab, Eddie broke out in a cold sweat. If he was caught, the foundation would probably kill him quietly.

The illegal capture of homeless people for experiments was enough reason to silence him.

He had just reported that the other party was carrying out illegal drug trials on homeless people. Now, he had even discovered that they were forcefully capturing people for their experiments. If word got out, it was definitely over for the foundation.

Thinking that, he got up and ran.

Two approaching security guards pulled the triggers without hesitation.

This guy had caused a mess in the lab and had come into direct contact with a “volunteer.” He absolutely couldn’t be allowed to run.

Bang! Bang! A bullet brushed past Eddie, and he couldn’t help but flinch to the side.

Bang! Cras.h.!.+

His shoulder hit a gla.s.s door and instantly shattered it.

Eddie hadn’t expected the door to shatter so easily. He couldn’t help but stagger as he tried to regain his balance.

In the end, he picked up momentum and crashed into a metal table in the room, causing it to crumple conspicuously before he stopped.

He turned around, only to see that the two security guards had already run to the door with their guns raised. He would definitely be shot if he went out.

He looked around anxiously, then gritted his teeth and charged at a gla.s.s wall.

Bang! Crash.

The gla.s.s wall shattered, and he successfully charged into the next room.

Eddie was overjoyed. The gla.s.s here didn’t seem as hard as the door earlier?

He didn’t stop and continued charging forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a series of crashes, he broke through four gla.s.s walls and reached the end of the row.

Breaking through the door, he ran around a corner in the hallway, completely shaking off the two guards chasing him.

Stunned for a moment, the two guards then chased after him in a panic. They didn’t forget to inform their comrades over the comms, “An intruder has broken into the lab and fled. He’s very fast. It doesn’t look like he’s armed…”

They ran off. When Eddie smashed his way through the gla.s.s walls, a metal box on the metal table he had crashed into was also bent out of shape.

A blue liquid quickly flowed out of the gap and quickly collected into a large water-blue puddle on the table.

It hesitated for a moment before it suddenly sped up and shot into the next room through the gap Eddie had created.

Haley, who had been injected with a sedative, was woken up by the loud noise Eddie had made. She sat up in a daze.

At that moment, the blue liquid shot through the broken gla.s.s and hit her in the ribs.

It didn’t transmit any impact to Haley. In her daze, she didn’t even feel the blue liquid at all, and let it “drill” into her body.

A few seconds later, Haley’s senses, which had been dulled by the sedative, suddenly cleared up.

Her stupor quickly turned into confusion, and then vigilance.

Then, recalling how she had been caught, she suddenly stood up and looked around warily as she left the isolation room through the pa.s.sage that Eddie had created.

Luke, who had just reached the lab, scratched his head. “Fine, it seems I’ll have to clean up my fan and future subordinate.”

Eddie was really good at destroying things. It hadn’t taken more than half a minute for Luke to turn invisible and come in to set up some drones, yet by the time he arrived, it was at the tail end of things.

Now, he could only follow Haley down the stairs and monitor her vital signs.

At the same time, he ordered the drones to immediately take over the building’s surveillance system so that the security guards couldn’t find Haley.

There had been four security guards on Haley’s escape route, but Luke beat Haley to them and knocked them out first.

Unhindered, Haley ran out of the building and onto the road.

Part of this was thanks to Luke, and part of it to Eddie when he barged his way out of the building.

There were already more than 20 security guards on the heels of this famous journalist.

After Haley left the building, Luke instructed the drones in the air to blow up the four-wheel drives that were chasing Eddie.

Eddie then unleashed the astonis.h.i.+ng talent of an escape artist and dashed into the woods outside the building, disappearing without a trace.

However, while he got rid of the security guards, he didn’t get rid of Luke’s drones.

Four drones worked in pairs and silently followed him.

In New York, Luke summoned Selina. “Something fun has happened.”

Selina was intrigued. “What is it?”

Luke said, “Bring Gold Nugget with you. We’ll put on our armor and fly straight to San Francisco. Try to stay hidden. I’ll send you detailed information. You can take a look when you’re on the way with Gold Nugget.”

Selina perked up. “Is it a really strong bad guy?”

Otherwise, Luke wouldn’t be telling her to take Gold Nugget with her.

Luke said, “Not necessarily. We’ll talk on the way.”

A moment later, Luke told Joseph that he had an emergency commission, and told him to go along with Mindy the next day.

It had to be said that it was a good thing that Mindy, this 2-star teammate, was a little young, since there wasn’t an age gap but she could still take care of Joseph.

Bewildered, Joseph saw them off downstairs. After a long while, he grumbled, “Then it might as well be the other way round. In any case, Mindy likes to come here and play with Gold Nugget.”

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