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Onlookers Point of view~

As Feng Mei was talking out loud with his Ancestor, both of them were using the same body and the same mouth to talk, confusing the rest of the creatures!

The zombie leader stopped, complex at the action of the r.e.t.a.r.d who was talking to himself... They growled ordering «most normal dude zombies» to go in and poke the beehive...

Inside m.u.f.fin city outskirt, In front of Feng Mei house stood two Robots!

"What has happened to Master?" Chandni worriedly asked Dracula... After looking at her master releasing and absorbing red mist, while simultaneously talking to himself.

Chandni has used scan a feature available to only her, through which she can look and see at everything, that is happening in 1000 meters around her surrounding...

"Maybe, the energy rushed into Master brain, turning him crazy?" Dracula concluded with reasoning and facts, after all his master was talking to himself, such that it even complexed the unfeeling undead Leaders~

"We should go towards Master! He definitely need helps" Said Dracula, as he and chandni started moving towards the outer part of the outskirt of m.u.f.fin city

The outer part which is also connected to the highway!


******Feng Mei POV*****

"Hehehehe, I naturally will take over your body, but you need to repay Us, by blooming the tree" Deicide Taunted the last interior, in thug Empyrean talking style

"Repay? you still has the gut to ask for payment? And you want the entire tree to bloom? Butcher you fu*k*r, You know I died because you extincted multiple G.o.d races to bloom that tree! Your actions resulting in every Death Judge of the underworld to be offended!!" Feng Mei roared back at him, telling part of the truth connected to his death in the past...

"Come on boy, You carry the Soul line of Evil! You already know that the cycle will start revolving, the moment you practice any art related to the cycle. And haven't you once again, willingly practiced the «art of blood absorption» belonging to the Cycle. The cycle is everlasting and the greatest, so what is there to regret about?"

The ancestor said looking at the hundreds of zombies in front, that were hissing and attracting thousands of zombies from the highways, dark alleys, cracked streets and many other places... Staggering towards the last inheritor body.

Feng knew that he contained the Soul line of evil. He knew...

He knew the moment he practice the Art of blood absorption, deicide will awake. Even though he knew, he was still willing!

"I know, that's why for the previous 5 years I have lived the life I really wanted!" He replied while slas.h.i.+ng his weapon through extending his hand and running in a circle~Splitting every staggering zombies, causing the leader to growl and start trotting towards him!

"Young chap, We believe your small Chap gonna explode in some seconds! I don't want our last inheritor to be the property of the neutral genders! So Rest for a while!" Deicide stated, as he started taking over Feng Mei body.

"Just what I wanted!" Feng replied, as he lost control of his body...His conciousness entered his own golden soul, travelled through one of the many blue line, taking him to an empty void.

Thum! thum! Feng walked ahead, stepping on the void, producing water splas.h.i.+ng sounds.

In front of him appeared a spider shaped blood barrier.

He walked pa.s.sed it and appeared in a red world desolate of everything, except blood mist and a single black tree.

The black tree had no life nor vitality, it's branches didn't even have a single leave.

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