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Chapter 460: The Patriarch of h.e.l.l’s Secret!

“Then, what happened to this Body of All Evil?”

Ye Chen was truly shocked.

If the Body of All Evil’s strangeness was really as the Patriarch of h.e.l.l said, then this const.i.tution was truly terrifying.

A mere mortal could destroy a million-strong army!

If this mortal walked down the path of cultivation, who would be her match? Even if her opponent’s cultivation was really weak, what was their cultivation when it came to her? Any cultivator who wanted to deal with her would be the first to die of qi deviation.

“She’s dead!”

Facing his question, the Patriarch of h.e.l.l shook his head slightly and said, “After the body of Ten Thousand Evils destroyed the million-strong army, it aroused fear in the cultivation world. At that time, many experts planned to attack her, but she died in the end.”

“She died?” Ye Chen frowned slightly.

“Yes, she died!” The Patriarch of h.e.l.l nodded and said, “Such a heaven-defying person will certainly not exist in the world for a long time as they won’t be tolerated by the Heavenly Dao. Even if heaven and earth feel guilty because of her, there is still a limit. Therefore, after she destroyed the million-strong army, she died on the spot.”

Ye Chen nodded to himself and subconsciously looked in the direction of the room. He then asked, “So, do you think that Qianqian is the legendary body of Ten Thousand Evils?”

“I’m not sure.” The Patriarch of h.e.l.l shook his head and said, “Logically speaking, it’s very difficult for such a body to exist, and it wouldn’t appear on this Earth which lacks spiritual essence. If she isn’t the Body of All Evil, then there’s only one explanation left.”

At this point, he could not help but laugh and said, “Unless she’s the illegitimate child of Heaven Dao and is blessed by the heavens. Even the heavens are helping her invisibly.”

“Forget it. Don’t provoke her for the time being. I’ll send her away when I find her relatives.” Ye Chen shook his head.

After all, Qianqian had just arrived at his house. If she was sent away in the blink of an eye, Su Yuhan and her parents would not be willing to let her go. Besides, Qianqian’s situation was very clear. As long as they were not hostile to her, nothing would happen.

“I’ve got something to do. Don’t wait for me!” The Patriarch of h.e.l.l chuckled and turned into a black shadow before floating out of the window.

As for what he was going to do, it was obvious.

Ye Chen shook his head and walked into the room.


Late at night, in a remote alley in the western district of Lin City, a little black dog appeared in front of a family’s doorway in the dark. The little black dog’s body swayed, and mist immediately spread out from its body.

After the mist dispersed, a wretched-looking young man in black clothes with three whiskers on his mouth appeared on the spot. The man coughed and knocked on the door.


When the wooden door opened, a fierce-looking young man, who was about fifteen or sixteen years old, appeared. When he saw the newcomer, he immediately smiled and said, “Uncle Huang, are you here to look for my mother again?”


The guest had his hands behind his back and seemed to be a little embarra.s.sed. He took out a stack of banknotes and handed it to the young man. “Take this money and do what you want with it. If you don’t have enough, you can ask me for more.”

“Thank you, Uncle Huang. Ah, Uncle Huang, it’d be great if you were my father!” The man took the stack of banknotes happily and left the house like a gust of wind. However, a hint of undetectable viciousness flashed in his eyes.

The young man did not seem to notice the look in his eyes. He pushed the door open and walked in. A woman’s voice came from inside, “Brother Huang, you’re here again? Where’s Xiaotian?”

“He went out to have fun.”

“Brother Huang, don’t give Xiaotian any more money. Furthermore, you gave him so much. Recently, he doesn’t come home at night often…”

“It’s okay, I know what to do…”

“Brother Huang, why are you being so nice to Xiaotian?”


At the same time, the young man swaggered into a bar with the wad of money. Another youth dressed like a student walked over and asked, “Zhao Xiaotian, why are you so late?”

“I just got the money, didn’t I? Let’s go, I think they’re waiting for me.” The young man took out the wad of money and walked into the bar with his arm around the young man’s shoulder.

Soon, they sat in a private room. There were already three or four young men and women sitting in the room. There was also a lot of tea and red wine on the table.

“Everyone, this is the day that, I, Zhao Xiaotian, will treat you. Don’t stand on ceremony!” The young man waved the stack of money in his hand again and called a waiter. “Summon a few babes for my brothers. Make sure they are pretty.”

The waiter was given a few hundred dollars as a tip, so he happily arranged for a few escorts to come in. He did not care that these people were all underaged.

After a quarter of an hour, Zhao Xiaotian hugged a woman who was ten years older than him. He even lit a cigar up, feeling very proud of himself.

“Zhao Xiaotian, did you win the lottery recently? Otherwise, where did you get so much money?” A young man with a nose ring was puzzled.

Another young man with bleached hair said, “Yeah, Zhao Xiaotian, I remember that after your father died, your mother was the only one who earned money in the family. Also, she seems to be working as a waitress in a nightclub, isn’t she? Her monthly salary can’t be much.”

“Don’t mention that b*tch to me!” The young man was a little unhappy when he heard that. He slammed his wine gla.s.s on the table and said with a ferocious expression, “That b*tch recently hooked up with a rich man who gave me all this money.”

When he said that, everyone was shocked.

The youth seemed to have thought of something. He turned his head to look at the man with the nose ring. “w.a.n.g Lei, I remember you said that you know Brother Leopard’s men, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do know them.”

w.a.n.g Lei’s expression was a little unnatural. In fact, that was just his usual bragging. Brother Leopard and Lin Tai were nowhere to be seen in the Tiannan. How could a puny character like him know them?

The youth nodded and took out a stack of money and slammed it on the table. “Here’s 20,000. Contact Brother Leopard’s and kill that pair of b*stards. After the deed is done, I’ll give you another 20,000!”

“Zhao Xiaotian, that’s your mother. It’s not easy to earn money for your studies. Do you want to kill him? Besides, killing is illegal.” A female cla.s.smate was so scared that her face turned pale.

“Mother?” The youth laughed coldly. “She’s just my stepmother. She has nothing to do with me. She killed my father. Now that he’s dead, she’s actually hooked up with another man and even messes around at home in front of me.

“They think that I don’t know anything and treat me like a fool. Hehe, especially that man. Do they think that I’ll be grateful to him just because he gave me money?

“On the contrary, I hate him even more. I’ll squeeze him dry of all his money and then find someone to kill him and torture him ruthlessly. That b*tch will also die!”

On the man’s young and tender features, there was a fierce, vicious aura. Perhaps because he was overly excited, he placed his hand on the escort by his side a little harder and immediately squeezed her until she screamed.

“What are you screaming for?” The youth grabbed her head and banged it on the table a few times. Then, he threw more than ten notes of cash to her. “Stinking wh.o.r.e, aren’t you just here to sell yourself? You’re just like that s.l.u.t. You’re both!”

The rest of the people were shocked speechless by the youth’s ruthlessness. He even dared to kill the only family member that worked hard to support him. Moreover, he kept saying that she was a wh.o.r.e and a s.l.u.t.

Moreover, it was not a feudal society anymore. With one’s father dead, was it not normal for one’s stepmother to find another man?

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