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He looked me straight in the eyes and gripping his fist pulling me forward, I couldn't move a single inch.

He then swiped his thumb gathering the entire milky white substance ball on the tip and smeared it on the top of my forehead.

He then clapped his hand shattering the void making a cloud of void dust sprinkle on top of me. Afterward, he patted my b.u.t.t pus.h.i.+ng me forward putting me on full display for the entire Savage Land.

"Soulless," he said as his voice echoed, reaching every creature in the Savage Land.

All the Savage Beasts looked up at the void as a grand sun ray bathed me in a beacon of light and bowed down.

My u003cSoul Eyesu003e activated as an inordinate amount of greyish-white light enveloped me, pouring forth from every orifice of my body. I had memories fill my head of the entire history of the Savage Land, from the very dawn of time.

I watched from the moment the shameless Satyr came along and parted the void, separated the sky from the firmament. To the moment he separated the land and the seas. To the moment he shamelessly sprinkled the realm with life.

I watched ages pa.s.s as great savage beasts were born and died throughout the Savage Land across many eons. Even the most powerful savage beast was not immune from the ravages of time, but somehow the shameless Satyr was. Many generations of savage beasts and plant life rose and fell within the Savage Land. I got to watch it play out within my very eyes, the entire history of the Savage Land was laid in front of me flooding into my mind.

"This is the circle," said Zat's voice as my enlightenment came to an end.

"The circle of life."

Once my grand enlightenment was over, I threw up on the spot. The experience was nauseating, and the d.a.m.n Satyr did such a shameless thing to me.

"Did... Did... Did…" I stammered, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Did you just put c.u.m on my head?" I screamed in fury as I took out a cloth and wiped off my precious forehead. Normally I would reserve my tongue around the monster, but this time he had gone too far! It would never be clean again!

"Haha, what can I say except you're welcome?" said Zat as he swung his hand, cometing me back to my refining room in the s.p.a.cial bubble.

"You have two years to continue having fun in this playground, when you're done meet me in Satyr Castle," echoed Zat's voice as he parted the void exiting the Savage Land.

"Oh, and I left your other rewards for becoming a servant of Labrinth Sect, Satyr Castle Faction in the ring."

After collecting myself and realizing the shameless Satyr was gone I checked out my ring to see what he had left. It better be good because this young lord was violated!

I found the books '108 Paths to d.a.m.nation', 'Shaking in Formations', and 'Herbalism Pa.s.sion' sitting in a corner within my new purple-gold storage ring.

I sat down and popped open '108 Paths to d.a.m.nation' as soon as I laid my eyes on it. With this, I might be able to understand devilry better. Isn't this what this young lord needs right now to attempt to break through the Viscount realm?

'108 Paths to d.a.m.nation' had all the stages of devilry laid out before my eyes. This book was different than the ones I had before. I had to pour in my devil essence to even open it, and I could not open the pages past Viscount with my current devil essence.

A priceless treasure for sure! With this, I would no longer be blind when practicing my devilry.

I quickly began reading the first page of '108 Paths to d.a.m.nation'. I was dying to know what was so special about the Viscount Realm and how I could break into it.

The fourth realm of devilry is the nascent devil realm. It follows the realms of vein opening, heart establishment, and heart carving. The nascent devil realm is an important step in any devil's transformation to become a true devil. It may even be the most important step on the path of practicing devilry.

To break into the nascent devil realm, a devil must forge their nascent devil soul. A nascent devil soul is the first actualization of your true devil form. Every devil's devil's nascent devil soul is unique, as is everyone's Dao path.

To break into the nascent devil realm, a devil must embrace their inner devil within their heart and give birth to their nascent devil soul. You must look deep into yourself and embrace all the characteristics that make you a devil. After carving a path to d.a.m.nation upon your devil heart, it will give birth to a nascent devil soul.

To break into this realm, a devil must embrace their mortal desires. This differs from the Buddhists who teach to shed mortal desires. Devils must embrace them, the most powerful of your mortal desires will shape the form of your nascent devil soul.

108 known mortal desires lead to d.a.m.nation. They are:

Ostentatiousness, grudge, gambling, ingrat.i.tude, dipsomania, ambition, dominance, faithlessness, manipulation, stinginess, pessimism, hostility, abuse, debas.e.m.e.nt, s.e.xual l.u.s.t, sarcasm, humiliation, jealousy, gluttony, unruliness, hurt, cruelty, unkindness, obstinacy, envy, indifference, negativity, furtiveness, sadism, enviousness, derision, falseness.

High-handedness, know-it-all, rage, aggression, rapacity, effrontery, disrespectfulness, hard-heartedness, power hungriness, lying, insidiousness, self-denial, inattentiveness, contempt, wrath, haughtiness, greed for money, seducement, vindictiveness, insatiability, voluptuousness, excessiveness, censoriousness, dissatisfaction, egoism, ignorance, hatred, greed, impudence, imposture, cursing, imperiousness, lecherousness.

Callousness, malignancy, torment, intolerance, blasphemy, shamelessness, irresponsibility, obsession, prejudice, arrogance, violent temper, garrulity, dogmatism, presumption, intransigence, oppression, prodigality, lack of comprehension, obstinacy, pride, conceitedness, delusion, quarrelsomeness, self-hatred, violence, vanity, hypocrisy, stubbornness, baseness, pretense, mercilessness, disrespect, ridicule, masochism, tyranny, capriciousness, deceit, anger, discord, calculation, unyielding, desire for fame, and deception.

Reaching this realm is less about collecting devil essence and more about embracing a path to d.a.m.nation. Therefore, most devils become shackled at the heart carving realm, because the way to reach this realm is so esoteric.

The entire purpose of the nascent devil realm is to a.s.sist a devil in properly beguiling souls. All intelligent creatures are beset by their mortal desires, which includes cultivators. Devils use their understanding of these mortal desires to make them tread a path towards d.a.m.nation. Only by understanding these mortal desires yourself can you corrupt others onto a path to d.a.m.nation.

Devils teach the way of faith to beguile mortals at the heart carving realm. This is a simple path that leads to a dead-end, unfortunately. It's almost impossible to beguile cultivators with faith, most will not take kindly to false idols for power. Cultivators strive to grasp their own power. But all intelligent creatures are beset by mortal desires. Even immortals suffer from mortal desires.

When you master manipulation of these mortal desires, you can beguile even an immortal to forfeit their soul to the Endless Abyss. The following pages have 108 runic symbols depicting each mortal desire that can lead one to d.a.m.nation in the Endless Abyss. Visualizing these symbols can help you understand a path to d.a.m.nation a.s.sisting your nascent devil soul in taking form.

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