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Chapter 1662: I'm Not Ready

Extreme Ice Spike!

Bing Ruogang's explosion of power transformed him into an ice spike that rapidly stabbed toward the border of the Imperial Nether Domain. With his strength, he was able to stab a way out of the domain. The many trump cards Xiang Shaoyun had at his disposal failed to stop Bing Ruogang from leaving. Nevertheless, what Xiang Shaoyun had achieved thus far against an opponent like Bing Ruogang was already something worthy of pride.

Bing Ruogang put some distance between himself and Xiang Shaoyun. With thick killing intent, he said, "Kid, after putting me in such a difficult position today, I won't rest until you're dead!"

"Bring it on. I'll make sure you suffer from your attempt to kill me as well," said Xiang Shaoyun unyieldingly.

At this point, Xiang Shaoyun could no longer afford to take a step back. But suddenly, an indescribable power rippled above the Illusory Island. A terrifying tornado formed, and a powerful suction force dragged Little White toward it. Even Xiang Shaoyun, with Weili Yana in his arms, felt something drag him over. It was as though the spiral had appeared just for them.

"It's the aura of my race! Boss, don't resist!" Little White cried out.

"I sense the seven-colored fantastical spring!" Weili Yana cried out in excitement.

"In that case, let's go together," said Xiang Shaoyun as he took his soul back into his body and allowed himself to be dragged into the tornado.

Bing Ruogang also charged toward the tornado as he roared madly, "Everything on the Illusory Island is mine!"

However, right as he reached the tornado, a dreadful tearing force surrounded him. He paled and immediately struggled to leave, but it was too late at that point.


With a miserable wail, Bing Ruogang released all his G.o.d Realm energy. Alas, he still failed to free himself; the force surrounding him was too terrifying. His G.o.d body and G.o.d soul were ripped apart, ending his life. Just how terrifying was that tornado?

How could Xiang Shaoyun and Little White withstand a power of such proportion? Surprisingly, that power did nothing to harm them. It only caused their world to spin, and before they knew it, they had landed on the island.

Xiang Shaoyun immediately sat down cross-legged to calm his messy aura. At the moment, he couldn't afford to even spare any attention to Little White and Weili Yana. Only after circulating his energy through his body several times did he feel better.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that several little tortoises had unknowingly climbed onto his body. He hadn't felt them at all. The tortoises seemed rather intelligent, with wisdom that seemed to radiate from their eyes. They also appeared surprisingly docile.

"You guys must be the creatures of this island. How cute," said Xiang Shaoyun as he put the tortoises down with a smile. When he looked aside, he saw that Little White had regained his consciousness and was busy healing his injuries. As for Weili Yana, she was still unconscious.

Xiang Shaoyun used his healing technique on the two, helping them recover rapidly. He also fed Weili Yana some spring water to wake her up.

"A-are we on the Illusory Island already?" asked Weili Yana weakly.

"Yes. Focus on recovering first," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nod.

Weili Yana smiled and shut her eyes and crossed her legs. She had to recover as quickly as possible. Xiang Shaoyun took the chance to regard his surroundings. He saw that apart from the large number of emperor-grade plants and the relatively old and rare plants around him, the Illusory Island seemed just like any other island.

He could also see some sovereign-grade, or even saint-grade, plants around him. There were also a lot of demonic tortoises on the island. Some were big, some were small, and some were old. They all lazed around, greatly enjoying their life on the island.

"Is this the territory of some demonic tortoises?" muttered Xiang Shaoyun doubtfully.

He also felt that the island was much warmer than the sea around it. No natural calamity could be seen either, as though the island was completely isolated from the outside world. It was so peaceful and serene that one would have the urge to settle down on the island.

Xiang Shaoyun did not roam too far away. He wasn't sure if the tortoises would do anything bad to Little White and Weili Yana, so he had to wait until the two recovered. As for the little tortoises from before, they would approach Xiang Shaoyun every now and then. He played with them in amus.e.m.e.nt as he couldn't bring himself to harm them. After about half a day, Little White was finally fully healed.

"Boss, I can sense the aura of my ancestors that way," said Little White impatiently.

"Since we're already here, there's no rush. Wait until Yana wakes up as well," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nod.

At this point, Weili Yana had almost fully recovered. However, it wouldn't be so easy for her to fully refine and absorb the remaining ice energy in her body. She could only rely on herself, as not even Xiang Shaoyun could help her. After one day, Weili Yana finally woke up from her meditation.

"You're done absorbing the energy so fast?" asked Xiang Shaoyun in astonishment.

That was the power of a G.o.d. Even though it was only a tiny remnant of what it was, it was still rich enough that a regular cultivator would take quite a while to absorb it. And yet, Weili Yana had awakened so quickly after advancing two stages in her cultivation.

She shook her head and said, "No. I stored the rest in my heart. There, I'll slowly absorb it until nothing is left."

"Looks like the discerning heart is quite miraculous," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Overlord, I need the seven-colored fantastical spring. I hope you can grant my wish," requested Weili Yana solemnly.

"Let's talk after we actually find it," said Xiang Shaoyun.

A divine spring like that was most definitely guarded by something in the G.o.d Realm. How could they gain access to it so easily?

"I can already sense it. It's right there!" pointed Weili Yana in one direction.

The direction was completely opposite of where Little White had pointed.

"I'll try my best to get the seven-colored fantastical spring, but on one condition," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

When Weili Yana saw Xiang Shaoyun's solemn eyes, she blushed. Inwardly, she wondered, Is he requesting that I become his woman? B-but I'm not ready!

One ought to admit that a young woman in love could be quite simple-minded at times.

"I'm willing to do anything you want," said Weili Yana with her face flushed red.

"Be my disciple," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Ye—what? What did you say?" Halfway through agreeing, Weili Yana finally realized that reality differed from her expectation.

"If I can find the seven-colored fantastical spring for you, be my disciple," repeated Xiang Shaoyun.

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