Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 726 - Premeditated or Coincidental?

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Chapter 726: Premeditated or Coincidental?

Although it was just for a split second, Lan Xinyu suddenly felt uneasy. When the little boy’s eyes went back to normal, however, the feeling subsided.

‘Was I imagining things?’ Seeing the boy’s blank gaze, Lan Xinyu felt doubtful.

“Little brother, where is your house? We’ll send you back, alright?” Lan Xinyu spoke to the little boy, but he didn’t move or make a sound, completely in a world of his own.

“What do we do now? Should we take him with us?” Lan Xinyu asked Ling Chuxi uncertainly. She did not want to leave him here all by himself.

“Forget it, just let him stay here. He seems to be the child of a rich family, so they’d be worried if he disappeared,” Ling Chuxi replied indifferently. Although the little boy was covered in dust, it was clear that his clothes were made of fine silk. Even the hair band he was using was exquisitely crafted and of high quality, so he was definitely not the child of an ordinary family.

“It wouldn’t be good to leave him alone, right?” Seeing how lost the boy looked, Lan Xinyu felt a little worried. However, the moment she finished speaking, she saw Ling Chuxi glance at her meaningfully.

Lan Xinyu’s heart skipped a beat, realizing that Ling Chuxi must have noticed something strange. Only when Lan Xinyu looked around closely did she notice the oddity.

Within the rubble, there was one particularly smooth brick, which had obviously been cut open by someone with a sharp tool. No wonder. It was weird that the house had suddenly collapsed, because Ye Qianhe had been quite a distance away when he sent out his attacks, and even if the old building had not been maintained for many years, it would not have crumbled so easily.

Earlier, Lan Xinyu had been so focused on talking to the little boy that she had not noticed anything else. Had she paid attention to her surroundings, she would have realized that this old house had been fiddled with by someone.

Thinking about it, Lan Xinyu could not help but admire Ling Chuxi. She had noticed such minute details so quickly.

Lan Xinyu frowned, feeling uneasy again. First, Ye Qianhe had appeared, then, this little boy had nearly died under the collapsing of this old house. Were these matters premeditated or coincidental? The former was still alright, but the latter was quite a terrifying thought.

After the old house had crumbled, all that was left was rubble. The surroundings were empty plains and there were practically no places to hide. Could it be that an opponent had wanted to crush an expert at the True Essence stage to death? Even Lan Xinyu herself felt that it was a joke.

“Alright then, little brother, stay here. We’ll leave first.” Lan Xinyu kept calm and patted the little boy’s head, secretly exchanging a glance with Ling Chuxi as they walked away.

Seeing the two people leave, the little boy instinctively followed them.

Suddenly, a figure flew out from beneath the rubble, wielding a chillingly sharp sword and radiating a murderous aura.

No wonder Lan Xinyu had not noticed him, he had actually hidden himself beneath the rubble and masked his aura!

Seeing that person suddenly appear, Ling Yichen and the rest were shocked, but Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu swung around swiftly to meet the person’s attack. The Luo Chen Sword and the golden whip shone brilliantly, one near and one far, to take on their new opponent.

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Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 726 - Premeditated or Coincidental? summary

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