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Chapter 1403: Chapter 1403-number one

“I’ve risen! I’ve been promoted again!”

The entrance to the valley of alchemy was in an uproar.

The crowd looked at the Jade wall and couldn’t help but exclaim in disbelief.

On the Jade wall, Zhao Dahu’s ranking continued to rise, reaching the 80s.

“What kind of medicine did Zhao Dahu take!”

“You must be mistaken! Just that guy alone, he can also reach over eighty?”

Zhao Dahu’s talent was originally average, and he had worked hard for a long time without being able to make it onto the rankings. However, he had now made it to the top ten. It was truly unbelievable.

“Could it be … Related to s.h.i.+ Ritian’s teaching materials?”

Someone guessed.

“How is this possible? Zhao Dahu had only bought the teaching materials for seven to eight days! What kind of teaching material in this world can make a person advance by leaps and bounds in seven or eight days?”

“That s.h.i.+ guy, how could he come up with such amazing teaching materials? You must be joking!”

When the crowd heard this, they did not believe it. Many even sneered.

“In my opinion, Zhao Dahu’s hard work has finally paid off. There’s nothing strange about it!”

“That’s right. Even a blockhead like him has his aperture opened. This Zhao Dahu, I think he has!”

Everyone thought for a moment and finally found a reasonable explanation.

In the end, Zhao Dahu reached the 83rd place before stopping.

When this matter spread, it caused a small commotion, but that was all.

Everyone thought it was just a coincidence and didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, not long after, on the same afternoon, another gra.s.sroots disciple who had bought teaching materials came out of seclusion and went straight to the tool Valley to test the talisman ranking.

Very quickly, under everyone’s shocked gazes, his name appeared on the list. He advanced triumphantly all the way and finally rushed to the 80th place.

When this matter spread, it caused a sensation.

It could be said that it was a coincidence for one of them to be on the list, but for two of them to be on the list consecutively, it could not be explained by pure coincidence.

Could it really be related to the teaching materials?

Everyone was a little hesitant, but they didn’t dare to believe it from the bottom of their hearts.

“It’s a coincidence! It must be a coincidence! How could it be related to that s.h.i.+ guy! You guys are thinking too much!”

Lei zhentian and the others scoffed.

However, not long after, another person came out, and it was the gra.s.s and wood ranking. Just like Zhao Dahu, he directly entered the ranking and charged into the 80s.

This time, everyone was completely shocked.

Two of them could be a coincidence, but three in a row was definitely not a coincidence.

The only similarity between the three of them was that they had bought s.h.i.+ Ritian’s teaching materials!

Could it be that the teaching materials were really so magical?

At this moment, everyone had no choice but to believe that the teaching materials were not lies. They were real.

Many people were tempted, but they couldn’t bring themselves to buy it. After all, they had ridiculed that man with the surname s.h.i.+ a lot, calling his teaching materials trash and scamming them of their money.

“Fake! They must be fake!”

Lei zhentian and the others ‘faces turned red, and they refused to admit it.

If he admitted to it, he would be slapping himself in the face!

On the second day, more people came out of seclusion and rushed to the major valleys to start the ranking.

“Another one has made it into the rankings! More than 90!”

“Heavens! 73! It’s unbelievable!”

These people’s results had shocked the crowd again and again. Even the elders were shocked. After hearing about it, they were all dumbfounded.

They found it hard to believe that there was such a magical teaching material in the world that could allow a group of mediocre people to make a huge leap in their cultivation after seven or eight days of study.

After the shock, it was madness!

No matter if it was the disciples or the elders, they couldn’t help but rush to sky-filling peak, ready to buy a few teaching materials and see how amazing it was.

“Let’s have a beginner’s game!”

“I want the introductory chapter!”

They gathered in front of the ninth cave and fought to buy it.

When they got it, they couldn’t wait to read it.

“Wonderful! It was too wonderful! No matter how difficult it is, he can use the simplest language to explain it in a simple and easy way. It can be understood at a glance. ”

“This technique of memorizing plants and vegetation is simply too miraculous. How could I not have thought of it! This kid is truly a world-shaking genius!”

After flipping through it, they clicked their tongues in wonder and were amazed.

Especially those elders, they couldn’t stop praising.

“Hahaha! I knew it, our disciple is not simple! Look at how well it’s made up. Even I can’t make it up at this level!”

“I really didn’t expect that this kid still has this kind of ability!”

The group of Masters were all extremely happy.

The people who were originally watching could not hold it in after hearing this. They did not care if it was embarra.s.sing or not and all ran over to buy a few copies.

“Give me a set of alchemy Dao! Hey! This is money!”

The little Herb King came, his face a little dark.

He had mocked s.h.i.+ Ritian many times before.

“Alchemy Dao, array Dao, and craftsmans.h.i.+p Dao. I want all of them!”

Yuchi Xuan had also arrived. Her pretty face was taut, and her entire expression was somewhat unnatural.

In the past, she was a high and mighty all-rounded genius. But now, not only was she surpa.s.sed by this fellow, but she also had to lower her head to him. This really made her feel a little embarra.s.sed.

“Don’t worry! There are many more!”

Tang Hao took out a few gunny sacks, and they were sold out in no time. The sales were unusually good.

The new disciples didn’t have much money, and many of them were on credit, but those senior brothers and sisters more or less had some savings, so they bought a set each time, making money roll in.

In a short while, the sales broke 10000.

“Don’t worry, there’s still more!”

Tang Hao was grinning from ear to ear.

“Motherf * cker! How could it be like this?”

In the distance, Lei zhentian and the others were both angry and jealous, and they were extremely embarra.s.sed. Each of them gritted their teeth so hard that they were about to break.

“This kid … Is really a talent!”

On heaven’s equal peak, deputy headmaster Bai looked over and shook his head. He laughed and had a look of admiration on his face.

Just like that, Tang Hao’s teaching materials became popular throughout the entire Academy.

Tang Hao struck while the iron was hot. He launched more teaching materials and they were selling like hotcakes. His wallet was also becoming richer.

As for his reputation, it had also risen to a new level. It had reached its peak, and he had become the idol of all the gra.s.sroots disciples, even some of the ancient race disciples.

Not only did he sell books, but he also gave lectures. Every time, he would attract countless disciples, and the atmosphere was extremely lively. The tickets to these lectures were another huge source of income.

And all of this had the support of the hospital.

In a short half a month, because of these teaching materials and lectures, the level of the disciples had soared by a large margin, which was naturally something that the Academy was happy to see.

“This s.h.i.+ Ritian alone is equivalent to countless master teachers. He might be able to bring us back to the glory of the ancient times!”

“It’s really the good fortune of our heaven-equal Department to have this kid!”

The elders were overjoyed. They liked Tang Hao more and more.

Naturally, Tang Hao had become the most famous person in the outer court. He was the most influential person in the outer court.

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