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Chapter 696: Disparity in Strength

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Holy Lady? What nonsense are you spouting?”

Xiao Luo laughed mockingly, exposing two rows of bloodied teeth, and it filled his bitter voice with doom. By now, the system had already healed up all his internal injuries. A strange vibration ran through him before his body suddenly erupted in a ferocious surge of energy. Xiao Luo slapped Curisa's leg away and thrust his palms on the ground to power his body to an upright position.

Xiao Luo stood to his full height, looking ferocious as he viciously flexed his stiff arms. Instantly, Xiao Luo roared and his nether claws flashed toward Curisa's stone-hard shoulders, using his momentum to embed all ten of his fingers deep into the flesh. Seizing his adversary, Xiao Luo viciously slammed Curisa's body into a huge stone boulder in the park.

BOOM! CRAs.h.!.+ CRAs.h.!.+

Following the impact, both fighters continued to grapple and smashed through every tree they pa.s.sed. They not only broke the trunks but obliterated entire trees. The ground they stepped on collapsed under the a.s.sault, which threw turf and soil debris into the air like a cloud.


A thunderous clap erupted when Xiao Luo once again slammed Curisa into the stone boulder, and this time, the rock exploded into a thousand fragments like it had been blown up by a bomb, throwing a shower of shale over a dozen meters around them.

Xiao Luo leaped into the air and delivered a blast of internal energy toward where the boulder had stood with his right palm.


A dragon-like roar accompanied the thrust of energy that Xiao Luo unleashed. The immense power that surged from his palm churned up a fierce wind and reverberated across the sprawling park, sounding like a ma.s.sive explosion. The ground shook and collapsed as dust swirled and covered the sky.

The power Xiao Luo possessed astonished Su Li. Was this man truly her husband? How was it possible that he had exceeded the limit of any human?

Su Li stared at Xiao Luo and couldn't help feeling he was like a stranger to her. She thought she knew everything about this man, but she was finally realizing that her understanding of him barely scratched the surface.

Ming was standing right beside her, and his expression changed a little. He wasn't expecting Xiao Luo to be this strong.

When the dust cloud cleared, they saw a huge palm print about a meter deep gouged into the ground. It was so shocking that it almost numbed their senses—it looked like a giant had slammed his palm into the turf!

Xiao Luo landed lightly on the ground. His breathing was much more labored and his heart thumped rapidly. He had put all his strength into that palm and consumed an excessive amount of internal force. He searched in the pit for traces of Curisa but could not see him.

Was he smashed into smithereens?

Impossible! His opponent's strength was greater than his, and despite using all his energy in that strike, he still wasn't confident that he had killed his opponent. He thought, at most, the blow only injured Curisa.

Where did he go? Did he burrow underground?

Xiao Luo looked in the pit once again but still saw no sign of his opponent.

“You disgusting mortal! I have undoubtedly underestimated your skills, and you have changed my perspective of this filthy land!”

Curisa's voice boomed from above. Xiao Luo hurriedly lifted his head to look upward, and his pupils instantly shrank. Curisa was hovering in the air with his legs crossed in a lotus position, about a dozen meters away. He looked like a G.o.d in his white robe, and his body seemed shrouded in a glowing silver light.

Su Li's eyes were wide open and she couldn't believe what she saw. How was it possible to float in the air? Just where did these two towering men with purple eyes come from?

“Get down!”

Xiao Luo shouted at Curisa, as he stood calmly and braced himself. Regardless of how strong his opponent was, Xiao Luo had no intentions of running away.

Curisa descended and landed lightly on the ground. There was fresh blood on his shoulders caused by Xiao Luo's nether claws, but it didn't seem to bother him. He stared at Xiao Luo with his cold purple eyes.

“Mm, it's about time,” Ming said.

Curisa nodded his head in acknowledgment. He glared at Xiao Luo and said, “Mortal, I'll consider it my loss if you can touch me!”

Xiao Luo wanted to talk no more. He gritted his bloodied teeth and charged like a ferocious beast, quickly closing the gap between him and Curisa. He clenched his clawed fist tightly, preparing to strike out in anger.

Xiao Luo attacked with extreme speed and extraordinary power!

Infuriated, Xiao Luo did not hold back. An incredible amount of force burst from within his body, and he emitted a murderous aura.

“Let me give you a taste of my strength so that you appreciate the difference in power between the both of us!” Curisa sneered.

Curisa swiveled his body slightly and easily dodged Xiao Luo's angry strike. In that split second, he had already taken five steps before he paused briefly. And the moment Curisa made his next move, he instantly appeared right behind Xiao Luo.

Stunned, Xiao Luo quickly turned around, but as soon as he did, Curisa vanished again. Regardless of how fast Xiao Luo turned his body around, Curisa could move even faster than him. He was like a ghost and got behind Xiao Luo swiftly repeatedly.

What kind of unnatural speed did this man have?

Xiao Luo was startled and looked a little horrified. He possessed the “Wave-like Subtle Steps” technique and could even dodge bullets, and yet, he was still significantly slower than his opponent. So Xiao Luo tried something different, and when Curisa vanished again, he didn't turn his body around, but he instead threw a powerful punch without looking back.

As Xiao Luo could not see what was behind him, he threw his punch blindly, though he put a lot of force into that strike.

But as he was halfway through his punch, he could feel a sharp pain emanating from his arm. He glanced to his side and saw a huge hand grabbing his arm. Five fingers pierced into his flesh like knives, and blood spurted out profusely.

“Let me break one of your arms first!”

Curisa smiled wickedly, slamming his other forearm into Xiao Luo's right elbow joint. The elbow joint snapped with a crisp bone-cracking crack, and Xiao Luo's right arm broke, forming a gruesome “V” shape.

Xiao Luo stared in shock at his broken arm and his mind went blank. The entire world felt dead in that instant, and he couldn't even feel any pain at all.

Did he break it?

Was that his arm?

When he came out of his shock, he gasped as an excruciating pain shot through his entire body.

“Let me break one of your legs as well!” Curisa hissed at Xiao Luo with a devilish grin.

Xiao Luo could not defend himself, and he only felt the searing pain in his left leg. Curisa smashed Xiao Luo's left knee joint with the toe-end of his foot.


Thick blood spurted from the wound as the jagged edges of the cracked bone pierced into his flesh. And just like that, Curisa broke Xiao Luo's left leg.

“ARRGH!” Xiao Luo let out a painful grunt as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. The trauma twisted his face in pain.

“You deserve another kick. Get lost!”

Curisa did not show any mercy at all. He threw his leg at Xiao Luo's back and kicked him like a football.

Xiao Luo didn't have any strength left to defend himself and was slammed away like a cannonball, landing about twenty to thirty meters back.

It was sheer humiliation, and even with the pain, Xiao Luo was still unwilling to accept defeat!

Xiao Luo was in excruciating pain with a broken arm and broken leg. He gritted his teeth and stopped himself from letting out a loud, painful cry.

How did this happen?

How did this happen?

Su Li froze in shock and fear as she gazed at Xiao Luo. She grieved and could no longer hold back her tears. She felt like a knife had pierced her heart.

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