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Chapter 718: The Number, Was My Father’s

Silent, Zheng Ren did not even look at him and continued eating.

“Could the other side understand you?” Su Yun asked without making any sense.

“It wasn’t a problem,” Zheng Ren said vaguely. He could not open his mouth to begin with since it was stuffed with food. His voice was like dough, sounding m.u.f.fled. “After the thrombectomy, the blood vessels are smoother. Even if some of the capillaries are cut off, it won’t hurt the overall situation. If someone follows, the surgical progress will be higher. If there’s no one, it won’t have much of an impact.”

“Boss, don’t fall asleep just like that.” Su Yun’s topic could change at any time and place. He was like an antelope hanging its horns, untraceable. “There’s food in your mouth. If you fall asleep and accidentally breathe in, you’ll have to be resuscitated. Even if the resuscitation is successful, the rice grains will enter your respiratory tract and cause a large area of infection in your lungs…”

“You should just say something nice.” Zheng Ren lowered his head and ate the fragrant rice. It was very difficult. With his current state, he could not understand how delicious the food was.

“Nice. There are a few more patients with pelvic fractures and retroperitoneal hematoma. Do you want to do it together or throw it to Mu Tao?”

“Let’s do it together. Pelvic fractures are more urgent.” Zheng Ren endured the pain from the bruise on the corner of his mouth. He stuffed the food into his mouth and swallowed quickly.

“Don’t you enjoy delicious food? The rice that Chief Jiang brought looks ordinary but it’s actually very special,” Su Yun said with a mocking expression at the corner of his mouth.

“Generally, I don’t feel anything. As long as I can eat my fill, that’s enough,” Zheng Ren said. “Surgery after surgery. There’s also surgery to remove the suppository. After I’m done, I’ll bring the injured with pelvic fractures up.”

“There aren’t many patients with severe pelvic fractures now, boss,” Su Yun suddenly said.

“Well, it’s good that there aren’t many,” Zheng Ren said perfunctorily. He did not know if he understood the meaning behind Su Yun’s words.

“Doctor Zheng, make sure to drink some water so everything goes down smoothly.” Chief Jiang thoughtfully took a bottle of purified water and handed it to Zheng Ren.

After Zheng Ren unscrewed it, he took a small sip and put the water bottle down on the operating table.

Zheng Ren did not dare to drink too much water. If he drank too much, he would have to go to the washroom. It was extremely annoying to delay surgery for one or two minutes at a time.

They were all doctors who performed surgeries. How could Chief Jiang not know what Zheng Ren meant?

He saw Zheng Ren enter the operating theater and sighed softly.



Xie Yiren drove to the Imperial Capital Hospital.

In a few days, she had already familiarized herself with the place.

However, no matter how familiar she was with this place, the absence of that figure would never give Xie Yiren a sense of belonging. Her heart felt empty and uncomfortable.

Xie Yiren’s daily routine was surgery. After the surgery, she held her cell phone and browsed through the news and videos of the earthquake relief on various major video websites, trying to find that familiar figure.

However, she was disappointed every time.

That familiar figure was like a fleeting glimpse. He only showed her head in the news on the first day before disappearing without a trace.

Although she could not find it, she still went home every day and curled up on the sofa, hugging her iPad and looking around randomly.

Chang Yue was calmer than Xie Yiren. She also had more work than Xie Yiren.

Professor Rudolf Wagner’s surgery was very fast. With the addition of the new surgical method, the side injuries were especially small. The postoperative effect was good, so the patient flow was very fast.

The professor had completed more than ten TIPS surgeries in a short period of time.

When the patients left the stage, Chang Yue was in charge of all the miscellaneous matters and records.

Moreover, there were also corresponding data to be recorded. It required much more procedures and work compared to ordinary patients.

Early in the morning, the two of them got up with dark circles under their eyes. Xie Yiren wanted to make breakfast.

However, Chang Yue did not let her. After a simple wash-up, she pulled Xie Yiren and bought two egg pancakes from the breakfast shop at the entrance of the residential area as she casually took a bite.

Recently, Xie Yiren had been absent-mindedly making food. She either forgot to put salt in it or put it in it two or three times. In short, it was basically inedible.

After fooling around for a while, Xie Yiren drove to the Imperial Capital Hospital.

The two of them got out of the car and went upstairs. They met Professor Rudolf Wagner, who was practically glowing.

He did not know how long he had waited. When he saw the two of them walking over, he went up to them happily.

“Guess who called me yesterday?” The professor held up his phone, his golden hair dancing in the wind.

He had not washed his hair for a few days. His long golden hair was tied in a braid, making it seem very glossy.

“It can’t be those two, right?” Chang Yue pretended not to care and adjusted her

There was a hint of confusion in her eyes. Why would those two call the professor first? Shouldn’t they call Xie Yiren and herself to report their safety?

The professor did not understand these details. In his opinion, the boss being alive was the happiest thing in the world.

Before he could show off, the phone was s.n.a.t.c.hed by Xie Yiren.

“Where’s the phone?” Xie Yiren did not have her previous calmness and reservedness, going straight to the point.

“Here, here.” Professor Rudolf Wagner unlocked the phone and opened it to find the call record.

He pointed at a number with his finger that was as thick as a carrot and said happily.

Xie Yiren was stunned.

This number… Why did it look so familiar?

She confirmed it a few times in disbelief, taking out her phone to confirm it one last time before returning the professor’s phone to him.

“What’s wrong, Yiren?” Chang Yue saw that Xie Yiren’s expression was not right so she immediately asked with concern.

“This number is my father’s.” Xie Yiren picked up her cell phone and made a call.

She had to call her parents every day but most of the time, she would call her mother.

Since the two of them were together, it usually didn’t matter who she called.

These few days, Xie Yiren felt like she was sleepwalking so she did not contact her parents. She never expected that Zheng Ren would use her father’s phone to contact Lil Fugui.

What exactly happened?

The phone rang and not long after, the call was answered.

“Yiren, what’s the matter?” Xie Ning’s voice was gentle and warm, making people feel at ease.

“Dad, you went to the frontline?” Xie Yiren asked.

Xie Ning was very clear-headed. No matter what time it was, he was the same. After a little doubt, she immediately knew the whole story.

“Yes, I even met your little boyfriend,” Xie Ning said with a smile.

Silent, Xie Yiren’s hands were a little shaky.

Xie Yiren had thought about it countless times in her mind about when they would make the big break to her parents. However, she did not expect that she would not even be around when the two of them would meet for the first time.

This was too ridiculous. That fellow Zheng Ren… Would he do something stupid…

“He went to the frontline. Two days ago, the main force drove in and came down with the injured.” Xie Ning briefly reported that he was safe. “He’s fine. He’s pretty good.”

“Mm.” Xie Yiren’s voice was like a mosquito, almost inaudible.

“Continue to work well at home. This side is already full. There’s no shortage of people or lack of equipment.” Xie Ning seemed to have guessed what Xie Yiren was thinking and directly extinguished her desperate path to the frontline.

“He must be working hard.”

“He’s alright. He just had his meal and is undergoing surgery.”

“Take care of yourself.”

“Got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Xie Ning shook her head slightly. This girl… She only asked Zheng Ren if he was working hard. What about her own father?

Xie Yiren put down the phone, bit on her hairband, and tied up her hair with both hands.

Chang Yue felt something was wrong and asked, “Yiren, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to the frontline.” Xie Yiren’s voice was not loud, but it was firm.

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