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Chapter 282: Yichen Forfeited

“What is going on? Is this Ling Yichen running away at the last minute? What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” complained the compet.i.tor who had been waiting in the fighting ring to the referee in an indifferent tone. “Isn't the time for this match up? Quickly announce that I've won then.”

“Shut up! Yichen would not simply run away at the last minute like you say,” snapped Ling Chuxi as her gaze turned cold and she glanced over sharply at the compet.i.tor in the fighting ring. Ling Chuxi's intimidating aura made him tremble, and he couldn't help but take two steps back subconsciously.

The referee also looked over at Ling Chuxi cautiously, then at the compet.i.tor in the fighting ring. He was in a difficult position. Frankly speaking, the time for Ling Yichen to show up had run out. If a compet.i.tor had not arrived within the stipulated match time, it meant that said compet.i.tor was forfeiting and that the opposing compet.i.tor would be declared the winner instead. However, looking at the cold glare in Ling Chuxi's eyes, the referee did not dare to announce this just yet.

Ling Chuxi was also anxious and could not understand why Ling Yichen had not appeared at such a critical time.

“Big Brother Fu, where is Yichen?” asked Ling Chuxi as she looked at Fu Chengyu who was beside her.

Fu Chengyu frowned slightly, as if pondering something. After a while, he said seriously, “Could it be that Yichen, he…” Fu Chengyu's tone was a little surprised and hesitant.

“What happened to him? Did something happen?” questioned Ling Chuxi after she saw Fu Chengyu's hesitant look and felt her heart sink. Could it be that an accident had befallen Ling Yichen? Otherwise, with such an important match going on, why did he not appear?

At this moment, the compet.i.tor in the fighting ring roared at the referee in annoyance, “Hey! The time has long been up. Referee, you aren't trying to cover up for anyone, are you?” This time, he wizened up and no longer dared to say anything about Ling Yichen being afraid and running away at the last minute. He had also witnessed Ling Chuxi's cultivation earlier on. She had left Zhang Dongzhi who was at Battle Qi Level 9 rolling about without any ability to fight back. Therefore, he did not wish for Ling Chuxi to hold a grudge against him.

The referee hesitated for a moment and looked at Ling Chuxi. Seeing that Ling Chuxi did not speak up, he finally felt a.s.sured. Taking a step forward, he shouted, “I announce that Ling Yichen has forfeited this match. By default, the winner of this match is Zhou Kai.”

In this match, the person called Zhou Kai thus won without even having to fight.

Ling Chuxi frowned and was just about to say something to Fu Chengyu when Fu Chengyu raised his head in a certain direction and his pupils suddenly contracted. However, when he spoke next, his tone was full of joy.

“Indeed, just as I thought! Yichen is breaking through! He is experiencing a breakthrough at such a time. No wonder he did not show up for the match!” exclaimed Fu Chengyu as he looked in the direction of his residence.

Ling Chuxi also immediately raised her head to look at the sky. At this instant, the sky was abruptly darkening and gave off a sense of suppression. The dark clouds very quickly gathered, and the sky turned into a shroud of darkness. The m.u.f.fled sounds of the thunder and lightning gathering above could be heard as they rumbled.

Ling Chuxi saw the scene before her and felt shock in her heart. This phenomenon was one that she was extremely familiar with. It was the sign that appeared before Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body! Hearing Fu Chengyu's words, Ling Chuxi felt both surprised and happy, but also worried at the same time. So, Ling Yichen was about to breakthrough and was immediately going to experience Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body! That was why he did not show up?

“Let's quickly go back to see Yichen!” announced Ling Chuxi urgently. She recalled the dangers of the lightning from the Ninth Heavens and felt her heart sink. She immediately took off to fly over to the residence at high speed the moment she finished talking to Fu Chengyu. Fu Chengyu and the rest immediately followed after her.

The whole sky above the capital darkened. It was as if the m.u.f.fled thunderous sounds were just right above their heads. Many people kept looking up towards the sky in shock.

Who was it that was about to experience Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body?

Could this person withstand the fierce lightning from the Ninth Heavens? If this person made it through, then another expert would be born. If this person could not withstand it, then, there would definitely be another fallen one!

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