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Chapter 509: Perhaps it was a Strange Treasure

“However, there is another matter. This bead is indeed a little odd,” said Ling Chuxi, rolling up her sleeve to reveal the Dazzling Heart Stone. She then told Su Yizhi all about that extremely cold and gloomy qi that arose from her Qi Ocean during the battle. Though Ling Chuxi trusted Su Yizhi, she did not lay everything bare to him, instead merely superficially mention the details of the matter.

“There is even such a thing? First, let me examine your condition,” said Su Yizhi who was shocked at this information. He helped to check Ling Chuxi’s pulse with a somber expression.

“Is everything all right with me?” asked Ling Chuxi after quite some time.

“As far as I can tell, there is no oddity in your body, but I also cannot detect the extremely cold and gloomy qi you mentioned,” concluded Su Yizhi as he released his fingers while shaking his head helplessly.

“I also don’t notice it now,” said Ling Chuxi as she gave a bitter laugh. Just now she had really tried, but no matter how much she concentrated to gather her Qi, she could no longer feel that odd aura she had felt earlier.

“If there is indeed something strange about that bead of yours, then I think the extremely cold and gloomy qi within your Qi Ocean is related to it. Perhaps it is a strange treasure. However, no matter what, you have to hide it well and not let others find out about it,” said Su Yizhi whilst deep in thought.

Ling Chuxi nodded, “I understand.” The she frowned slightly. The Dazzling Heart Stone, the Golden Pill Sect, the Divine Stones Of Chaos, and the extremely cold and gloomy qi, not to mention the mystery behind her origins… All these threads of information that seemed to be unrelated were coming together to form a vague, faint outline.

“Forget it. Don’t think too much first. No matter what, it is a good thing. At least the next time you meet anyone from Cold Moon Palace, you know you have the ability to protect yourself. Give what happened to Ghost Hand, I am afraid that not many people would easily dare to use the Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique on you anymore,” concluded Su Yizhi with a smile while stroking his beard.

“That’s is true too,” concurred Ling Chuxi as she rolled down her sleeve and covered up the Dazzling Heart Stone once again. The extremely cold and gloomy qi she detected in her own Qi Ocean was definitely related to this Dazzling Heart Stone. Perhaps once she had combined the three streams of medical skills of the Golden Pill Sect into one and released whatever seal had been placed on the Dazzling Heart Stone, she would also be able to reveal the mystery behind the extremely cold and gloomy qi.

Ling Chuxi also knew that since she herself had destroyed Cold Moon Palace’s plans this time and upset someone like Qing Lingyan who had such a crazy character, it was more likely than not that things would not be over just like this. The surge of extremely cold and gloomy qi was her own greatest treasure to win against whatever lay ahead.

“Chuxi, I must say that though the words you said just now were indeed a ruthless slap to the little ones, it was a slap that was well done. I could tell that they have finally come to a realization, becoming a little more matured and remembering the ancestral teachings of the Su family to revive the sect. I still need to thank you for this matter,” said Su Yizhi. His words came from the bottom of his heart and as he spoke, his eyes started to moisten.

“Old Su, since I have already made my promise to you, then naturally I need to carry it out. There is no need for you to thank me. I, however, still need to thank you for teaching me your medical skills,” replied Ling Chuxi seriously without the least bit of pretense. If it were not for Su Yizhi teaching her the Su family’s stream of medical skills openly and honestly, she would not have even known that the Dazzling Heart Stone her mother had left behind for her had such an oddity to it. At the same time, she was also touched by Su Yizhi’s remembrance of his ancestral teachings and his determination to revive the sect. Although she was touched, that was as far as it went. She had never once thought that the entire bulk of the matter would end up falling on her.

“Chuxi, these are the properties of the Su family’s Resurrection Hall and there is a list of the network of people scattered around too. When you revive the sect, it would definitely be of use,” said Su Yizhi as he took out a few thick accounting books.

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. There’s no need for this, Old Su. Actually, I was only helping you to drum the Su family disciples into line, that’s all. This extremely great and difficult task is really beyond me. It’s still better for you to find someone else,” rejected Ling Chuxi immediately.

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