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Chapter 995: Getting Younger the Older You Live?

A young girl in her twenties, who relied on her own abilities and didn’t borrow too much power from her family, was going to reap huge benefits aboveboard.

This would quickly build her confidence in making money and she would be able to better resist the lure of it, and possibly make fewer mistakes; this was in fact similar to how Luke worked.

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Luke looked at Elena and smiled. Seeing how Lindsay operated, it didn’t seem hard to make an artist rich.

He put his mouth next to her ear. “Relax, you should focus on your studies right now. I believe you’ll have your own art exhibition one day. Also, that Monroe is already forty, right?”

Elena was happy at first, but then couldn’t help but laugh and hit him lightly. “Nonsense. Monroe is only thirty. He’s not that old.”

Margaret also chimed in, “That’s right. He’s our senior. He only graduated a few years ago.”

Compared with Lindsay, Luke was much more casual with Margaret. He said with a smile, “It can’t be helped. The world is so unfair. He’s aging prematurely, unlike you; you’re getting younger the longer you live. Elena can’t learn from him.”

Margaret smiled happily. “Ah, really? So you think so too.”

Luke was stumped. “Too?”

Margaret said, “That’s what Haley always says. She also says that she envies me for it.”

Elena giggled and shook as she leaned against Luke’s shoulder.

Struggling to keep the muscles on his face from twitching, Luke’s lips pulled back into a pretty decent smile. “Mm, so everyone agrees about this strength of yours.”

Elena shook even harder when she heard that and couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore.

Margaret was at a loss. “Elena, why are you laughing all of a sudden? Did you think of something funny?”

Elena shook her head painfully, feeling as if someone had flicked on a laugh switch inside her. She couldn’t help it.

She couldn’t help but smile when she recalled Margaret’s utterly pleased expression.

This silly kid; everyone’s clearly saying that you’re becoming more and more like a child. And you’re still smiling so foolishly? Elena roasted her inwardly.

More importantly, Margaret would often say “I’ve grown up,” the way a primary school student would tell an adult that they were already in their second year.

When she compared the two scenarios, Elena really couldn’t help herself.

Unaware that she had become a happy pill, Margaret continued telling Luke and Selina about herself.

Her range of activities was very limited; they either had to do with her cousin, or with her teachers and cla.s.smates at school.

She also had some of the distinctive traits of an artist — for example, she lacked social awareness, and didn’t plan to brush up on it.

But she was very lucky. Many misfortunes inexplicably become a comedy or a farce in her eyes.

For example, some of her cla.s.smates had tried pursuing her, but she had used the roses that one person had given her as a sketch prop for the entire cla.s.s. She had even thanked the unlucky guy sincerely.

Another example would be when a teacher tried to hook up with this innocent and beautiful young widow with the excuse of private tutoring. She thought that it was because the teacher was dedicated, and in the end, she called a few cla.s.smates over to attend the lesson together.

Her cla.s.smates were well aware of her naivete, and immediately knew what the teacher was up to. They decisively got involved and even helped report the teacher. The wretched teacher was quickly dismissed.

Of course, Margaret didn’t know the truth.

But Elena knew a lot. She would drop a word or two into the conversation, hinting to Luke that there was more to it, which amused him.

This woman… seemed to be blessed by heaven.

She had blindly married that underworld bigshot, William, when she was still in college, but he really had liked her.

Then, William was unlucky enough to p.i.s.s off Rebecca, and immediately lost his life. A huge inheritance fell on Margaret’s head.

It had only been half a year since she transferred to this new school, but many of her cla.s.smates had already become her protectors, and her smart cousin, Haley, was protecting her as well.

Just like that, she happily and quietly lived her life as a winner.

It got late as they chatted for a while. The three of them got up and said goodbye to Lindsay.

Margaret obediently called Haley and told her that Luke and Elena would take her home, before she was allowed to leave the art exhibition.

Without someone she trusted to accompany Margaret, Haley was worried about her going out alone.

It wasn’t that Margaret didn’t have a sense of direction, but that she was too gullible and trusted others too easily.

Luke and Selina dutifully escorted the 100-pound kid home before they left.

Margaret tossed her bag to one side and kicked off her high heels. She ran to the window and looked reluctantly at the Ford. “Ah, it’s fun being with them. I really want to spend more time with them.”

Unfortunately, Haley had specifically warned her not to disturb Luke and Elena’s private time.

Margaret was naive, not really stupid.

She knew that it was already good of them to spend two hours with a single person like her during this holiday.

Many couples would be stuck together for the entire day, and wouldn’t even leave the house.

She suddenly felt a little envious. “Sigh, I wish I had a boyfriend. It would be best if he was gentler, more handsome, and stronger…”

As she spoke, Luke’s figure inadvertently appeared in her mind and combined with the man she was imagining.

She stood barefoot in front of the window without moving for a long time.


The door opened and Haley walked in, exhausted.

She threw her keys into the key bowl, took off her coat and purse, hung them on the coat rack, and put on comfortable slippers before she entered the living room.

She wasn’t surprised to see her cousin standing at the window in a daze.

As someone who had been obsessed with art for a long time, it was very normal for Margaret to be in a daze.

Haley went to wash up and came out with a cup of hot coffee.

When she reached Margaret, she followed her gaze, only to see the busy street and cars.

Taking a sip of her coffee, Haley asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Margaret subconsciously said, “Luke.”

The room fell silent.

A moment later, Margaret was suddenly stunned. She slowly turned her head and saw Haley drinking coffee leisurely. She jumped and asked, “You, you, you… Why are you back?”

“It’s time to get off work. Where can I go if I don’t come back?” Haley was extremely calm. “What’s there about Luke to think about? He and Elena sent you back in the afternoon.”

Margaret blinked her big eyes and nodded hesitantly after a moment. “Mm, there’s nothing to think about.”

Haley sighed. “Envious?”

Margaret: “Huh?”

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