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Chapter 471: Fang Tianhua’s a.s.sessment!

Inside the Tang family’s villa.

Tang Guodong was surrounded by countless Tang family higher-ups. It could be said that he was in a predicament. Not only did he have to appease the hearts of the Tang family, he also had to think of ways to help the Tang family with their crisis.

Shen Tiannan and Lei Feihu’s influence had been taken over by Yins.h.i.+ and Xuanfeng. This was already a known fact. Therefore, everyone knew that the previous wave of attacks were simply a test.

“Second brother, in your opinion, how should the Tang family deal with this?” A middle-aged man who was sitting down asked in a deep voice.

Tang Zuoyi was the third son of the Tang family.

Another member of the Tang family said anxiously, “Second master, we do not know whether the old man is alive or not, and Tang Ning is not around. You are the only one who can make the decisions in the Tang family.”

“Tang Ning has gone completely overboard. After such a huge incident, she still has the gall to go outside. If I knew this would have happened, I would have prevented her from being the heir! ”


Everyone was talking at the same time, causing the entire hall to become extremely rowdy and chaotic. If it wasn’t for Tang Guodong, they would have already gone their separate ways.

Only Fang Tianhua stood away from the crowd with a horsetail whisk in his hand, not saying a word.

“That’s enough!” Tang Guodong slammed his fist onto the table. After everyone had calmed down, he spoke, “It is a matter of life and death for the Tang family. Everyone, don’t panic. We can only defeat our adversaries if we work together. ”

“Second brother, why don’t we just let them come and meet the Old Master? I don’t think they would dare harm the Old Master… ” Tang Zuoyi, the third brother of the Tang family, couldn’t help but speak up.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that Master Yins.h.i.+ is a well-known exorcist in Taibang, and that Master Xuanfeng is ruthless. If we provoke them in any way… ”

His words immediately garnered the approval of many people.

“B*stard!” Tang Guodong was livid. “Third brother, are you out of your mind? The Old Master is already in such a sickly state, and you’re still supportive of letting outsiders into our home? Are you hoping that the Old Master has an early death?”

Tang Zuoyi resentfully refrained from speaking.

What he said was completely out of desperation. In fact, he was perfectly aware that there were outsiders who harbored malicious intentions and wished for the old man to die. And when the old man did die, they would have free reign to destroy the Tang family.

A youthful woman in her forties piped up, “Second brother, then please give us a way to appease everyone!”

Tang Guodong hesitated for a moment before he proceeded, “I just received a call from Xiao Ning. She told me that she has already brought Master Ye over to our side. We just need to hold on for a while.”

“Master Ye?”

“Which Master Ye?”

” … ”

Everyone looked at each other, utter confusion painted on their features.

Tang Guodong explained, “Master Ye is Mad Southern Ye whose name shook China. A few days ago, he even killed Shen Tiannan and Lei Feihu.”

As soon as the words left his lips, the entire room broke apart into mayhem.

“What? It’s him?”

“How did Tang Ning get into contact with Mad Southern Ye?”

“If it really is Mad Southern Ye, then the Tang family will be saved. There could be no way that this is a lie, right?”

Faced with everyone’s judgement, Tang Guodong took a deep breath and said, “To be honest with everyone, the Tang family has already acknowledged Mad Southern Ye as their leader in secret. Elder Tang has also supported us on this matter. There will be no confusion.”

Everyone was stunned. A row of disbelieving exclamations and cries filled the room. Clearly, they were shocked by the news.

“The Tang family has acknowledged Mad Southern Ye as our leader? Is there a mistake? No matter how strong Mad Southern Ye is, he still has no place to be our leader, right?” Someone immediately objected.

The leader of the Tang family!

The weight of these five words was simply too great!

His words immediately received the support of mostly everyone in the room. Even the third son of the Tang family, Tang Zuoyi, was no exception. “Second brother, why wasn’t I aware of this?”

“This matter was only to my knowledge, Xiao Ning. Because it happened so suddenly, he found no opportunity to inform everyone,” Tang Guodong said in a deep voice.

Tang Zuoyi couldn’t help but to frown at Fang Tianhua. “Master Fang, do you think that Mad Southern Ye really is how the rumors say he is? Not only is he the number one ancient martial arts master in China, but that he also killed Shen Tiannan and Lei Feihu at the Longmen Convention?”

Everyone looked at Fang Tianhua.

“That’s right! ”

Fang Tianhua opened his eyes and nodded. “I cannot imagine how strong Master Ye is. At the age of 30, he became the number one ancient martial arts master in the world. He also cultivates his strength in both magic and martial arts. He has great supernatural power.”

His words lifted the weight that had burdened everyone’s hearts.

Someone could not help but ask, “Master Fang, do you think that Mad Southern Ye would be a match for Yins.h.i.+ and Xuanfeng?”

The room immediately fell silent as they all began to listen intently.

Even Tang Guodong was no exception.

In reality, most people had only heard of how powerful Ye Chen was and had never actually seen him in person.

Forcefully meeting everyone’s gaze, Fang Tianhua sighed softly and said, “This old man isn’t certain either. From a logical standpoint, Mad Southern Ye would be quite powerful since he was able to kill both Shen Tiannan and Lei Feihu. However, he will be facing Master Yins.h.i.+ and Sage Xuanfeng this time.”

He paused momentarily before he spoke once more, “Master Yins.h.i.+ is known as the Black Magic Grand Master in Taibang, and he is also considered number one in Taibang. Thirty years ago, he was defeated by Shen Tiannan with a single move. Over those past thirty years, he has been painstakingly cultivating his strength. My own strength is only slightly inferior to Shen Tiannan’s. In the end, I was left heavily-injured by his palm.”

He coughed a few times. Traces of scarlet blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth. “From that alone, it can be said that Yins.h.i.+’s strength is even stronger than Shen Tiannan’s. It is even possible that he has already attained the legendary Origin Energy. Moreover, the other man, Xuanfeng is also the disciple of the deceased Master Guigu from Macau. With the two of them working together, Mad Southern Ye might…”

His voice gradually faltered.

Everyone’s hearts sank. Clearly, they did not expect Yins.h.i.+ and Xuanfeng to be so strong.

“I think it’s better to have an open discussion with Yins.h.i.+ and the others. No matter what they want, we are going to have to give it to them, even if it means acknowledging them as our leaders,” Tang Zuoyi said hesitantly.

Tang Guodong flew into a rage. “Third brother, you…”

“Second brother, please don’t blame me!”

Tang Zuoyi braced himself as he spoke, “Master Fang has said that Mad Southern Ye is no match for Yins.h.i.+ and Xuanfeng. Therefore, even if he makes it in time, he will not be able to save us. It would be better to surrender instead of trying to fight back.”

“Third master is right!”

The plump young woman from earlier nodded in agreement. “It’s said that Yins.h.i.+ has always wanted to seek revenge on Shen Tiannan. Now that Shen Tiannan has died at the hands of Mad Southern Ye, why don’t we trick Mad Southern Ye into coming here? This would give Yins.h.i.+ a chance to settle the score with Shen Tiannan. This way, there might be a chance that he’ll leave the Tang family in peace.”

Just as they broke into discussion, a young man rushed in, his eyes filled with dread. “Second Master, this is not good. Master Yin… Master Yins.h.i.+ and Sage Xuanfeng have joined forces!”


At that very moment, Tang Guodong, Fang Tianhua, and the others stood up in shock, their hair standing on end. “Both of them have come together?”

“Yes… Yes!” The young man stuttered.

Fang Tianhua sucked in a shaky breath, looking at Tang Guodong before speaking, “Second master, I suggest you adopt the strategy that was suggested by the third master.”

Tang Guodong’s heart sank.

Apparently, even Master Fang had no faith in Mad Southern Ye’s capabilties!

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