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Chapter 893: Toad Technique

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I heard from the police that 22 years ago, a woman abducted and sold 6 women and 13 children. She was 20 years old at that time. Tell me, how could she do such a thing at such a young age?” Fang Lin said in a low voice. Although his voice was soft, he still gritted his teeth. “Later, the incident happened and the police were sent to another place to arrest her. I didn’t expect the entire village to cover for her. She ran away before the police arrived.”

“That’s normal. Many villages used to rely on human trafficking to survive,” Su Yun said coldly. The black lock of hair on his forehead froze into ice.

“After that, she was put on a national arrest warrant, but she never fell into the law. Guess how she was captured this time?”

“Let’s drink well tonight. No one should be afraid,” Su Yun patted Fang Lin’s shoulder and said earnestly. The red stethoscope jumped up and down.

“…” Fang Lin immediately dodged Su Yun’s hand, he smiled sheepishly and said, “She surrendered herself to the police. Twenty-two years ago, during the arrest, she secretly ran away. Later, on a train, she met a fellow villager from a neighboring village. She was prepared to return to her old job with her fellow villager. In any case, if she committed a crime once, she will go to jail, let alone eight or ten times.”

“What happened after that?” Su Yun asked.

“Her fellow countrymen sold her out and sold her to a poor village. The three of them bought her and tied her up with iron chains. They were afraid that she would run away,” Fang Lin said. “After 22 years, she finally found an opportunity to escape.”

Hearing Fang Lin’s words, Zheng Ren had already formed a picture in his mind.

No wonder Fang Lin would say things about karma. The human trafficker escaped and was sold. Even such a thing could happen…

“I heard that it was terrible. Look…” As he spoke, two policemen walked out from an outpatient clinic with a person in handcuffs and leg shackles.

Her hair was messy, and her exposed skin was covered in black mud. It was unknown how many years it had been since she last took a shower.

The leg shackles dragged on the ground, making a rustling sound that echoed in the corridor.

The cold sound made the corridor of the hospital look like a prison.

Zheng Ren looked at the back of the human trafficker. Her waist was bent, and her legs were not very usable. The System panel showed a lot of muscle atrophy, old or fresh fractures, and other diagnoses.

Zheng Ren did not look at these diagnoses carefully. As long as he knew that she was not doing well, Zheng Ren was very happy.

It was a pity that she was able to escape.

The police left with the prisoner for various examinations.

The moment they walked out of the examination corridor, there was a thunderous applause from outside. It was so enthusiastic that Zheng Ren was a little dazed.

Su Yun and Fang Lin were discussing this matter. Su Yun was more extreme. According to what he said, it was how it should be. There was no maneuverability at all.

However, the two of them seemed to be very happy. They did not have to worry too much about chatting in private, and they did not have to hide the joy in their hearts.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Zheng Ren said when he saw that there were patients coming in from the medical examination center one after another.

Fang Lin chuckled, took out his phone, and made a call.

“Boss Zheng, I’m going to see a patient.”

“Are you planning to sell your account to live?” Su Yun said disdainfully.

“We’re all from the same hometown. A few days ago, I was cheated by a scalper. I lived in the Imperial Capital for a month, but I didn’t register.” Fang Lin explained, “I went to the front lines, and my phone was turned off. When I came back, I received a letter saying that it was a chest disease. I’m going to take a look.”

“Let’s go together.” Zheng Ren was also very bored. He did not know whether Cui Lao had left or not. He could not go home. This kind of feeling was really bad.

The three of them chatted and laughed. When they returned to the General Chest Ward, they saw a few people waiting at the door early in the morning.

They did not know Fang Lin. When they saw a few doctors in white walking over, they were somewhat suspicious. One of them made a phone call. When he heard Fang Lin’s phone ring, he immediately hung up and walked over with a smile.

“Professor Fang, h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo,” the person said politely.

It was normal for people from his hometown to call him Professor or Chief. Fang Lin would not correct them.

However, in front of Zheng Ren today, mainly because Su Yun was beside him, Fang Lin blushed and said, “Just call me Chief Fang.”

“Yes, yes, Chief Fang, h.e.l.lo. I can’t help it. Sorry for the trouble,” the person said while rubbing his hands.

“Where are the radiographic films?” Fang Lin asked.

Someone immediately handed over a stack of radiographic films. Fang Lin took it and walked into the ward.

Zheng Ren looked at the person and was a little curious. The diagnosis given on the System panel was lung hernia.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, hernias mostly occurred in the inguinal area. Straight hernias and oblique hernias were more common.

Hernias in other parts of the body were much less common. Some patients had a wound from surgery, or for other reasons; their muscle tissue was loose and their internal organs were bulging. They could also form various types of hernias.

In the thoracic department, the most common type was diaphragmatic hernias.

This type of hernias was a type of internal hernia. It was a disease that caused the organs to move into the thoracic cavity through the diaphragmatic muscle. It could be divided into traumatic diaphragmatic hernias and non-traumatic diaphragmatic hernias.

Generally speaking, esophageal hiatal hernias were the most common, accounting for about 90%. The location where the esophagus pa.s.sed through the diaphragm was the esophageal hiatal. Because he was older, his muscles were loose, causing the abdominal organs to enter the chest from there. This type of disease had occurred.

However, lung hernias were very rare.

‘Interesting,’ Zheng Ren thought to himself. He followed Fang Lin into the Chest Ward.

Fang Lin entered the doctor’s office, inserted the radiographic films into the radiographic film viewer, and began to read.

The radiographic films were not difficult, and the CT scan of the lungs could not detect any problems. However, the CT scan of the neck was more obvious. A portion of the lungs appeared beside the cervical vertebra, and it was very eye-catching.

“The lung hernia is very clear. Prepare for surgery,” Fang Lin said with certainty after comparing a few radiographic films.

“Is the surgery risky?” the patient’s family asked.

“It’s not big. It’s a very small surgery.” Fang Lin smiled and said, “Just to strengthen the suturing of the muscle tissue at the top of the pleura. It’d be better if the lungs can’t go up. Who’s the patient?”

The patient whose System panel was light red walked up to Fang Lin.

Fang Lin used a big red stethoscope to listen and then said, “Give it a try.”

The patient was already used to all kinds of examinations. He took a deep breath and then held it in.

Before he did this, the patient looked like a normal person. If Zheng Ren did not have the support of the System panel, he would not know who the patient was.

But when the patient held his breath, it was completely different.

Like the villain in that Zhou Xingchi kung fu movie, his neck began to swell, and his face turned red and swollen.

If the patient lay down and held his breath again, he would be like a toad trying its luck.

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