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Chapter 248: Could Only be Bullied By Herself

“What a joke. This road doesn't belong to your family. Why should I give way? Furthermore, it should be you guys who give way to me. There is so much empty s.p.a.ce behind you guys!” said a proud female voice that floated upon the wind into Ling Chuxi's ears.

“Enough with your nonsense. Do you know who is inside this carriage? Since we asked you to give way, then just give way! Don't be shameless!” yelled a man's voice which was even prouder and bossier than the female voice earlier, its tone full of disdain.

Wait, that female voice… Ling Chuxi blinked and listened closely again to confirm that she indeed did not hear it wrongly. Was this not the voice of that rascal, Lan Xinyu? This rascal had just entered the capital and immediately got into such a situation? That man's voice was a little familiar too. Ling Chuxi stepped forward to look over in the direction of the argument and saw two carriages blocking off each other's paths in the alley. Ling Chuxi recognized Lan Xinyu at once. And as for the person from the other carriage, Ling Chuxi also recognized him. Was he not one of E Shulan's admirers, Duan Yufei?

Seeing the position of the two carriages, it was indeed as Lan Xinyu had said. Asking Duan Yufei to give way and back his carriage up was the only way both carriages could pa.s.s. There was no s.p.a.ce behind Lan Xinyu for her to back up into, whereas there was behind Duan Yufei.

'F*ck! How dare this Duan Yufei bully my people! He's really seeking death!' Ling Chuxi immediately got angry and cursed Duan Yufei out in her mind when she saw Lan Xinyu being bullied as such. 'That rascal Lan Xinyu can only be bullied by me. How dare these outsiders bully her?!'

“Who cares who is inside the carriage?! We will not be backing up. We can't. You should be the one to quickly back up so we can both pa.s.s!” roared Lan Xinyu right back at Duan Yufei. She was not a pushover and was not so easily bullied. She waved the golden whip in her hand and lashed it into the air frustratedly.

“How preposterous! How dare you take action against Lord Deity's Servant!” shouted Duan Yufei as his face turned pig-liver red. He had tried to show his servitude by bringing Lord Deity's Servant to look for Ling Chuxi. But before he could even find Ling Chuxi, he was being threatened by someone else and he instantly felt like he was losing face before the person he liked. So, without caring about anything else, he drew his sword and rushed forward, thinking he would be able to gain back some face by retaliating against the other party antagonizing him.

Ling Chuxi had originally intended to go forward to help Lan Xinyu out, but she suddenly halted her steps. She wanted to see if Lan Xinyu's battle skills had improved.

Following this decision, Lan Xinyu indeed did not disappoint her hopes. Lan Xinyu's whip danced around in such a lively manner while emitting the bright white light of her Battle Qi as it fiercely struck against Duan Yufei's sword. It was as if the whip was alive, it was like a poisonous snake. It coiled itself around the blade of Duan Yufei's sword and with a sudden tug of strength, Lan Xinyu managed to yank the sword in Duan Yufei's hands away from him.

Not bad, thought Ling Chuxi as she secretly nodded at this scene from where she watched by the side.

Just then, the person who was in the carriage behind Duan Yufei moved and a white light zipped forward from inside the carriage and headed directly towards Lan Xinyu's face in a surprise attack!

“Xinyu! Be careful!” shouted Ling Chuxi in warning as anger rose in her heart. Who else could it be but E Shulan who had made such a move? E Shulan was really malicious and ruthless when she made a move. She had aimed for Lan Xinyu's face and really thought of destroying Lan Xinyu's looks! Actually, one could clearly see through to the inner thoughts of this so-called n.o.ble and unsullied Lord Deity's Servant through this action alone!

Lan Xinyu heard Ling Chuxi's warning and immediately waved the golden whip in her hand to deflect the blow of the oncoming white light zipping towards her face and she immediately flipped herself under her carriage for cover.

In the very next moment, Lan Xinyu felt the palm of her hand go numb and saw that the golden whip in her hand had been broken into a few pieces, which fell to the ground lifelessly. The small white light once again flew back into the confines of the carriage behind Duan Yufei.

Ling Chuxi saw it clearly. She saw that the white light was actually an exquisite small sword! Was that E Shulan's weapon? Was that the weapon the dean had specially warned her to be careful about?

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