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Chapter 511: All Right, I Agree

Ling Chuxi kept mum. Su Yizhi’s words were indeed a bit reasonable. She remembered that her elder brother Ling Wushang had also mentioned before that the reason their mother left was because she had her own unavoidable reasons for it. Ling Chuxi herself wanted to look for her mother but her cultivation level was still far too insufficient to handle the dangers it would entail, and the troubles that she herself would have to face along the way would perhaps be even harder than she imagined. The Golden Pill Sect could indeed be of great help to her in this regard. No matter whether it was for herself or for the Su family, there did not seem to be a reason for her to reject them.

“All right, I agree,” said Ling Chuxi as she nodded solemnly. She was never one to drag things out in the first place and once she thought through all the critical points, she immediately came to a decision.

“I, Su Yizhi, the 107th generation patriarch of the Su Clan of Resurrection Hall, from the stream of the Su clan of Golden Pill Sect, greet the new hall master!” announced Su Yizhi as he got up and bowed towards Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi knew that the bow Su Yizhi gave her earlier on was more for the Su family’s disciples to witness, and it was in order to stimulate their fighting spirit. This time, his bow truly came from his inner heart.

Ling Chuxi did not avoid its implication. From the moment she solemnly agreed to Su Yizhi’s proposal, this heavy responsibility had truly fallen onto her shoulders.

“This is the token of the Su family. With it, you can order about the descendants of the Su family and have all of the Su family’s properties at your disposal. Keep it well,” instructed Su Yizhi as he pa.s.sed a bright red jade ring the color of blood into Ling Chuxi’s hands.

“Okay. Then when will we revive the sect?” asked excitedly Ling Chuxi after she accepted the jade ring.

“Don’t be anxious. I will make the necessary preparations first. Although the Qiu family lost, they will not necessarily obey the orders of Resurrection Hall. In wanting to revive the sect, one has to rely on oneself. However, you have also seen the Su family disciples, there aren’t many talents for us to use currently. I still need to use this opportunity to properly temper them in preparation,” said Su Yizhi.

“Also, your cultivation level also needs to be raised a little higher,” added on Su Yizhi a little vaguely.

Ling Chuxi nodded gently. She was still a little too hasty. How was wanting to revive a sect such a simple matter? Thinking about how even a person like Ye Qianhe was merely an outer disciple of a sect when he had cultivation in the realm of True Essence, and there was no need to further mention the case of her own elder brother. With her current cultivation level, wis.h.i.+ng to revive the sect was indeed a little bit like an idiot blubbering in their dreams. Even if she put up the banners of the sect, the act of it would only become the brunt of ridicule.

“All right, I got it. Then I’ll be heading back home first. If there is anything else, just get in touch with me.” Everything that should have been said was already more or less mentioned. Ling Chuxi was now worried thinking about Second Elder’s injuries and got up to excuse herself.

“The day is not young anymore. Why don’t you leave tomorrow? You have been here for so many days, and yet I never got the chance to properly host you. Today, let me make up for it,” said Su Yizhi in an effort to keep her a little longer.

“I would love to, but I have urgent matters to attend to. Let’s talk about it the next time,” replied Ling Chuxi in rejection of Su Yizhi’s offer.

“All right then. All of you should return first, I will get my people to get in touch with you.” Su Yizhi knew that Ling Chuxi was eager to save someone therefore no longer asked her to stay any longer.

Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen made some preparations before leaving Rejuvenation Valley. Su Yanhua and the rest of the disciples sent them off their way. Although the duration in which they had interacted was not long, during the time they did, they had already willingly submitted to her leaders.h.i.+p and were all a little unwilling to see her leave. However, they knew that this separation was required for their next meeting and started to antic.i.p.ate her return already.

Retracing their steps along the small path they took to get here, Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen duo embarked on their journey back.

After they had just left the Rejuvenation Valley grounds, Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen encountered a few figures already respectfully waiting for them. Ling Chuxi could tell with a single glance that they were the black robed men who had protected her that night. At this moment, they were all lowering their heads, waiting where they stood. When they saw Ling Chuxi appear, they went to welcome her.

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