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Chapter 325: Isn't that Being Too Honest?

“Sigh… If I could just meet those people again and experience the gesture, perhaps I would be able to comprehend the mystery within it. Such a pity.” Ling Chuxi sighed dejectedly.

Fu Chengyu looked at Ling Chuxi in surprise. If it were someone else saying it, he would definitely turn his nose up at the person. Such a skill, even with another person's guidance, could not be learned if one did not have sufficient innate talent and cultivation. However, he did not doubt Ling Chuxi's words – things that usually seemed impossible could happen with Ling Chuxi. Her potential was indeed incomparable to that of an ordinary person's.

“If you really want to learn it, it is not entirely impossible,” Fu Chengyu said slowly.

“Oh?” Ling Chuxi perked up and looked at him curiously.

“My Imperial Father's birthday is in a few days, and on that day, the palace will be organizing a birthday banquet. Besides the court officials, there will also be envoys from various countries present to celebrate. Those people you talked about should be amongst the envoys sent by Dong Xing Country. When that day comes, you will surely be able to meet them,” Fu Chengyu explained.

“Also, secretly learning a martial arts skill is a taboo, so don't let anyone find out. Especially you,” Fu Chengyu warned, glancing at the fifth princess sharply. As a princess of a country, secretly learning another family's martial art skill would definitely bring trouble.

“Cheh, who would be able to tell that it is the Turning Cloud Gesture? It is obviously embroidery,” the fifth princess scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Stop trying to look smart, you're obviously trying to trick us,” Ling Chuxi snorted disdainfully.

“How can you say that? How can there be a master who insults their disciples like this?” The fifth princess pouted at Ling Chuxi sadly.

“That's right, why did you come to see me?” Ling Chuxi asked the fifth princess.

“Oh, Imperial Mother wanted to invite you to Imperial Father's birthday banquet, but seeing how things turned out, I don't think I need to mention it anymore,” the fifth princess said dejectedly.

“So that means that nothing is the matter now?” Ling Chuxi asked bluntly.

“Nothing anymore,” the fifth princess said sulkily.

“That's good. Go and help me, your master, to buy a roasted chicken. Remember, it must be succulent and tender. The bishop's nose belongs to you,” Ling Chuxi raised her head and said generously.

The corner of the fifth princess' mouth twitched. 'What did Master mean that the bishop's nose was hers? Master was speaking as if she had bestowed her a great gift. The one who liked the bishop's nose was Junior Brother Luo Li, not her! She was still a princess, and it would ruin her image to eat a bishop's nose.

“Alright, I will go and buy it.” The fifth princess took two steps before turning around and looking at Ling Chuxi hopefully. “Master, why don't we go together? We can pick out a gift for my Imperial Father on the way.”

“There's no need, you can choose your own gift. I will refine some life prolonging pills for your Imperial Father, but don't tell anyone that I refined them myself,” Ling Chuxi said indifferently.

The eyes of the fifth princess lit up as she looked at Ling Chuxi, touched. Everyone knew how skilled Ling Chuxi was in pill refining – the pills she refined were not ordinary and a normal person could not necessarily obtain them even if they had money. Master was putting in such effort for the sake of her Imperial Father? The fifth princess felt touched and grateful, her heart warming at the thought of it.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Buying something requires me to spend money, so refining pills is the most cost effective method. I still have a lot of herbs that were given to me by Cao Zhibai,” Ling Chuxi said bluntly, feeling chills run down her spine at the fifth princess' adoring gaze.

Those words were too honest! The fifth princess turned around with black lines on her forehead. It was better to pretend she had not heard Ling Chuxi. Feeling touched and grateful… She must have been hallucinating!

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