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Chapter 2268: Such Taste

Mrs. Jiang emerged from the kitchen carrying fruit and chastised Jiang Lei. “You can’t let her say that other people are attractive? You can’t let her say other people’s names? Aren’t you being too overbearing and unreasonable?”

Jiang Lei sighed and tucked his phone away. Then he grumbled to Jiang Yao, “The company has just signed this person. He is a student at Jindo City University. What kind of songs do you think a university student sings all day while not studying? When he gets close to Xiaoxiao, that guy, in my opinion, has bad intentions. He is aware that Xiaoxiao is Second Uncle Lu’s daughter, and he wishes to use her to get Second Uncle Lu’s support for him. Once he becomes famous, he will almost certainly dump Xiaoxiao. That man is a bad person.”

“The more you say, the crazier it gets.” Jiang Yao smirked. Actually, she recognized the boy Jiang Lei showed her. He was a well -known celebrity who would make his singing debut a few years later. As the national film and television industries grew, he would enter the acting business. Ultimately , he became the first great actor to leave the country.

He had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Such a person would not approach Lu Xiaoxiao because of her ident.i.ty as the boss’ daughter.

Most importantly, Jiang Yao had never heard any negative news about that actor. Even before Jiang Yao’s death, she had never heard rumors about the actor having a girlfriend.

Therefore, as a girl, Jiang Yao liked that actor very much i especially the songs he sang and the movies he acted in. Jiang Yao had always had a good impression of him.

As for his appearance, Jiang Yao could only say that Jiang Lei was lying through his teeth. How could a future star actor be ugly?

“I learned the ability to read faces from a master. You don’t believe me.” Jiang Lei glared at Jiang Yao, who did not believe him.

“Don’t be petty and dislike others for being more handsome than you.” Jiang Yao pushed Jiang Lei’S face in disgust. “I think his looks are much better than yours. That person has a bright future. Now that he has signed with your company, donrt suppress or offend him just because he is a newcomer and has a good relations.h.i.+p with Xiaoxiao. Maybe in the future, that person will become a money tree in your company if you treat him well. Speaking of which, you are also his boss. You should be happy that he is good and knows how to make money for you. After all, he is also making money for you and Second Uncle Lu.”

Jiang Lei was furious. He thought Jiang Yao would stand up for him and help him scold Lu Xiaoxiao. He did not expect Jiang Yao to give him a scolding instead. She even praised the man he hated the most.

“He’s from the north. He’s tall and gives people a sense of security. His eyes are bright, and you can tell at a glance that he’s not a bad person. He has a kind of elegance that ordinary people can’t learn or pretend to have. That means he comes from a good family and must have had a strict upbringing. The person in the photo looks modest and polite when he smiles, so his personality must be more likable than yours..”

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