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Chapter 930: Dao Sect’s Secret!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On 25th December 2019 in the Kunlun Ruins calendar, Ye Chen killed six supreme sect masters on the Heaven Dao Peak and killed dozens of supreme giants. He single-handedly suppressed the Kunlun Ruins and challenged the saint.

“Mad Southern Ye led the Ninth Peak to destroy dozens of sects!”

“The Corpse Sect’s sect master escaped with heavy injuries!”

“The Corpse Sect has yield!”

As soon as the battle at the Dao Sect came to an end, news about the actual battle spread at crazy speed.

Countless people were stunned. They did not believe it at first, but before they could react, another piece of heavy news came.

“We lost, we’ve lost. This battle, which gathered the strongest power in the Kunlun Ruins and concerned the future of the Kunlun Ruins, has lost!

“Five of the six supreme sect masters died, and one was defeated miserably. Only Sect Master Lei Xing’s soul managed to escape. Nearly 50 supreme sect masters of the six high sects were wiped out by Mad Southern Ye!”

This news was like a huge iron plow that ploughed through the entire Kunlun Ruins.

“How is this possible?”

“Oh my G.o.d, those are the six supreme sect masters. They’re all old monsters who’ve lived for hundreds of years. Each of them represents the peak combat power of our Kunlun Ruins. How did Mad Southern Ye kill five of them?”

Almost at that moment, countless organizations in the entire Kunlun Ruins could not believe their ears.

“Mad Southern Ye is too terrifying. I can’t believe that an ant from the secular world can grow to this extent!”

One of the supreme giants who did not watch the battle rejoiced.

A powerhouse pounded his chest and stomped his feet while wailing, “From today onwards, the Kunlun Ruins will officially enter the era of Mad Southern Ye. This person has achieved something that no one else has ever done before!”

“No, there’s still hope for our Kunlun Ruins!”

Someone was unwilling to give up, “Get up, my friends who are unwilling to be slaves. As long as we work together and fight hard, we can even fight Mad Southern Ye!”

However, no one responded.

What kind of joke was that? Even the six high sects were no match for Mad Southern Ye. What was the use of them as lone soldiers?

Right at this time, an earth-shattering news spread.

“There’s still an old saint in the Kunlun Ruins. He is the master of Purple Cap Mountain. It was the old saint who saved Sect Master Lei Xing’s soul!”

“The old saint challenged Mad Southern Ye to a battle. Three days later, the two of them will fight above the Nine Heavens. There’s still hope for the Kunlun Ruins!”

The news spread like lightning in the sky. It shook heaven and earth. The commotion was no less than Ye Chen’s popularity.

“What? After the great calamity 500 years ago in the Kunlun Ruins, there’s actually a saint?!”

“How is this possible? After the great calamity, wasn’t the path of the saints severed? Didn’t all saints cease to exist?”

A few powerhouses who had lived for many years became shocked. Disbelief filled their eyes.

“This is absolutely true. Have you forgotten that Sect Master Lei Xing entered Purple Cap Mountain 300 years ago?”

An insider explained, “Now that the truth is out, Sect Master Lei Xing is the disciple of the old saint!”

“Alright, alright!”

Many people were overjoyed when they heard that, “The heavens are really not giving up on our Kunlun Ruins. How can Mad Southern Ye not die now that the old saint has taken action?”

“Let’s go to Purple Cap Mountain in three days. We’ll witness Mad Southern Ye being suppressed and witness the might of the saint!”

“Let’s go together!”


On the 26th of December 2019 in Kunlun Ruins calendar, there were still four days until the New Year.

Ye Chen was inside the Dao Sect’s secret palace.

The so-called secret palace was the most private treasury of the Dao Sect. It contained all the unique treasures of the Dao Sect over the past few centuries.

There were mountains of medicinal pills, spiritual stones, origin stones, talismans, and various treasures as far as the eye could see.

If any of these items were placed in the outside world, they would be rare treasures that would definitely cause a b.l.o.o.d.y storm.

However, Ye Chen’s heart did not waver much. His gaze was focused on the corner to the southeast of the palace.

He could actually sense the fluctuations of a formation there. The formation was extremely profound, and even with his powerful Divine Consciousness, he almost missed it.

“Why is there a formation here?” Ye Chen turned around and looked at Wu Tianhou and the rest behind him.

Wu Tianhou could not explain the situation, so he called over the Dao Sect’s newly appointed leader, “Yun Leizi, why did you set up this formation in the Dao Sect’s secret palace?”

Yun Leizi he was referring to was Sect Master Lei Xing’s junior brother, and he was also the only remaining supreme giant of the Dao Sect.

He dared not hesitate and immediately replied while trembling in fear, “Reporting to Immortal Ye, I’m not sure either. The secret palace has always been managed by my senior brother.”

“Forget it!”

Ye Chen frowned slightly. Then, the Emperor Brush appeared in his hand. The s.p.a.ce shook immediately and a huge word “demolish” appeared.


The formation collapsed.

Subsequently, a huge pit appeared in Ye Chen’s sight. At that moment, everyone in the palace had a change of expression.

It was because when the formation was destroyed, an extremely dense smell of blood immediately emerged from the pit. The smell was mixed with heavy grievance.

“What a strong smell of blood!”

Even though Ye Chen’s hands were covered in blood, his expression changed at that moment.

“Wait for me here. I’ll go down to take a look!” After saying that, he entered the deep pit.

The pit was about 300 meters deep. There were no stairs that he could use for support during this period of time. However, with Ye Chen’s cultivation base, he naturally did not need support.

What shocked him was that the deeper he went, the thicker the smell of blood and grievance was. It was almost to the point where it could confuse someone.

He did not know that the moment he broke through the formation, the boy who seemed to be dying at the Purple Cap Mountain suddenly opened his eyes.

The boy shook his head, and then sighed faintly, “In the end, he still found out about it!”

After a few breaths, Ye Chen arrived at the bottom of the deep pit. A huge platform came into his sight. On the platform was an altar with a radius of 300 meters.

The altar was circular in shape, like the eight trigrams of Daoism. The center was sunken, and on the eight trigrams sat eight decaying bodies.

These bodies had long died. All of the blood in their bodies had dried up, but their flesh had not rotted away. The backs of their skeletons were incomparably straight, as if dragons were soaring into the sky.

Even so, the eight mummies still gave off a thick suppression. It was an aura that seemed like it could destroy the world.

When Ye Chen walked closer, the skeleton closest to him suddenly trembled when he was less than three meters away from them. Subsequently, it shone brightly. An extremely terrifying killing intent shot out from the skeleton and suppressed Ye Chen.

Meanwhile, divine radiance erupted from Ye Chen’s body.

The Night Demon Armor protected him automatically!


When the killing intent suppressed the Night Demon Armor, Ye Chen heard the old demon’s grunt and the sound of the armor shattering.

“Saints’ corpses!”

Night Demon grunted, “Master, they’re definitely saints’ corpses!”

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