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Chapter 493: Your Eyes

Even if Lu Xingzhi wanted her life in exchange for his son's leg, she would not hesitate at all. This was the love of a mother.

She spent the entire night before crying, regretting, and lamenting her actions earlier. Why did she upset the Divine Doctor?

It was entirely her fault; she had only herself to blame if Du Chen could never stand up again.

Lu Xingzhi took a step back, and dodged Mrs. Du advances.

He frowned. “The Divine Doctor just left Jindo City.”

“Master Lu, you know the Divine Doctor very well, can you please ask her if she's coming to Jindo City anytime soon? We can go look for her as well, wherever she may be!” Mrs. Du was at her limits. She looked at Lu Xingzhi teary-eyed and knew full well that the prospects of seeing the Divine Doctor was close to none.

Lu Xingzhi was famed for his cold-heartedness, with the nickname “Hades Lu' well-known in the platoon. During his time in military school, rarely anyone could bring about a change to his expression. Mrs. Du finally understood that Lu Xingzhi would not change his mind however much she begged and pleaded.

“Master Lu, don't forget we paid five hundred thousand dollars…” This was her last resort, other than that, she had nothing else up her sleeves.

“The two conditions I said, including the money, were only to help facilitate your meeting with the Divine Doctor. I brought her over yesterday, but she left in anger after what you all did to her. That was your fault, I've already done my job.” Lu Xingzhi called out to Zhou Weiqi, who was hiding behind the crowd, “Get out here once you're done packing, we're gonna wait for you in the car.”

Hearing that, Zhou Weiqi chuckled and retraced his steps back to the office building. “Give me five minutes, Brother Lu, I'll be right back!”

Jiang Yao was in the car waiting when she saw Mrs. Du falling onto her knees pleading for Lu Xingzhi's help; to say she was unmoved was a lie.

As a mother, she was as dutiful as she could be, throwing her dignity away for her son.

However, Jiang Yao would not change her stance.

Not all apologies had to be accepted, not all mistakes had to be forgiven.

She genuinely wanted to help the Du family. Yet, all she got was their disrespect and insult.

Someone lightly knocked on the side window of the car. Jiang Yao turned to see Du Chen in a wheelchair waving at her.

She lowered the window and asked, “Yes?”

Du Chen smiled. “I am very sorry for what happened at the hospital yesterday. Doubting your capabilities just because of your age was our mistake. You were right, the Divine Doctor can be a young lady.”

Jiang Yao was stunned. She could not understand why Du Chen was able to see through her disguise.

“How did you…” Instinctively, she tugged at her scarf, covering half of her face.

“It was your eyes. I knew it was you the moment I saw you in the office,” Du Chen conceded. “When both you and Master Lu went to the Zhou family to pick up Zhou Weiqi, I was present as well, you might not have noticed me, but I saw you. Just like today, you were dressed up covered from head to toe, only your eyes were exposed. I suppose you've been complimented on your eyes. They're really beautiful! I've only seen you once, but I remembered how stunning your eyes were.”

Jiang Yao could not believe what she just heard. Du Chen broke into a smile. “Once again, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. Your anger is valid and totally reasonable. Even before the a.s.sistant Director's confirmation, I, too, doubted your authenticity. Anyway, make sure to wear a pair of the next time you're out and about as the Divine Doctor.”

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