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Chapter 392: The Nine-section Soul Herb Has Been Revealed!

The people were stunned as soon as the voice was heard. Subsequently, they looked at a private room on the third floor in disbelief. They were startled.

Anyone who sat in the rooms upstairs came with a terrifying background. They could not believe that such a powerful person was interested in that Thousand-spirit Herb that n.o.body cared about.

Ye Chen squinted. Just when he was going to find out who was bidding against him, a chuckle came from the private room. “I'm sorry, Mr. Ye. I want it too. Are you mad at me?”

It was no other than Chiba Yos.h.i.+ko.

Ye Chen came to a realization, so he subsequently shook his head and said, “Of course not!”

“The guest in Room 3 is offering five million. Do I hear a higher bid?” the auctioneer on the stage repeated while looking at Ye Chen.

To him, Ye Chen was the only person who would bid. The rest of the crowd also hoped that Ye Chen would continue to bid in order to compete.

However, Ye Chen said nothing.

Someone took a good look at Ye Chen. That person smirked in sarcasm when he noticed that he was dressed mediocrely. “Can it be that this guy doesn't have enough money?”

“Maybe. Perhaps he doesn't even have the two million that he offered!” Many people nodded in agreement as disdain filled their faces.

“Mr. Ye, do you not have enough money?” Next to him, Dai s.h.i.+yu thought to herself and took out a platinum card. She handed it to him. “There's ten million in there. Use it if you don't have enough.”

She did not mention whether she was lending the money to Ye Chen or giving it to him, but she was actually trying to repay Ye Chen indirectly.

“No need!” Ye Chen smiled calmly. “n.o.body can take what I want. Even if they do, I can definitely take it back!”

He had no idea what his current net worth was. However, since he had a cosmetic company as well as being the leader of organizations including the Murong clan in Ganzhou and the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, his net worth would be no lesser than Chiba Yos.h.i.+ko's who came from a financial group in j.a.pan.

However, Chiba Yos.h.i.+ko merely wanted to mess with him.

If he placed a bid in a temper, he could definitely get the Thousand-spirit Herb. However, the auction house would be the beneficiary of that circ.u.mstance.

The auctioneer was extremely disappointed to see Ye Chen stop bidding. He hit the hammer. “Five million, going thrice! Congratulations to the guest in Room 3 to have won the bid for the Thousand-spirit Herb!”

He proceeded to speak, “The next item is still a herb. However, this one is special!” When he clapped, a staff walked onto the stage with a tray covered in a piece of red cloth.

Ye Chen scanned the tray with his Divine Consciousness, and he could not help but reveal joy on his face.

It was really the Nine-section Soul Herb!

When the red cloth was removed, a plant that was placed in a gla.s.s bottle greeted everyone's eyes. The plant was the length of a chopstick with nine sections like bamboo. From its branch to its leaves, it was black in color as if it was soaked in ink.

At that moment, in Room 3 on the third floor, Chiba Yos.h.i.+ko was overjoyed. She stood up in excitement and stared without blinking. “No-kun, it's really the Ghost Daisy. We must get it, we must!”

In Room 4, a pale-skinned young man with a high nose bridge and blue eyes had interest in his eyes. He stretched his arm out at the bottle of red wine that was two meters away, and it flew into his hand. “So, this is the relic the j.a.panese Yin Yang Masters desire? I, Marva, want it!”

In Room 6, a middle-aged lady in red sat on the couch. She was some 30 years old, but her skin was as fair as jade. She had long, red hair. If one were to look closely, they would notice a faint fire burning in her eyes.

“I can't believe I'd see such a precious item here apart from the foreign fragment. n.o.body would dare to fight with me, Aches!”

When she flipped her long hair, flames blossomed in her hair as if they were fire snakes with their tongues out.

As the red cloth was removed, everyone in all the private rooms on the third floor had a burning desire in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the auctioneer on the first floor said while smiling, “Everyone, this is a Ghost Daisy. It helps a person's consciousness power, especially Spell Masters. The starting bid is ten million and each increment will be at least 500,000!”

“Ghost Daisy? What's that?”

“Such a thing is worth ten million? Are you kidding me?”

Stirred, the crowd was discussing among themselves in confusion. It was their first time hearing about such a thing.

“It isn't worth 10 million even if it's made of gold. This auction sure is greedy for money!”

The auctioneer spoke again while smiling facing the people's sarcasm, “What if I tell you that the Southern Sect leader Master Shen from Hong Kong retrieved this item from j.a.pan? In addition to that, Master Shen appraised it himself and it's beneficial to Spell Masters!”

Everyone was shocked to hear that.

Someone stood up and said in shock, “Was it really appraised by Master Shen?”

“Of course!” The auctioneer nodded. “I'd never joke using Master Shen's name.”

“11 million!” someone offered as soon as the auctioneer was done speaking!

“15 million!”

“20 million!”

“22 million!”

Within a short few minutes, the item that n.o.body cared about was coveted by countless people. The bid went up to 50 million.

Master Shen!

Everyone admired that name for no other reason than him being the leader of Hong Kong's Southern Sect of the spell world. On top of that, he was the legend of Hong Kong's spell world.

One could say that n.o.body would suspect him even if he were to call a pile of dog p.o.o.p a spiritual item.

The auction reached its peak by then while the auction house was shocked too. Never had they thought that Master Shen's name would be so influential.

Eventually, the bid stopped at 70 million.

The auctioneer said while smiling, “Guest No. 49 is offering 70 million once. So I hear a higher bid than that?”

However, n.o.body responded to him.

After all, 70 million was a lot.

“70 million, going twice. 70 million, going…”

As the auctioneer was going to smack the gavel, a voice came from Room 3 on the third floor, “80 million!”

The people jolted.

The real boss was finally bidding!

A person in Room 4 offered, “90 million!”

“100 million…” someone in Room6 challenged.

The bid went all the way to 800 million. It was even more generous than before. The people's jaws dropped.

That was 800 million! It was enough to buy any luxurious house in Hong Kong!

Chiba Yos.h.i.+ko, who was in Room 3, looked gravely serious. Although she already knew that there would be tough compet.i.tion for the Ghost Daisy, she did not expect it to be so hard. She could totally bid with her fortune, but she could not help but be stuck in a pickle while thinking about the finale item. Left with no other option, she could only pick up the phone to call Room 4.

Soon, satisfaction was revealed on her face. Due to the price that she was willing to pay, the people in the other private rooms gave up the bid.

To her, as long as they stopped fighting with her for the Ghost Daisy, n.o.body down there had the right to do so.

At the same time, the auctioneer suppressed the excitement within him and said, “The guest in Room 3 is bidding for 800 million. Do I hear a higher bid?”

The place fell into silence.

It was no joke. That was 800 million. Them not having 800 million aside, even if they did, they would not offer such a price!

Chiba Yos.h.i.+ko was confident. Just when she thought she would definitely get the Ghost Daisy, a calm voice was heard, “One billion!”

The auction fell into dead silence!

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