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This tree he was extremely familiar with.

For this tree was the reason, why he was able to March through the field of vicious devils, remain alive in endless perilous situation and become one of the strongest beings!

And also the enemy of the underworld True-death judges!

This tree has been called cla.s.sified, as the most evilest existence in the universes.

This Tree was the elder Ancestor of Yggdrasil!

Yggdrasil is the tree that provides life to endless plane, protect the creature and provide the worlds with nutrition!

While this tree...It is the total opposite of its Grandson Yggdrasil, that is cla.s.sified as a world tree!

This tree called Extinction, only bloom through dead and slaughter! The more death there is the more blood it will be able to absorb! The more blood it absorbs the more it grows!

Feng lightly caressed the bark of the Extinction tree, which he haven't seen even once, for the previous five years!

On the bark on the tree, arharic words were inscribed, the words written in the language of h.e.l.l!

Each words contained multiple Mantras related to the arts of blood!

Starting from «Art of blood absorption» and going forward, describing information about Magical spells related to blood.

Below the mantras, overwhelming truths about deicide past were written in language!

Crushed the mortals like ant!

A hand waved Slaughtering endless wave of demons and devil!

Deicide, Making the G.o.ds Fall off from their divine throne!

Killing the Supreme immortals along with the G.o.ds!

Feng knew Deicide was a being from h.e.l.l and Deicide was also the Soul belonging to the tree of Extinction!

Deicide because of his unique existence, was chosen as the third being worthy to become a part of the soul line of Evil Empyreans.

But he gave no more than two f*k about some grand named soul line and continued on with his merry life of slaughter.

(~Soul line is similar to bloodline, except the fact it isn't pa.s.sed through descendant to descendant, but through soul~)

Deicide the "Extinction tree" decided to decorate himself as a Christmas tree and went onwards to bloom Fruits, flowers and leaves on himself.

He started slaughtering thousands of races, causing the Extinction of multiple galaxies, his action offending every powerful being that vowed to the heavens to not breath, unless they purge this scotch of the land!

The Vow to the heaven, bounded their soul to a curse, such that the moment they break the Vow, their soul will scatter~

Deicide wasn't afraid of death and pretty much willing to die.

He who was sure to die as he was cornered by every powerhouse, who were nearly or equally as powerful as him, changed his mind the moment he heard about the powerhouse Vow to the heavens.

"HeHeHe~I wonder how it will feel like not breathing till death~" He taunted, while looking at the hundreds of dumba.s.s powerhouse In front of him!

Deicide accepted to become a part of the Evil Empyrean soul line, his soul and body got absorbed into the soul line as he vanished in front of the power beings!

The hundreds of power beings searched over the entire universe for deicide. Until 1000 years later of not breathing~

Caw! Caw!

The powerhouse heard the gawking of crows, and their mouths dropped low and they realized, they would not be able to breathe until their death!

In the universe, some say that those powerful beings are still wandering in search of deicide!

Feng knew that Deicide past was weird and funny at the same time!

His eyes saw the blood mist entering this s.p.a.ce and churning towards the Extinction tree, getting devoured inside of it.

The tree absorbs blood from every being the owner of the soul line of Evil Empyreans kill.

The tree absorbs bloods of a creature that is killed by its host and once enough blood of that creature have been absorbed, the tree will grow leaves, flowers and fruits.

For now Feng saw that the Extinction tree has three type of leaves, one half the size of a normal tree, while the other still in their nascent stage~

He speculated that the leave, half the size of a tree belonged to the «Most normal dude zombie» While the other three leaves belongs to «Leaping zombie and Flesh-zombie»

The leaves belonging to «Most normal dude zombie» will be the the first to completely grow, as he had killed many of them, yesterday and today!

Another tree leave in its nascent stage appeared on the tree!

Looking at the leave, Feng speculated that Deicide have slaughtered the four gray sheen flesh zombie as the fourth leaves have appeared on the tree branch.

Feng believed that after the tree absorbs more blood belonging to the «most normal dude zombie» humans, the first leave will condense entirely!

The leaves are definitely not similar to a normal tree leave.

The tree leaves is called "Leave of Extinction".

Once it is Condensed from «Most normal dude zombie» blood, it will ANNIHILATE each and every one of them, the moment he pluck the leave from the tree and use it in the physical world!

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