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Chapter 1228 The urge to kill

Quinn had decided to let his consciousness remain inside the Dalki body as this was a rare opportunity to learn more about the Dalki. Sure he had already been told about their origins, and he believed to know what their end goal was, but all of that had been told to him by others.

By now, they had already become their own species and judging by the scientific method the Dalki was using on him, it was clear that he was someone with great intellect.

Luckily for Quinn, apart from the fact that the six spiked Dalki had not outright killed him, was the fact that Graham was allowing him to watch the fight between Hilston and the five spiked Dalki. The Vampire Lord wasn't particularly cheering for one side or the other to win, in fact he would much rather see them defeat each other, but the important bit was that his Cursed faction had seemingly decided not to get involved.

"I see that you seem to be showing a great interest in the fight." Graham noted while still a.n.a.lyzing what looked like wave patterns on a certain screen. "Honestly, I was half expecting you to tell me everything I needed to know about you by now. Begging me to restore your body back to the way it was, but you did no such thing."

"Are you not afraid of death?" Graham turned around, looking Quinn right in the eyes.

Quinn honestly didn't know what the right move was at the moment. Should he try and pretend that he was the Dalki that he had taken over, perhaps admit to having sold out his race? However, the question was whether he could actually pull it off?

"The look in your eyes, it's… different. You're the one of the few who has the same look as me." Graham muttered more to himself than to Quinn, before turning around and going back to his computer glancing at the fight happening in the background once in a while.

"Perhaps I have found someone who can understand me more. You see, the intelligence of our race is not inferior to that of humans. We are capable of doing the same things as them and just like them some of us are different. Unfortunately, most of us don't make use of that gift. The majority gives in to that aggressive impulse our bodies produce when we come across humans. I suppose in that way we are no different from beasts."

"I wonder if our creator designed us with that flaw in mind or if it was just a coincidence. Many may think that I'm the only specimen who has managed to surpa.s.s this urge, but the truth is they are completely wrong. It's just that my urge goes far beyond just simply wanting to kill off any one human I see. After taking my first life, I knew straight away that my urge went beyond that of my brethren, yet I had no way of satisfying it for the longest time."

"Speaking about humans, I still have to make up my mind whether I should consider us more or less advanced than even them. Speaking from a physical point of view, the answer might be obvious. However, while humans grow to reach their final form, what about us? We can evolve, but doesn't that mean that we have yet to reach our full potential?"

"Each new spike opens up a new world, beyond our wildest imaginations, but does it ever stop? What might happen if we reach ten spikes, twenty or even a hundred? I consider it my duty to push my race to the top, so it will reach its peak, but of course there is one huge problem that might make it so I will never be able to personally witness the ultimate evolution of a Dalki… Our time limit."

Listening carefully, Quinn was starting to realise that this Dalki was pretty insane. Talking about satisfying his urge beyond just killing a human… Did he intend to outright eliminate the human race then? Or was it the evolution of his race that he seeked?

As for the last line, 'Our time limit' Quinn had a good guess what that was referring to. The short life span of the Dalki. He had long since wondered if this entire war couldn't be avoided. If the Dalki were forced to fight to find a way to escape death, couldn't they just hand over the Demon tier beast?

However, after listening to the clothed Dalki speak, Quinn now understood that it might be impossible for both races to coexist, because it was just in the Dalki's nature to want to kill them.

"This is why I can't understand why you would be working with the other side. A weak one spike… well I suppose now you're a two spike going up against us? Just what could they have promised you to make you switch sides? Why would they even want to accept you, given that you would have run into someone who could have taken you out sooner or later?" Graham asked, hoping for some reaction from his possessed brethren.

"Checking your brain waves I can tell that your mind isn't being controlled at the moment. You are able to register everything I'm saying even now, so why? How could they exploit us?"

"Humans have weaknesses, people they care about, those they would risk their lives for to protect. Even the 'V' as they had so poorly been coined, who believe to be able to disregard their own feelings, have things they care about. Even that vampire had something that was used against him to get him over to help us."

"On the other hand, we were created at the same time. So we are all of a similar age. We are related but at the same time not, unable to have any children of our own that could be used against us. The only thing we care about is ourselves and were it not for our need to work together to save our own lives, we would probably fight each other to further evolve ourselves."

There was silence in between. And Graham had turned around to look at Quinn once again, before turning away after getting no such answer.

"... a shame. I guess your sole purpose will be as just another one of my test subjects then." Graham sighed.

"Do you think she will lose?" Quinn finally spoke from inside the Dalki's body.

"Slicer? As a five spike who hasn't seen the limits of her evolution how could it be possible for her to lose against that human? No, not only will she not lose this fight, there might even be a chance she could evolve from it." Graham smiled as the strapped Dalki could only be referring to the fight on the screen.

That in itself was a scary thought, but Quinn could see a light. The one in front of him, the one fighting Hilston, and the one that had fought against Oscar. The Dalki weren't so much above them. These were the ones that they needed to beat.

"Are you willing to make a bet, if Slicer will be able to live?." Quinn asked

Graham knew that the Dalki in front of him couldn't run anywhere else, so out of curiosity he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the screen. He was eager to discover whether the confidence of his subject had any ground to stand on.


Ruby continued to hold the Demon tier weapon in her hand. It was shaking slightly, something that Nathan didn't miss.

"You don't want to hurt us, do you? As you can see we haven't hurt any of your people, just the Dalki. I apologise for the way you might have been treated by my predecessors, but we're here to help you." Nathan put the palm of both of his hands up to calm her down. He knew the weapon was a ticking time bomb. If the active skills were used correctly all ten of them could perish in an instant.

Ruby looked at the dead Dalki on the floor. It was then that water started to fill her eyes.

"Why? … why did you come back? Just leave us alone… please. I-I don't want to… I don't want to cause any more trouble!"

It was apparent that Ruby was unstable, but Nathan couldn't just let them go before getting any information out of them. They were the key to finding out why the people in the Shelter were being kept as prisoners and why the Dalki would never give their prisoners something as vital as the Demon tier sword in the first place.

"Are you sure you want us to leave?" Nathan questioned here. "We've already killed that Dalki, so I'm sure you won't be able to just walk back like that. We also can't just let the others find out that we are here. You're humans just like us, surely you don't want to cooperate with the Dalki. Whatever they have on you, with that weapon and our help we can help you get out of here!"

Still not putting the sword down or letting go, it looked as if Ruby was considering his words.

"... no, he is already helping us! I can't let his troubles go to waste."

The Demon tier sword started to glow brighter, and a strange ice vortex was forming around it.

"Everyone, get out of the way!" Nathan shouted.


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