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Chapter 1380: The Situation Is Different Now

If Lu Xingzhi had not heard Brother Ding’s footsteps, he would not have been willing to hang up the call with Jiang Yao so quickly. He had been busy with Brother Ding and Ah Zhu almost day and night in those few days, so he had not called Jiang Yao much. It had indeed been two days since he had heard Jiang Yao’s voice.

She had laughed at him on the phone. It was soft, like a gentle cat’s paw scratching his palm. He could not suppress the urge to see and hug her.

Anyway, his wife had always been only responsible for flirting with him, not appeasing the shame in his heart.

“Were you on the phone with your wife just now?”

Brother Ding asked when he saw him holding the phone.

Lu Xingzhi said, “Yes. Just now, Young Miss called me and told me that Junhui went out to eat with a man, so I called to ask her about it.”

Brother Ding knew what Wen Yunfang was thinking. He knew very well that Wen Yunfang was up to something. Perhaps she wanted the two of them to quarrel. It would be best if they fought to the point of divorce. That way, she would have a chance to take advantage of the man.

“Maybe it’s just meal with a friend. Don’t overthink it. I can tell that Junhui is very obedient. She is loyal to you.” Brother Ding did not care whether those words would have the opposite effect in the future. Then, he said something else, “Brother Jing called me and said he would come to Shu City tomorrow. So, pack up and leave in the afternoon. When that time comes, I will find someone to arrange for you to be with Brother Jing. When you are with Brother Jing, you have to think of a way to make him trust and use you. However, don’t do anything during that time. You just have to help me keep an eye on Brother Jing.”

Lu Xingzhi nodded and asked, “Brother Ding, don’t you need me to do other things? So you’re not preparing—”

Before Lu Xingzhi could speak, Brother Ding shook his head and interrupted him.

Brother Ding frowned. “The situation is different now. Let’s put it aside for now. I received news from the people in Xiang City that Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen have been acting strange recently. The two women drugged the servant with sleeping pills. Sister Wen left Xiang City when she arrived, saying that she would look for my child. However, she hasn’t sent me any news for so many days. I’m afraid that she’s a cover.”

“Brother Ding, you are worried that Sister Wen will find Brother Jing and betray you?” Lu Xingzhi looked surprised. “I don’t think so, right? You’ve been very good to them, and you’ve been together for more than ten years. I don’t think so.”

“How loyal do you think those two women are?”

Brother Ding said sarcastically, “They wouldn’t have sold my daughter and son back then and kept it from me for so many years! If they’re loyal to me, why would they give the servant sleeping pills? If they’re loyal to me, why haven’t they found my child after so many days? I’ve finally seen through them. They wouldn’t find my child.”

Brother Ding should have thought about that long ago; he should have sent someone to find the child himself and not asked Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang to look for him. Even if they found him, they would not tell him.

Brother Ding had lived with those two women for more than ten years. He knew better than anyone else how they work.

Lu Xingzhi’s expression was solemn when he heard Brother Ding’s words. However, he was smiling in his heart. It seemed like he would reunite with his wife soon.

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