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Chapter 419: Supernatural

At Lei s.h.i.+jian entered the turn, his primary intention was to prevent the Trumpchi from taking the inside lane. He moved his Porsche to the right lane and changed down, locking his rear wheels momentarily to initiate the drift. But, before Lei s.h.i.+jian could even get back on the gas to power through the drift, Xiao Luo instantly made use of the split-second opportunity to pa.s.s the Porsche on its left.

“Oh, my, oh, my G.o.d! What do we see here? The Trumpchi has overtaken the Wolf King from the outside! The driver deliberately took the left lane and shot past Wolf King, but he's pretty close to the exit point, so I'm not sure if he's in a good position to initiate the drift safely. Can he still make it in time now, or will the rear end of his car into the outer guardrail?”

The commentator, a tall and skinny young man, raised his voice in excitement as he described the action. But, anxiety was written all over his face knowing the precarious position the Trumpchi was in coming into the right turn.

The crowd viewing the race from the giant screen broke into a cold sweat as they watched the Trumpchi pa.s.sing the Porsche without initiating drift. The point that Wolf King had chosen to slide into the drift was undoubtedly the optimum spot, as he sustained the drift through the corner, making sure that he wouldn't lose control of the car. Had he done it any time earlier or even later, there was a good chance that he would not be in full control of the car resulting in a possible crash. The Trumpchi had pa.s.sed the optimum point to initiate the drift, and with that, exposed itself to a very high risk of not making a proper entry at the exit point.

“I'll change my last name to his if he doesn't roll over this time!”

Shen Qingyan was incredulous and, at the same time, furious at Xiao Luo's reckless actions, for it went against everything that she knew about racing here in Wild Wolf Mountain. Forget the Devil's Corner earlier on, for what he was doing now was next to impossible to pull off, and it completely ignored the principle of centripetal force. How could he expect to get away with it every time?

Right after Shen Qingyan said that she saw the Trumpchi power-slide into a drift. It did so without reducing its speed at all, and in a low gear, the rear wheels were loaded up, spinning hard, and momentarily losing traction to power the car through sideways. Xiao Luo modulated the throttle and counter-steered the wheel to keep the drift going. It was like a beautiful skating performance on the ice, and the Trumpchi strained to hold its drift position on the outer lane as the oversteer pushed it wide, and the back b.u.mper kept getting closer to the guardrail.

“1 meter, 0.5 meters, 0.3 meters…

“20 centimeters, 15 centimeters, 10 centimeters, 5 centimeters…”

There was tension and dread in the commentator's nervous voice as he gripped his microphone tightly with his eyes peeled onto the huge screen. He was paying close attention to the distance between the back of the Trumpchi and the guardrail, for, the moment they b.u.mped, it wasn't hard to imagine what would happen considering the speed the vehicle was going at right. It was very likely that the Trumpchi would spin out of control and crash, breaking up into hundreds of pieces.

From the crowd at the Wild Wolf Mountain to the online forum's followers, everyone watched the action without blinking an eye, reluctant to miss such an epic moment. The atmosphere was thick with anxiety and a lingering sense of foreboding.

As Lei s.h.i.+jian was mid-way through the drift, counter-steering and keeping the nose of the Porsche toward the exit point, he glimpsed at his rear mirror to check on the Trumpchi, which had only now initiated its drift. As a racer himself, Lei s.h.i.+jian was fully aware of the Trumpchi's predicament and knew this was a matter of life and death.

“Oh, my G.o.d, I'm never ever racing again!”

In the Trumpchi, Su Canye shut his eyes in fear and screamed wildly as his mind went blank. While people raced for thrills and excitement, his brother-in-law, Xiao Luo, pushed the envelope and seemed to be living life on the edge, putting the lives of people at stake. Each time the Trumpchi powered into the drift, Su Canye felt like the car was about to flip over, and every single time it almost did. Su Canye could take no more, the psychological toll it was taking on him was wearing him down, and he was losing it.

Xiao Luo kept his cool and his eyes on the bend. He had powered in and went into s.h.i.+ft lock mode to initiate the drift, quickly counter-steering to keep the nose in line as the high torque helped to sustain the slide into the exit point. Xiao Luo's hands and feet working instinctively to prevent the car from fishtailing into the guardrail.

“Oh, no, the Trumpchi has sc.r.a.ped the rail! The back of the Trumpchi had knocked into the guardrail!”

The commentator screamed into the mic, and as his voice carried across the foot of the mountain, everyone's heart thumped with trepidation. Some looked away from the large screen or had their hands over their eyes, unable to bear watching the Trumpchi crash to its fate. Their minds were already playing out the crash and the casualties as a result of it.

Everyone cringed in dread as they waited for the imminent crash, but, lo and behold, the Trumpchi did not smash into the guardrail. Instead, Xiao Luo had powered the SUV into the drift, causing ma.s.sive oversteer, but he counter-steered and balanced the throttle smoothly to keep it under control. And, as the rear wheels gained traction once more, he ga.s.sed the pedal to correct the slide into the exit point and steadily completed the drift out of the bend. The Trumpchi was now in the first place!

The P.A. system boomed across the ground, and the commentator was ecstatic. “Oh, my G.o.d, it didn't crash… this is absolutely exhilarating! The Trumpchi made the drift and did not into the guardrail, missing it with barely a few centimeters to spare. Unbelievable, is this 'The G.o.d of the Mountain' himself driving the Trumpchi? What a driver!” he screamed.

All the fans were so immersed in the race that they cheered heartily. Whether at the Wild Wolf Mountain or in the forum, everyone was filled with an indescribable sense of euphoria.

On the huge screen, the Trumpchi maneuvered itself like a ghost in the middle of the night—drifting, skidding as it fought to align itself, and powering through the exit point of the right-bend. It entered the bend like a tiger and exited like a dragon, flying down the road with no hesitation or any signs of slowing down. As a result, the Trumpchi had widened its distance with the Porsche and Maserati.

When everyone suddenly realized that the Trumpchi was now leading the race out of Devil's Corner, another rousing cheer went up. They watched in awe as it managed to catch up by making use of the multiple sharp turns in the Wild Wolf Mountain, and, what a supreme effort it was, making small gains after exiting each bend. Eventually, the Trumpchi caught up by the time they had reached Devil's Corner. As there were many more bends up ahead, everyone backed the Trumpchi to widen its lead.

“He's the 'G.o.d of Racing,' this guy is a G.o.d!”

“What they say is true, you can't judge a person by their appearance, just as you can't measure the sea with a pint pot. Who would have thought this guy would be this formidable—he caught up with Wolf King and Queen, and he was just driving the Trumpchi. This kind of driving ability is super cool!”

“Is there anyone who can tell me what that guy's name is? I want to be his apprentice!”

The image of the Trumpchi's superb drifting technique pa.s.sing through countless bends had been firmly imprinted into the minds of the fans, and everyone was interested and curious to know more about Xiao Luo, and some even wors.h.i.+pped him.

Lei s.h.i.+jian and Shen Qingyan were completely stunned as their supercars suddenly seemed insignificant compared to the Trumpchi.

“It's over, we'll have to compensate the five million dollars!”

The co-driver of the Porsche cried out, looking dejected and even appeared to be losing his voice. “That guy pretended to be weak just to take advantage of us, to think that he could overtake us when he's just driving a Trumpchi. We're bound to have to compensate this time around,” he croaked.

“You don't know sh*t, it's not like all the roads of Wild Wolf Mountain are filled with corners like this. There's a straight road up ahead that is two kilometers long, and that's more than enough for me to overtake him!”

Lei s.h.i.+jian snarled, but inwardly, even he was very worried. It was undeniable that Xiao Luo's driving skills were above both his and Shen Qingyan. If Xiao Luo had been driving a supercar, he would have already won the race by now. Even driving a Trumpchi, it was still hard to determine who was going to win it.

Desperately, Lei s.h.i.+jian glared at the taillights of the Trumpchi right in front of him, and as it started weaving through the bends and was about to leave his sight, he scowled: “b.l.o.o.d.y, who the h.e.l.l is this kid? That is way too odd!”

In the Maserati, Shen Qingyan was equally baffled and regretted her earlier words. “F*ck looks like I've to change my surname to his now,” she said.

Su Li looked pale as she sat quietly in her seat in a state of shock, though her eyes glinted when she saw how capable Xiao Luo was at compet.i.tive racing. It was simply unbelievable, but wasn't he previously just a worker at Jiangcheng? Lots of questions started to pop up in her head!

“Ah, forget it, I'm going to ignore that jerk for now. I can't afford to lose to Lei s.h.i.+jian no matter what!”

Shen Qingyan stopped thinking about Xiao Luo and put her mind back into winning the race. She had to find an opportunity to overtake Lei s.h.i.+jian.

“Oh, wow, the Trumpchi's performance at Devil's Corner was incredible. He has increased the distance between himself and Wolf King, but this is a three-lap race, so there's still a way to go to the flag. The question is, can the Trumpchi maintain its lead right through to the end? Up ahead, there's a straight road that is two kilometers long. Can he withstand the pressure from the supercar with that engine of his?” the commentator said.

G.o.d of Racing! G.o.d of Racing!! G.o.d of Racing!!!

Loud cheers broke out at the Wild Wolf Mountain, as everyone raised their fists and cheered for the Trumpchi. The underdog had completely won over the crowd, and many of them mentioned that they were going to go back, get a Trumpchi and try driving in the Wild Wolf Mountain race with it.

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